14 thoughts on “War is America’s Business – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Yes, when the blood running in the streets is Arab, it’s a godsend.”

    I’m not so sure about that.
    After all, Lebanon’s civil war drew Israel into a morass.
    The Iran-Iraq war hardened the leadership of both countries and made them even more anti-Israel.
    The mess in Egypt has caused radicals to spawn on Israel’s Sinai border.

    I think Israel wishes it could turn the clock back to a time before the Arab Spring.

    1. @ Cory: Lebanon’s civil war drew Israel into it?? Really? Now here I always thought that Ariel Sharon used the Argov assassination attempt to create an excuse for Israeli invasion. And you’re telling me that Israel had no choice but to send its troops to facilitate Sabra & Shatilla. Thanks for correcting the historical record. What would we do without historical experts like you??

      1. I’m no expert, but Lebanon’s civil war had been going on for years, before Israel invaded. A war weakened Lebanon allowed a Palestinian mini-State to form in Southern Lebanon. Israel and the Palestinians in Lebanon clashed, Israel invaded, and the rest, is bloody, tragic history.

  2. What is the alternative? Liberals attack leaders in these impossible situations regardless of what is done.

    Obama threatens to attack Syria – Bad b/c Muslims will die.
    Obama doesn’t intervene in Syria – Bad b/c Muslims die.

    No support for countries attacking Houthis – Bad b/c Extremists kill people.
    Arming countries attacking Houthis – Bad b/c support death and might be turned against US allies.

    Israel not getting involved – Bad b/c Arabs’ blood is godsend.
    Israel getting involved – Bad b/c OMG… let’s not even go there.

    Any real solution?

    P.S. “Though the Houthis in Yemen do not receive massive amounts of arms or funding from Iran” – Can you please provide a source which supports that?

    1. @ Tankist:

      Any real solution?

      Of course. Create a policy of constructive engagement. Bring jobs, education, health care to these places. Give residents a reason to live & hope for a better life. Set an example rather than impose a solution involving guns, drones & missiles. Try that for a change.

      Can you please provide a source which supports that?

      Every serious analyst writing about Yemen says that. Do a Google search–will take 30 seconds or less. The onus is on you to prove with real, credible evidence that Iran is providing weapons to the Houthis. Can you? Of course you can’t.

    2. Tankist. Your question IS the problem! Countries like the US and Israel land themselves in deep stuff and then they say with wide-eyed innocence, “We are here now, what do we do now?” Each time, there are no shortages of wise advice, each time it is ignored, the countries land in deeper stuff and ask the same question…

      The US has unerringly supported the wrong side since after WWII and even during WWII, it would have stayed out, were it not for Japanese attack. The places where the US has gone in, it has done too little and far too late.

      In Afghanistan, it should not have jumped ship as soon as the Russians did, it should have stayed to help rebuild the Afghan society and economy. Instead, it got the Taliban

      In Syria, it should not have stayed out for so long. If it had entered the fray, even with threats, the problem might have resolved without the entry of the Fanatical fighters sent by Arabia and Qatar.

      In Yemen, the Houthis were NOT “extremists” although Israelis would love for the world the believe that because of their imagined, existential war with Iran. The US could have signaled the Saudis to stay out of it and waited to see how things stabilize. The Saudis entered the war, less because of Iran and more because a strong, Shia country at their Southern border, might embolden their own Shia on the East, to take strong stands for the lifting of their own oppression. You don’t need a source to support Richard’s statement, just use your eyes. The Houthis are not in any military position to fight this new Saudi “coalition of the willing”, especially not with the US selling shiploads of munitions and w armaments to these sand-kings.

      Now, for the wide-eyed, “What do we do now?!”. One of two things.

      Help Iran get their nuke. This will bring Israel and the local Arabs to a screeching, respectful stop and will quieten the American bluster as well. Israel will start honest and earnest discussions for a quick solution to their Palestine issues.

      Make peace with Iran, start a normal relationship, call off the Israeli and Arabian dogs of war and only support REAL democracies…no, not even pseudo ones like Israel until they become real democracies.

      Call me an idealist but, I am betting Peace will have a chance in the world…

      Israel’s getting “involved” in any country is obviously, only for one reason; it is NOT to defend Israel but to bleed its perceived “enemies” (that Israel creates by taking their lands and water, get them to factionalize and fight each other so there are no further squabbles with Israel and (to paraphrase) “the Goyim kill the Goyim”

      1. Jafar – Can I call you naive instead of idealist?
        Even in your answer, one time the US should stay out of it and one time, should have come in earlier. You determine the answer as you look back and see things went wrong. Who knows how would things evolved if the US acted different in each of the events you mentioned.

        Richard – The US poured trillions into Iraq economy on top of the enormous military spending. Did it improve things much? Not really!
        It is easy to blame the US and Israel but let’s all remember the Europeans are the ones who created the issues with their preposterous borders, which are the worst part of colonialism. Libya is a great example to that (I believe about 20 different tribes) but also Syria etc’. To write “Baath Party, the only political force able to hold the raging ethnic factions together” is basically to promote dictatorship and tyranny (though I do agree it reduced the overall suffering of the people).

  3. “To understand the sordid history of proxy wars and foreign military intervention, we should go back to the Spanish civil war. Then, the royalists were supported by the Soviet Union and sympathetic leftists in America and Europe who came to fight in the International Brigades. ”
    No. Franco was fighting against the Spanish Republic. The royalists or Carlists were on the fascist side.

      1. King Alfonso XIII fled Spain in 1931 when the Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed. The Spanish Civil War began in 1936 and was fought by the Republicans against the Nationalists (led by Franco ie Fascists). I don’t know where you got the idea that the Royalists were a major faction in the war.

  4. That’s been clear for over a decade …

    Arms race between Israel and the Gulf States provided by and bought from western master states: Britain, France, Germany and the USA. What to think of the Ukraine crisis? Purely artificial to further an arms race between Europe and Russia. NATO nations are urged to double their yearly defense spending and not on personnel! Guess who will provide the greatest haul of orders?

    1. Poland to buy U.S. Patriots missiles, picks Airbus helicopters

      (Reuters) – Poland said it would buy Raytheon’s Patriot missiles from the United States and chose Europe’s Airbus utility helicopters for further tests, albeit reducing the size of this potential order. Poland will buy eight batteries of the missiles by 2025, the ministry said, adding that it plans to have acquired the first two batteries within three years of signing the deal.

      The choice of suppliers in military contracts, worth an estimated $8 billion (5.34 billion pounds), strikes a transatlantic balance as eastern Europe’s largest economy faces rising tensions with Russia.

      Poland to spend €33.6bn on huge military buildup

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