12 thoughts on “Breaking: Senior IDF Officer Sacked for Media Leaks Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Jews goad the Palestinians every day like lions chafing to consume their prey.” I thought this was a conservative liberal blog not anti semetic drivel…

    Otherwise a good article. Probably worth taking out that sentence.

    1. @ Harry Davis: Do you know anything about the situation in Hebron? have you seen the cages preventing settlers from attacking Palestinians? The pictures of settler girls yanking the scarves off elderly Palestinian women? The settler boys throwing liquid in the face of elderly Palestinian men? The little settler girls spitting through the fence at Palestinian passersby? The urine thrown down on the heads of Palestinians walking beneath them in the street?

      Have you read of the Palestinian buildings stolen by fraud by settlers?

      No, you haven’t seen that have you?

      1. Well, I know something about Hebron.
        I have been there few times, each time for few Months. I am no supporter of the settlers (In fact I personally think that the settlements are a political mistake and that some of the settlers have a dubious morality) but they have good reasons to fear the Palestinians there. Each time as was there at least one settler was murdered.
        And do you know there used be Jews living in Hebron for hundreds of years before 1929? That is, before Mob of local Palestinians murdered close to 70 of them, forcing the rest of the community to leave?
        And I do not understand the argument that 500 Jews (there are actually more) is an act of aggression because they are a minority. Is it trying to bring back to life the community that was ethnically cleansed a crime?

        1. @ Amico: You don’t support the settlers. You just hate the Palestinians native to Hebron. Do I have that distinction right? But wait, if you don’t support the settlers why do you argue that Jews have an inalienable right to settle in Hebron? I see a problem in your argument…

          BTW, can any of the 500 interlopers living in Hebron claim direct descendance from any of those Jews who lived there a few thousand years ago? I didn’t think so. Which means their claims to reside in Hebron are far less strong than the claims of the Palestinians whose clans have lived their continuously for centuries, if not millenia.

          1. @ Yuval: I have no problem if direct descendants of Jews living in Hebron in 1929 wish to return to live there. As long as they accept the sovereignty of Palestine. I of course have a great problem with 500 deliberately provocative murderous Jews almost all of whom have no connection to those who lived there in 1929.

  2. FYI those “cages” are iron lattice slats on the windows of houses looking out on Zion/Shuhada street in central Hebron. They were put on the windows and cant be opened due to the incessant Molotov firebombs and rocks thrown at Israelis walking or driving past. It’s the only place in Hebron where the Palestinian houses have them.

    I don’t pretend that there isn’t massive tension between the two sides there – I’m there about once a month or so visiting my wife’s family – but it’s all mutual. To portray the Palestinians living there as being cowed by the scary settlers is to do an injustice to those Palestinians who give as good as they get.

    The amount of Israeli civilians killed in or near Hebron in terrorist attacks far exceeds Palestinian civilians killed by their Palestinian neighbors.

    As I mentioned above, I’m visited Hebron about once a month for the past 10 years. When was the last time you were there (or anywhere in Israel for that matter) …? Does your entire “knowledge” of what goes on in Judea and Samaria only come from heavily edited clips on Peace Now, Betzelem, Yesh Din et al websites…?

    1. @ Harry: Liar. I’ve followed events in Hebron for years. The only abuse is from settlers toward Palestinians. And even if there was abuse directed at Israelis it’s to be expected. 500 Jews surrounded by 25,000 Palestinians. That in itself is an act of aggression.

      it’s all mutual

      Of course it’s mutual. When you have feces and urine thrown on your head & you’re Palestinian you’ll hate the Jews who do it to you. As for being cowed, Palestinians know that the 500 Jews are backed by hundreds of well-armed soldiers not afraid to kill them if necessary. So yes, they’re cowed.

      The amount of Israeli civilians killed in or near Hebron in terrorist attacks far exceeds Palestinian civilians killed by their Palestinian neighbors.

      I think this is an error & you meant to write “Jewish neighbors.” However, the reason Jews aren’t killed is the hundreds of soldiers defending them. The number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israelis in the West Bank far, far exceeds the number of Israeli Jews killed by Palestinians. Overall, including Gaza, the ratio is 25 to 1 over the past year or so.

      The fact that you are a settler fellow traveler & spew sympathy for them here doesn’t discredit my perspective. I can sit in Seattle and know perfectly well what goes on in Hebron. In fact, I can know what goes on in Shabak prison cells better than the average Israeli who’s restricted by gag orders & censorship.

      Instead of insulting Israeli human rights NGOs you actually might learn a bit about reality by reading & viewing what they produce. Instead, you get your news from Arutz7 & settler media. Worse than FoxNews, if that’s even possible.

      1. … And sniping down a Jewish baby (Shalhevet Pas) is not considered abuse. The revision of history continues.

          1. Not off topic at all. I was directly addressing your preposterous claim that “The only abuse is from settlers toward Palestinians”.

  3. First of all, let’s review the basic international laws.
    The international law says that Israeli settlements are absolutely illegal annexations.
    International law says that a people in annexed land have the right to defend themselves and their right to self-determination, using force and violence if they see fit.
    When the Native American does it, we make sappy movies and call it DANCES WITH WOLVES.
    When the Vietnamese do it, we have a massive anti-war movement that is regarded by history as the correct perspective while the pro-war side is regarded as warmongering lunacy.
    But when the Arab does it, it’s terrorism.
    Funny how those things work.

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