15 thoughts on “After Gay Activists Assaulted, Naftali Bennett Claims Leftist Conspiracy to Assassinate Him – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ” assassinations of leftist politicians ”

    Aside from PM Rabin (a leftist?), who’s been assassinated in Israel?

    You make Israel sound like it’s a Central American banana republic.

    1. @ Jack: How easily rightists forget Israeli history: Emil Grunzweig & Chaim Arlosoroff (& you conceded Rabin thankfully). I note you omitted the word “assault” from my original quotation. Is that because you know there are thousands of examples of right-on-left violence which you’d prefer to ignore?

      1. Grunzweig’s death was clearly a political assassination, and his killer was sentenced to life.

        No living being knows who killed Chaim Arlosoroff. The Supreme Court of the British Mandate overturned the conviction of Arlosoroff’s alleged killer, Abraham Stavsky . The lower, trial court acquitted the two other alleged defendants, Ahimeir and Rosenblatt, but convicted Stavsky by a 2-1 majority.

        To wit, this was not a case of ‘rightist’ violence.

        The Altelena affair was ‘leftist violence’. Ben-Gurion had consented to the landing of the ship, which was partially unloaded near Kfar Vitkin. A dispute broke out between the IDF and the Irgun, violence ensued and the ship moved on to Tel Aviv beach. Ben Gurion ordered Yitzkak Rabin to fire cannon at the ship. The ship hoisted a white flag, and the IDF cannon fire continued. Menachem Begin was a passenger on the ship.

        What motivated Ben Gurion to kill Jews, is unknown.

        1. @ Victor: Grunzweig’s killer didn’t serve “life.” He was freed from prison and indeed still upholds the righteousness of his act. He’s a brutal, scummy rightist killer thug.

          Regarding your own statements on Arlosoroff. You say Stavsky was convicted. He was a Betar-Revisionist killer & it certainly was a case of rightist assassination of a leftist political leader. Unless you want to claim that Revisionists are leftists. That would introduce a whole new wrinkle to Zionist history.

          The story of the Altalena is not quite as you describe. Begin wanted to create his own independent militia. Ben Gurion upheld the unitary power of the State and wanted no independent rightist militia. This was a political battle that turned into violence. But it was not an assassination. Both sides were armed. You’re comparing apples to oranges.

          You are done in this thread. No further comments here.

  2. I’m not a bennet fan, but 2 more facts should have been shown:
    1. the poster of nazi bennet:

    2. gay activists plan to “destroy party event”:

    i support the activists’ opinion but not necessarily the way of protest.

    1. @Richard “advised by security officials not to attend events where left-wing activists are present” – a whole article is written about an assault of a provocateur but when it comes to Bennett, you move directly into the NUCLEAR OPTION of assassination. Bennett never made the claim you claim he made.

      1. I don’t know what Bennett himself said since he’s never quoted. But the Party spokesperson who spoke with Haaretz certainly used the reference to the Rabin assassination to say that there was a similar plot to assassinate Bennett. I’ve confirmed this in speaking myself to Itamar Fleischman, the Party press rep.

    2. @ Gal: Though I would never deface an election poster in this fashion, the truth is that Bennett is yet another progression of Israeli extremist ultra-nationalism. I spent 10 minutes yesterday night being harangued by Itamar Fleishman, the Party’s pres rep. I can say without any hesitation this is a proto-fascist Party. It’s Kahanism in a suit and tie.

      As for “destroying” a political event, heckling political events is a long & treasured democratic tradition. If the Party hadn’t taken positions hostile to Israeli gays there would be no heckling. As long as Bayit Yehudi is homophobic it should expect such heckling. Contrary to Fleischman, heckling isn’t illegal nor is it anti-democratic. American political parties have managed to find ways of dealing with such disruptions. Why should Israel have to resort to physical assaults to do so? Only in a non-democratic country would such things happen.

      The disruption indicates to me the Party was surprised at the vehemence of the gay community’s response. Why should it have been? Why wasn’t it more prepared to deal with it? Why did it get caught flat-footed?

  3. @RS

    “There have been no killings or even assaults by leftists on rightists. ”

    Except possibly, the burning of the Altelena off the beach in Tel Aviv, which claimed a dozen rightist lives.

    1. @ Victor: I was talking about assassinations of individuals, not acts of war or combat. The Altalena was hardly an assassination. I’m certain Begin’s forces knew they were headed into an armed conflict by docking the boat. It’s not comparable to assassination at all.

  4. Jacob Israel De Haan was assassinated in Jerusalem in 1924. I don’t know if it was the ‘right’ or ‘left’ that murdered him. It’s irrelevant. He was murdered by zionists.

    1. Yes, and ironically – seeing the nature of the protest at Bennett’s meeting – Zionists spread the rumour that the murder had to do with De Haan’s sexual proclivities and had been committed by Arabs.

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