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  1. If Jews in France are having problems….then it would be nice if they would extend their hands to French-Muslims and together solve the problems of Islamophobia and Antisemitism….Much of the Islamophobic rhetoric is old European antisemitism recycled. When Islamophobia rises…so does Antisemitism….

    Both religions emphasize law and justice. They also went through their “Golden age” together. If they joined forces, they could contribute to a better France and a better future for the French Judeo-Muslim community….?

    1. @ Shaun: If so, why does he make a major flourish of donning his kippah at the beginning of the video? Anyone who was Orthodox would wear his kippah at all times in public. If he is Orthodox, this is yet another fake dramatic flourish that renders the entire exercise bogus as reporting or anything else.

      1. It IS a fake. This video has been widely commented here in France, and the magazine Inrocks has an interesting article on Klein: he used to be spokesperson for the IDF, a liaison to the ultra-orthodox community. His CV is in one of the orange links nearly at the end of the article.

        1. I’ve looked it over many times: I simply can’t see that woman spitting on him, she hardly turns the head, and the sound has clearly been added.
        2. He spoke with a journalist and said he went to the 23rd arrondissement, there isn’t more than 20, he claimed he went to Barbes in the surburbs, it’s in the center of Paris.
        3. He claimed he was constantly harassed in Sarcelles (a pro-Palestinian demonstration went out of control there this summer), one-third of the population in Sarcelles is Jewish, it’s even called Little Jerusalem etc etc
        4. He claimed he saw more burqas than you’d probably find in Ramallah. That’s simply a lie. Burqas are forbidden by law, I go around Paris and the suburbs on a daily basis, and last time I saw a burqa was months ago.
        5. And there is one genuine lie: he’s quoting Habib Meyer (former Likud-spokesperson in France, elected to the French Parliament for the oversea circonscription including Israel). His Tweet in English quoting Meyer is embedded in the article, saying Jews have no future in France, but in the interview (linked in Hebrew), Meyer doesn’t state that (I rely on Inrocks, I don’t read Hebrew).
        I live in the 19th arrondisement, which over the years has become THE place for religious Jews after the Marais has turned into an expensive and the-place-to-be neighbourhood. I see kippas by the dozens every day and night, on the metro and in the street.
        Yesterday,, the video was published on Rue89 (clearly left-of-center, the director is Jewish, a popular website), and it was presented as “pro-Aliyah” propaganda.

      2. PS. I forgot: Klein also worhed for the World Zionist Organization, and on the day of the Charlie Hebdo attack, he retweeted the Jewish Defense Ligue.

  2. What about John Howard Griffin, the white author of ‘Black Like Me’, who posed as a ‘Negro’ in the segregationist South. Was Griffin’s sojourn, ‘ journalism of the most cynical, debased sort’?

    At what about the Irish born, Swedish Journalist, who donned a kippa and went for an unpleasant walk in the streets of Maalmo, Sweden? Was that a gimmick? Gotcha journalism?


    Ahh….but if a Jew dresses like a Jew and goes for a walk…..

    1. John Howard Griffin did NOT enter a community and remain silent the entire time as Klein did. Nor did he provoke Blacks to abuse him as Klein did. He spoke and interacted with his Black interlocutors. He was also a white man pretending to be Black. Unlike Klein who was an Orthodox Jew attempting to provoke Muslims into hating him.

      If he had worn a white hood, dressed as the KKK and waited to find out how Blacks received him, given the current context of relations in Europe, that might’ve been a more apt comparison.

      But in today’s context Griffin’s disguise would not be received the same way it was in the 1960s. It would not be permissible or appropriate for someone to wear a mask and try to deceive a community into believing he was one of them when he wasn’t.

      What about my comparisons to Israel. Do you think Klein could walk through South T.A. dressed as an African refugee w/o being harrassed by the Border Police? ANd could he dress in a keffiyeh and walk through Tapuach. You’ve somehow neglected those options. Hypocrite.

      1. @Richard – The border police ‘stopping’ and African is doing it’s job, just like police along the border with Mexico. Also clearly you haven’t been to South Tel-Aviv in recent years. They will need 100’s of officers if they actually did that.

        Your Tapuach makes even less sense. You can compere that to someone with a big flag of Israel going through Gaza not strolling quite streets in Paris.

        1. @The idea that a Border Policeman is ‘just doing his job’ when he pours lye into a restaurant cooling pit so it’s African refugees owner may never use it again is pathetic as are you for defending these scummy human beings.

          1. @Richard

            I remember the incident differently. The police shut down an immigrant run illegal restaurant operating without a permit. The police poured lye into a pot of food on the stove. Not nice. But the police were doing there job.

          2. @ Jack: I’m invoking a comment rule that applies to commenters like you whose sheer volume threatens to monopolize the comment threads. No more than three comments in any 24 hour period. Take this seriously.

          3. @ The Border Police hunt down refugees and beat and abuse them. They send them to concentration camps. Then they expel them forcibly to countries where they are treated as criminals for spending time in a Jewish state.

            I never heard the restaurant had no permit. I doubt it is true. But if it is, I’ll bet the reason was the city refused to provide one. All this is sheer racism. It is well-documented in all the Israeli media (except Arutz 7). The next time you post a comment trying to defend such racism calling it “doing their job” I will moderate you. You may hold views that are racist, but you will not expound them here.

      2. @Richard

        ‘Nor did he [Griffin] provoke Blacks to abuse him as Klein did. ‘

        Griffin wasn’t abused by Blacks, but he was abused and beaten by Whites who thought Griffin was Black.

        1. I remember from the book only that Griffin talked to and commented on the attitudes towards him of white people. (Very telling was that the only time white men were interested in talking with him was when they were trying to find out about blak people’s supposed wild sexlife!)

      3. I would also say that some of the comments and reactions to Klein are probably more reactions to him walking down the street being filmed, I also find some of the translations to be heavily biased (the guys with the dog are not insulting him at all).
        I just visioned it twice again, and to be honest, we have no possibility to know what most people said because it’s simply NOT audible. I’m really astonished by this, are Israelis going to buy this ?

        1. PS. I realize it was filmed by GoPro but some of his actions seem so unnatural and staged that I forgot that when visioning it. I’ve seen it at least 10 times, and though I’m not a French citizen I feel deeply insulted on their behalf. This is not good publicity for the State of Israel here. Maybe French Jews are going to react once again as when they started singing La Marseillaise in the Synagogue during Bibi’s visit.
          Back in the days, the Mossad planted bombs in Baghdad and elsewhere to ‘encourage’ Jews to leave, today they use Hasbara…..

  3. @Richard “Also note the video condenses 10 hours of walking into 1:36 seconds.  What other sorts of responses are in the other nine hours and 59 minutes?” – you link the article but neglect to tell of the rest of their day. The kid asking his mother whether they don’t know it is risky etc’. The clip was taken with a GoPro hidden in backpack so might have missed some of the ‘action’.

  4. If during the height of the troubles in Northern Ireland somebody would have taken it on himself to walk through a staunch catholic neighbourhood of Belfast with an orange sash decorating his torso would we have been surprised at his report to have been spat upon? No. We would actually have been surprised to see him return with all his limbs in working order.

    What did this man, Zvika Klein, actually try to prove? That there is free floating and mindless anti semitism in this world searching for an appropriate victim? This is as credible as the Orange man declaring that he didn’t have the faintest idea as to why he wasn’t greeted with a hail fellow well met in that catholic neighbourhood.

    The attempt to suggest that an increase in anti-semitic incidents in Europe (exaggerated as the reports about it often are) has nothing to do with what is being done to the Palestinians is either sheer self deception or, worse, a matter of rank mendacity.

    Netanyahu has done his level best to ensure that Jews are now often, however unfairly, seen as collectively sharing in the guilt for this. Hasn’t he, the top depredator, declared on any conceivable occasion that he represents World Jewry?

    1. I don’t think the linkage is unfair at all, consequences notwithstanding. But for Jewish support, Israel would not be, or at least not Israel as it is today. All those who have lavished support on Israel, and felt good about it over the years, should be held accountable, not murdered in the streets of course, but accountable.

  5. @Arie

    ” somebody would have taken it on himself to walk through a staunch catholic neighbourhood of Belfast ”

    You may not have noticed, but France isn’t where the trouble is. The trouble is actually in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel.

    What do you suppose would have happened if someone walked through the same Muslim neighborhoods in France waving the black flag of ISIS?

    1. @ Jack
      He didn’t walk through any “Muslim” neighbourhoods, at least no in the one minute and something that we’ve seen. Just in case you don’t know: there aren’t any “Muslim” neighbourhoods in Paris, and the only suburb we see in the video is Sarcelles (where Dominique Strauss-Kahn used to be mayor), it’s one-third Jewish, has the largest concentration of Chaldean Christians in France, maybe even in Europe, and also many Muslims. It makes me wonder: what percentage of Muslims does it take to be a ‘Muslim’ neghbourhood ?
      Maybe you’ve been influenced by the No-Go Zone hoax from Fox News claiming there are Sharia-zones in Paris where no White Man puts his feet. In case, you’ve missed it, Fox News has apologized for the lies, but the Mayor of Paris isn’t satisfied so there’s a lawsuit coming, and I think France should consider one against this Hasbarista too:

  6. @Jack

    “You may not have noticed, but France isn’t where the trouble is. ”

    You should tell Zvika Klein that. For the rest I fail to understand what point you are trying to make.

      1. I didn’t notice that, the number of 310.000 Jews in France is clearly wrong. All demographic censuses here say between 550.000-600.000 Jews in France. The rising is very much due to the arrival of Jews from Algéria after the decolonization in 1962 (Algerian Jews became French citizens by the Décret Crémieux in 1871, and latertens of thousand of Jews from Tunisia and Morocco after their independance in 1956.
        I’m busy right now, I’ll find links later in the day and post them.

          1. @ Deir Yassin: The Pew study says the 2010 numbers are based on a Pew Research Center Global Religious Landscape survey. I don’t know what assumptions or research was used to estimate Jewish population. It would be interesting to use Segio della Pergola’s numbers for all the different years designated in the graphic. Then you’d be comparing apples to apples instead of apples to oranges.

          2. I didn’t look at Pergola’s numbers, where he got them from etc, but public speech in France mostly mentions 600.000 Jews (but that doesn’t mean it’s correct). In fact, it’s commonly stated that Jews represent 1% of the French population: 600.000 out of 60 millions, but the population is closer to 66 millions by now, and probably the 600.000 is exagerated. And who is considered a Jew ? No population censuses ask that kind of questions, and I imagine that Pergola being an Israeli doesn’t have the same criteria as some French citizens who consider themselves as Jews.
            I’ve noticed on other occasions that Pew numbers were different from with French numbers, particularly on the Muslim population (heavily exagerated in many articles on the subjetc).

  7. Richard, hatred isn’t a competition. Why must Klein also “walk through Tel Aviv’s poorest neighborhoods dressed as an African refugee” or “Tapuach or Yizhar wearing a keffiyeh” to make his point? Racism is a problem in Israel, a point you’ve made here repeatedly, and antisemitism is a problem in France. What does one thing have to do with the other?

    1. Well, both are about Jewish power. They are both characterized by the effort of Jews to isolate, marginalize and demonize any group or individual challenging Jewish special prerogatives and power in a political/social context. “Anti-semitism” is a construct which presents Jews as innocent victims of malicious others and not as a powerful group with specific group interests. When victims of Jewish power complain, they are deemed irrational (“anti-semitic”) by that power such that the power remains shielded and unaccountable. Jewish power cannot barely be questioned. I think both Israeli racism and the “new” anti-semitism in France are about such power.

      1. I don’t know what to tell you if you think antisemitism is only a construct. So what do you call it when non-Jews express hatred of Jews and when that hatred provokes oppression and violence?

        1. The “anti-semitism” you identify is an explanatory device which focuses on the ill-defined ethnicity of the target and not the power of the target group, a group which perhaps violates and harms others in the pursuit of its group interests. It is not necessarily by virtue of being born Jewish (ill-defined) that someone might be chosen as a target to terrorize, avoid, insult or murder but by virtue of the perceived injuries endured at the hands of target group or the perceived injustices meted out by the target group. This is not good ole’ racism of the kind that suggests that, for example, Jews are simply born demons. Rather, such deaths or such “oppression” (where are Jews “oppressed” anyway?) may be casualties of an ongoing armed conflict between Jewish interests and other interests.

          Calling this sort of blowback “racism” is to suggest that it has no foundation, no reason, that Jews are innocent victims. Certainly, a particular Jew in Denmark may not subscribe to the Israel policies of dispossession and appropriation of others property etc. and yet be identified as a member of the offending power group. Many many gentiles have died at the hands of Jews over the decades of Israel’s expansion as a ethnic state. Many many more than the reverse. The Zionist project has been, in our time, underwritten by world Jewry even though I personally do not subscribe to it. Jews must take responsibility for that support and should not be surprised by its predictable consequences.

      1. That’s neither here nor there. My point is that racism in Israel doesn’t mean that there isn’t antisemitism in France and vice versa. Both deserve to be exposed. But why are you more comfortable condemning Israeli racism than you are European (in this case French) or Muslim antisemitism?

        1. @ djf: Because Israeli racism leads directly to murder, and in the future, possibly genocide. Israeli racism maintains the Occupation & constant war with Arabs. That in turn leads to an anti-Semitic response from some Arabs.

          This is not he-said, she-said. It’s not oh how terrible, both sides are so bad, let’s blame them equally. No, Israel is far more powerful & dangerous & incendiary in this mix.

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