5 thoughts on “Bayit Yehudi MK, Settlement Leader Questioned in Bribery-Kickback Scandal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I really hope this will be proven wrong though Bennett might benefit since him and Slomiansky were rivals as mentioned in the JPost article above.
    Betzalel Smotritz, no. 9 in the party, went to high-school with me. Kind of cool.

  2. How Bayit Yehudi can be “wolf in sheep clothing”? Did they ever try to don such clothing?

    I thought that this party is divided into the camp of total messianic nuts, and moderate nuts who admit the possibility that the coming of the messiah will not solve all problems, including rather secular nationalistic nuts. And far from “parroting settler extremists”, they are settler extremists.

      1. I will not pay Ha’aretz subscription, so I do not know what rhetorical device Golan applied. Average Israelis hardly exists, public opinion seems to be divided into sectors, and among those sectors, BY is the most rightwing party that manages to have members in the Knesset, although the competition for the title of “most resolute Zionist warrior” is complicated, and members of many parties are strong contenders.

        It remains a fact that Slomiansky and many other members of BY are extremist settlers, that Bennet bragged that “he killed many Arabs and he has not problem with that”, that the party rejects the notion of peace process for nationalistic reasons and so on, and so on. Quite possible, “an average Israeli” loves extremist settlers, so he/she (is an average Israeli transgender, being average of two sexes?) would be loath to apply “wolf” label to such adorable folks.

        Interestingly, kickbacks and other financial peccadillos (the latter, starring Mrs. Netanyahu) seem to affect all rightwing parties in Israel, which raises question about prevalent mentality of the voters. Is it “surely, a plot by extremist leftists who infest the police”, or “may be a crook, but he/she is a crook for the good cause”, or “I never hear about it” (a.k.a. low information voter)?

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