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  1. Eran Wolkowski’s satire aside, the French olim are observant Jews, making them obvious targets in France.

    They are not coming to Israel for security, but for freedom of worship.

    1. They’re not “obvious” targets in France. I understand that certain elements would love to play that idea up, but it’s not the truth.

      “They are not coming to Israel for security, but for freedom of worship.”

      They’d be coming there because the creature Netanyahu invited them, and because they’ve convinced themselves that they’re under some imminent threat that in reality doesn’t exist. I don’t see how “freedom of worship” has anything to do with anything in this case because the French government certainly isn’t shutting down synagogues.

  2. @Richard – a reply that will properly disprove many of the points you have made here will be longer then you article itself but I’ll humbly point at a few points.
    – “Bibi’s destruction of independent Channel 10” – the channel was rescued by the government a few times since 2008. Those allegation are totally unbased.
    – “Sheldon Adelson sinks $40-million every year into Yisrael HaYom” – an estimate by a reporter from rival paper, not even close to a reliable source. Free papers exist and make money in many places in the world, why not in Israel.
    – “Uri Blau” – if he is the best story you could come up with, Israel deserves a gold medal!
    – “IDF deliberately murdered ten Palestinian journalists” – false allegations and prejiodious. How come the only forgerign reporter was killed with Palestinian bomb disposal unit when IDF wasn’t around. So IDF soldiers ask for ID before they kill people wearing PRESS vests?
    – “This heinous killing was no more an attack by all of Islam than Baruch Goldstein’s mass murder of 29 Palestinians was a crime of the entire Jewish people” – but it was a crime of “tens of thousands of settler”.
    “tens of thousands of settler”
    I can respect good critisicm but in my opinion, this article is just not that (not that you would care).

  3. I wondered about ‘ all is forgiven’. I took it to mean that they let Mohammed ‘graciously’ forgive Charlie Hebdo for their many Islam cartoons. Cynicism in other words. But you would have to see the issue to make out what is meant.

  4. When I heard what the front cover of Charlie Hebdo was going to be, it made no sense to me. Like Elizabeth, I thought Mohammed was saying all is forgiven ie he was forgiving the cartoonists for making very distasteful and hateful cartoons on Islam. Mohammed is crying and holding I am Charlie, I thought Mohammed was sad and embarrassed that people were killed on his behalf, so in apology, he was willing to endorse Charlie Hebdo.

    These journalists should never have been killed for their cartoons and articles, no matter how distasteful. Nonetheless “I am not Charlie” and I do not support their ideology.

  5. And then the French gov’t did this:

    “France’s Socialist government provoked outrageby becoming the first in the world to ban protests against Israeli action in Palestine…. Socialist Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said mass demonstrations planned for the weekend should be halted.

    Mr Cazeneuve said there was a ‘threat to public order’, while opponents said he was ‘criminalising’ popular support of the Palestinian people.

    Thousands were set to march against the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, calling for an immediate end to hostilities in which civilians including many children have been killed.
    But Mr Cazeneuve fears there might be a repeat of the fights between ‘ultra’ Jewish vigilantes and pro-Palestinians which happened after a demonstration last Sunday.

    He welcomed a legal procedure instigated by the Paris police prefecture to ban the march, despite it already being widely advertised.

    Anyone who turns up to an illegal demonstration now faces up to a year in prison, and a 15,000 euro fine.

    If they hide their faces to avoid being identified, this sentence can be increased to three years, and a 45,000 fine.

    Even those who publish details of an illegal rally on social media face up to a year in prison, and a 15,000 euro fine.

    This can be increased to seven years and a 100,000 fine if the postings lead to violence.”

    Source: The Daily Mail, “Outrage as France Becomes First Country in the World to Ban pro-Palestine Demos” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2697194/Outrage-France-country-world-ban-pro-Palestine-demos.html

  6. Bibi’s Frustration Expressed: ‘JeSuisJuif’

    More great stuff from Bibi’s mouthpiece on Arab affairs …


    Ofir Gendelman – The official account of the Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesperson for the Arab media.

    “PM: I expect all of the world leaders,
    w/ whom I marched, to fight terrorism
    wherever it is, also when it is directed
    against Israel & Jews”

    Furthermore, Bibi let the world know he’s not amused with Abbas’ request to the ICC in The Hague:

    “ICC’s decision is a complete reversal of the
    goals that were at the basis of its founding
    following the murder of 6million Jews by the

    Sorry Bibi but Israel and the US are not partners in the founding of the ICC!

    The International Criminal Court (ICC), governed by the Rome Statute, is the first permanent, treaty based, international criminal court established to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most serious crimes of concern to the international community. The ICC is an independent international organisation, and is not part of the United Nations system.

    Netanya’s French Bubble | Ynet News |

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