11 thoughts on “Israeli Government to Prosecute Uri Blau for Espionage – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The vengeful (rather than useful) attitude of Israel’s security forces was exemplified by their treatment of Blau’s computer: as part of the deal with him, they destroyed the COMPUTER (not the data on it. The COMPUTER.)

    Since the data on the hard drive was the only thing that mattered – destruction of the computer used for accessing it is simply malicious – or threatening.

    Israel acts like what it appears to be – is a crime syndicate that took over a country, a racketeering enterprise with an army. Its own citizens are no safer than the rest of the world population.

    1. It is a racketeering enterprise. That’s exactly right. If you want to understand Israel the metaphor of the crime syndicate explains it.

  2. “Do as we say, not as we do. We are a bastion of democracy, a beacon of light. Which is why we act completely communist, with a centralized bureaucracy, a police belligerent/military State, with politicians who run strictly on national security threats they falsify themselves. BTW, we also frequently commit illegal technology transfers of a military nature from the US and sell it off-market to Russia and China at a great political/revenue benefit to us. Tee Hee. Stalwart Allies Forever <3"

    "Words may show a man's wit but actions his meaning." -Benjamin Franklin

  3. I’ve been listening to a lot of radio commentry in Israel today, and no one could be found, journalist or lawyer who could find a good word to say about the indictment.

    Except for the unofficial spokesperson for Bibi and the army, Roni Daniel, who is a big joke as far as journalism is concerned.

    This will backfire in the face of the Att-gen in a major way.

    And before anyone brings it up, this is completely different to Anat Kamm who actually stole from the army the documents as opposed to Uri Blau who just possessed them as a journalist and didn’t even intend to publicise most of them

  4. So just how many African “refugees” HAVE you HOUSED IN THE SiLVERSTEIN HOME IN sEaTTLE, arsewipe?

    1. Moron, no one’s asking anyone to host refugees in their home. Nor are the refugees asking for home hospitality. They’re asking for refuge in Israel, the country, just as my country, the U.S., provides refuge for millions of such refugees (though not enough of course compared to need).

      1. Haha. Tell me Richard. Is this guy, Mogli, located in New York/New Jersey ? If yes, I’m going to tell you who he is. A old acquiantance with only three or four talking-points in his luggage, and this is one of them.

          1. Nah, it isn’t the same guy then. Bill Pearlman – actually “Caden” – has asked everyone having the slightest sympathy towards the refugees the exact same question. I guess it’s a standard line….

          2. I know Pearlman by rep. He’s been banned here for yrs. He’s a Class D felony of a guy. It’s a small far right ultranationalist world out there & only so many “ideas” to go around. That’s why they repeat ea other so frequently.

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