26 thoughts on “Israeli Judges and Media Embrace Censorship – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Info about the poor situation of holocaust survivors in Israel on NPR.
    This will at list respect the real purpose of writing the provocative article to begin with.

  2. RE: “Ben Gurion was far more interested in cultivating ties to the ‘new’ Germany that arose from the ashes of Nazi Germany. This state, led by Konrad Adenauer, whose government contained known ex-SS, offered tremendous opportunities for Israel, not least billions in reparations, armaments, and other commercial interests.”

    D.A.F. [Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (German American Friends)]:
    Sei still. Schließe deine augen.
    Bitte denk an nichts.
    Glaube mir. Alles ist gut. Alles ist gut.
    Don’t say anything. Close your eyes.
    Think of nothing.
    Believe me. Everything is good. Everything is good.

    DAF – Alles ist Gut – Live Tivoli Utrecht (15-08-2010) [VIDEO, 03:13] – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3rQ9A_DRJk

    Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deutsch_Amerikanische_Freundschaft

  3. @RS

    “Does Jewish sovereignty under a classical Zionist rubric, offer greater protection to Jews? My answer is No, ”

    Richard, If the Jewish State had been located in Europe or the Americas, instead of the Middle East, do you really think Israel would have so many problems?

    Doesn’t the ‘bad neighborhood’ argument have some validity?

    1. I really can’t figure that argument out. Where did the Holocaust take place? In Europe. Yet you imagine Europeans as ‘good neighbors’. (Even if their land had been stolen by the Zionist movement? How do you think the average European would have reacted after 60 years in a refugee camp?)

      On the other hand, the displaced and disposessed refugee victims of Zionism (who never did the Jewish people any harm to deserve this) including the rest of ‘the neighborhood’ are ‘bad’.

      Go think again and think some more. You are full of racist assumptions.

    2. I am from Venezuela. If some Europeans inmigrants would have come here and had expelled most of the population to establish on Venezuelan soil a new State, discriminating against the remaining Venezuelan population, that new country would have faced many problems, including violent resistance from the native population. Actually, that already happened in the 16 century before Venezuela existed. And, in spite of culture and racial mixing, there still exists an unhealed wound.

    3. @ Figg: The “bad neighborhood” argument is racist and stupid. Why do you think colonists and colonies fared so poorly over the past 100 years? If Israel had become Uganda it would have had the same set of problems. Instead of Israelis fighting Palestinians, it would be white Jews fighting indigenous Black tribes as in then-Rhodesia or South Africa.

      1. @RS

        “The “bad neighborhood” argument is racist and stupid. Why do you think colonists and colonies fared so poorly over the past 100 years? ”

        Great Britain abandoned her colonies due to the post war defeatism and self appointed guilt promulgated by Arnold Toynbee and his acolytes at The Chatham House; abandoned colonies that would revert into a “wilderness of tigers”, to quote Elie Kadourie.


        1. @ Figg: More nonsense. Britain abandoned its colonies after an exhausting WWII in which it emerged virtually bankrupt. It simply could no longer afford colonies & so shed them. And if it hadn’t shed them the colonized would have done it for them.

    4. Figg – I must agree with the others here. (I thought so as soon as I saw your post but didn’t want to waste a comment out of the 3 comments/thread/day rule randomly imposed on Israeli-not-super-critical-tinkers).
      You can’t blame your need in an expensive alarm-system on the neighbourhood where someone can (and indeed does) claim you are the sole reason it is the type of neighborhood it is.

    5. Figg. Your wide-eyed questions are exceedingly naive and serve only to divert the responsibility (of Israel) on to the victims (Palestinians) and then to dilute to problem by sweeping all Arab neighbors in as well.
      As already pointed out, it was the EUROPEAN “bad neighborhood” that caused the Shoah to begin with and I dare say, had the early Jews made the incredibly idiotic decision to start an Israel in Bulgaria or part of Germany, israel would probably have ceased to exist by now…along with all Jews who would be foolish enough to move to it.

      The only reason why Israel still exists as it is, is because of endless blank checks provided by Europe and the US and because of the huge supply of arms from the US, including arms technologies transferred by the Pentagon. Otherwise, Israel would not have expanded its imperial borders and it would have settled as a peaceful nation with ALL faiths enjoying equal rights and privileges.

      Israel has the potential to be the moral beacon to all of the Middle East, but like the US, it prefers to speak the lofty language while working in the depths of moral sewers. The other thing both nations have in common, is the genocide of the native people.

  4. No Figg it doesn’t. The simple fact is that Israel Zangwill’s slogan about “a land without people for a people without land” was based on ignorance and/or a colonial mind-set (“natives” didn’t count).

    1. It wasn’t Zangwill’s quote. It originated among Christian Zionists. Zangwill repeated the quote, recanted and opted for the Uganda plan.

      1. Well whatever. The fact remains that if you throw somebody out of the house his family has lived in for generations you are bound to have trouble with him. His neighbours might not like you then either but that is secondary.

    2. Arie – can you please share some info/links about Palestinian Nationalism before the British Mandate? I am not opening the topic and not questioning it but I am sure you have a lot of material and I don’t know another way of contacting you.

        1. @ Ariel

          Well there you have a start. As for me I have no special archive on this particular period but I am sure that a day’s strategic cruising on the internet will provide a rich harvest. You can start with the section “conflicting promises” (and the footnotes thereto) under the entry “Sykes-Picot agreement” in Wikipedia.

          Good luck.

  5. brilliant article – very interesting and a real resource both. A keeper for the files!

    look forward to the next scholarly masterpiece in Part II – congratulations and thanks!

    Great introduction and beautiful commentary to Prof. Ilan Sadeh and others like him as well – takes one to know all of these guys, ha

    Courage is Contagious – thanks for holding this hero and men like him high

  6. Jews were victims for centuries in Europe and elsewhere. Zion was a much needed sanctuary – but gained by theft? That’s bitter fruit.
    And now the Palestinian is the victim and suffers from Goebbels lies inflicted on them by Israeli duplicity – why have not the Israeli believers read in their own scriptures: “Are we not all brothers? Hath not one God created us all? Why then turn one against another? Ask Netanyahu (you know, Ben the lying hypocrite) who is pure evil, and would gladly lead all who follow on to perdition with a smile on his face.

  7. Richard,
    Thank you for your latest post and the many I have read. Your insights and posts are greatly appreciated, providing what is not readily available to many.
    It takes tenacity and chutzpah bringing facts to light.
    Best wishes for 2015!

    1. Yes I would like to second that. Richard does on his own what a minor newspaper would need a staff for. This would be the appropriate moment to thank him for that and wish him and his blog all the best for this coming year.

      1. And thank you all in return both for reading the blog and being part of the community. If you’re so moved to contribute a gift to defray costs of running the blog, that would be lovely as well.

        1. Richard – Happy new year.
          It was nice to learnt some from your articles and readers comments. I wish I could have add anything to the conversation thou apparently everything I have to say is stupid. I hope that will change in 2015.
          Keep it up. There is defiantly more (but not all) info worth seeing daylight.

  8. Fascinating article. I do not understand how it is that Jewish organizations and Israel sought and received reparations for the wrongs of the past, but will not entertain the notion of reparations for the people they have in their turn so wronged. I understand how politically this is a possible position, but I don’t understand how anyone could possibly THINK that somehow Palestinians are not entitled to reparations considering the devastation of Palestinian life over many decades at the hands of racist Zionists.

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