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    1. Richard, I am sorry to hear about your article not published at antwar.com, which I’m sure was a worthy one. You have certainly been astute about Iran/Israel issues and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Meir Javendafar was indeed one slippery eel. I’ve heard him speak once and could see why he would be used as a propaganda channel for the israeli Intelligence and political branches. Very convenient that, an Iranian-israeli. Credibility galore. And such a presentable prop!

      But, I have a theory about Justin and the anti-war.com publication. Note how they generally shy away from serious contributed articles about the situation inside israel and the obvious move towards the Greater israel project, while practically ignoring the plight of the palestinians (other than a few quoted articles on the subject from other published sources). A grand project that the sabre rattling against Iran is supposed to obscure, as you said several times before. Something on which many agree, both inside and outside Israel.

      this BTW, is not unlike what’s happened to Counterpunch, from what I noticed. And other notable libertarian or Marxist leaning publications that have attained a quasi-establishment status, even if they are in the margins..

      There is method behind the madness I believe and it has to do with credible threats that go to the heart of the difficult situation such alternative publications face as they try to stay afloat while retaining a modicum of professionalism. I am sure that Justin is basically tolerated by the PTBs, as long as he stays within certain parameters, ie, keep crticism well centered in and around US foreign policy and empire machinations. One of the limits of discourse is to keep overt criticism of israel to a minimum, at least insofar as original articles go. The publication gives virtually no space to critiics from inside israel (though it used to, quite a bit, though it may, now and then, discuss the shenanigans of The Lobby. The absence is not a coincidence. I believe the threats being made are substantial and credible. Publications such as anti-war.com must do quarterly fund raisers to stay alive, an increasingly difficult endeavor. they get some generous contributions from a couple of sources too that make it possible to reach their fund raising goals. A few well-placed phone calls and the entire publication can be brought down in a hurry. So the parameters have to be obeyed, more or less, and Meir, for some reason, has been declared untouchable, though they may not have known that at first. So is Ali Hirshi and an assortment of Arabic, pakistani and Iranian turn-coats.

      An aside – it is my belief that some such threats were made against Assange and Wikileaks too – at the time. That’s why we saw next to no cables from the US tel Aviv embassy. that’s probably partly why assange still has a refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy, precarious as his position there may be.

      I think you should continue to call it like it is, even if now and then you run afoul of the “parameters’ set for the loyal opposition. just take heed not to become too successful (in the sense of main-streamed)? Glenn greenwald has been strong up to now.Though yes, in case you wonder, I do have some worries about the Omidyar funded venture, taking three of the most capable critics of empire on a new direction, in the meantime, limiting their current contributions to a minimum. But then, I have these conspiracy-minded predilections.

      Glad you shared this sad story with us.

      1. Again, my thoughts ran away with me. Sorry for the untoward length. Some can comisserate in a well-chosen word. others, alas take way much time and space –

      2. Dana, I agree with a lot of what you said here, however I would take some issue with the claim that AWC goes easy on Israel and the Lobby, as well as the claim that they downplay the plight of the Palestinians.

        First of all, Justin has an entire book devoted to the Israel-9/11 question. Therein, he doesn’t seem to pull any punches. Raimondo also makes frequent reference to AIPAC and the lobby’s utter domination of the U.S. congress, white house, etc. They also seem to show outward sympathy for the people of Palestine.

        I *myself* have written essays for AWC, which they published, that include strong criticisms of Israel.

        Now your main thesis could certainly still hold true, that there indeed are some “parameters” that AWC’s staff know they must stay within, but if so, they are broader than your post insinuates.

        This saddens me though. Antiwar.com is my very favorite news outlet, including especially Scott Horton (NO ally of Israel no matter how you look at him). I’m really not quite sure how to feel. Who knows how many other times this has happened that we never heard about? Such a rock and a hard place, AWC has been so absolutely exemplary over the years, but I can’t ignore something like this.

        I guess the lesson is this: always bring salt to the dinner table.

  1. Javedanfar was totally wrong about Iran’s presidential election of last June. His prediction about the outcome was ridiculous!
    When one debates with him, if one is firm, he will retreat and changes positions. In my view, he is a pure opportunist.

  2. If this is an example how Meir Javedanfar operates, your opinion is spot on! It’s clear he earns his living in Herzliya.

    Rouhani Enlists Iran Jewish MP Against Hard-Liners

    (Al Monitor) – This is why he will have his work cut out for him. The supreme leader’s supporters such as Shariatmadari see the narrative of the denial of the Holocaust as the “Achilles Heel of the Zionists.” It is a weapon which they believe hurts Israel because it undermines the justification for its existence. Rouhani’s biggest battle will be at home, in convincing the supreme leader to change course on the regime’s Holocaust narrative. All politics is local and the local battles are usually the most difficult to fight. Rouhani’s supporters should hope that he wins, otherwise his efforts to promote his administration’s image abroad will limp.

    ‘Soft power will strike hardest at Teheran’s nuke program’

    Mr. Meir Javedanfar, Founder of the Middle East Economic and Political Analysis Company, discussed how the Iranian government views the sanctions; as a serious threat. The economy runs on nuclear programming and by stopping this, “It can do to Iran and the stability of regime what the rise in bread prices did to Egypt.” The regime is more afraid of peace than war. He concluded by stating: “I call on Netanyahu to put the settlements aside and focus on nuclear Iran because this cannot wait.”

  3. I too am baffled at antiwar.com deletions. In my case two harmless reader posts linking Jewish funding of political parties to USA;s one tracked foreign policy geared soley towards Israel. Nothing anti semetic or improper which has me really confused at Antiwar’s censoring policy.

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