13 thoughts on “Israel Assassinates Syrian General – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Jackdaw: Then you don’t mind if Assad or Nasrallah sends an agent to rid the world of an Israeli general-“rat?” Or are Israelis, no matter how dirty, all angels?

      Your hypocrisy is epic & transparent!

      It is a violation of my comment rules to advocate or endorse murder. This is yet another violation. Just so you understand if one of these days I moderate or ban you. You’ll know why.

      1. Nasrallah, and Iran for that matter, already murder innocent Israeli and Jewish citizens in terror attacks in places like Bulgaria, Buenos Aires, etc.

        Generals, be they Israeli, Iranian or Swiss, live by the sword.

        1. @ Jackdaw:What convenient hypocrisy. You know no Israeli enemy is likely to assassinate an IDF general so you conveniently mumble “live by the sword, die by the sword.” But the moment an IDF general or Mossad chief was assassinated you’d be screaming bloody murder and demanding war crimes charges be filed.

          This blog insists on facts, not opinions in the guise of facts. There is no evidence whatsoever connecting Iran to the Bulgaria attack. That’s another comment rule violation. Read those rules carefully. Violate them once more and you’re moderated.

          1. @Jackdaw: Yes, in the entire history of Israel there has been a single former IDF general assassinated because he insisted on living in a hotel in occupied East Jerusalem and insisted on not having security protection. The exception, not the rule.

            Plus you’re claiming an Israeli police officer shot in a random incident on the West Bank, in which no militant group has taken credit, is the work of Iran or Hezbollah? Without offering any proof? You’ve taken leave of your senses & are now moderated.

          2. @ Jackdaw
            You just don’t know anything about the Palestinians, do you ? How can you mention Zeevi (who was killed by members of the Popular Front as a retaliation to the killing of their leader) and then jump to the killing of Baruch Mizrahi, and claim Hizbullah and Iran were probably behind. What’s the link ? You’re trying to convince us that the Popular Front is some kind of Iranian proxy ? Like most people with a colonialist mindset, you think ‘your’ colonised people are too stupid to act on their own ?
            I swear, sometimes when I read some of the Israeli commenters here, I just laugh: is there some kind of combined car & brainwash stations across the State of Israel ?

          3. @ Deir Yassin:

            You just don’t know anything about the Palestinians, do you ?

            There is MUCH he doesn’t know, I’m afraid.

            About his being Israeli, his IP address resolves to New York City. So he may just be a wannabe, rather than the ‘real thing.’

          4. @Deir

            I didn’t claim Baruch Mizrahi was assassinated (like Richard claims Israel assassinated the Syrian).
            I said ‘if’ the guy was assassinated.
            Regarding Hezbollah, I said ‘likely culprit’, because the gunman seems to have been a crack shot and has so far eluded arrest.

  1. “This is part of Israel’s standard repertroire of “statecraft.” Instead of negotiating with its neighbors to resolve its disputes it pursues its interests out of the barrel of a gun. It does it with the Palestinians, Hezbollah, the Iranians, and in this case, the Syrians.”

    This is part of [Iran’s; Palestinians’; Syria’s] standard repertroire of “statecraft.” Instead of negotiating with its neighbors to resolve its disputes it pursues its interests out of the barrel of a gun.

    1. @dcdoc1: So it’s your contention that Iran assassinates Israeli nuclear scientists & blows up Israel missile bases as Israel does to Iran? It’s your claim that Palestinians assassinate 20 or 30 leaders of Israeli political parties as Israel does to Palestinian leaders? It’s your contention that Assad has assassinated IDF generals as Israel has assassinated Syrians? If not, what the frig are you talkin’ about??

  2. [comment deleted–all of these promotions for Israel hasbara have been argued here before by other hasbara commenters. Do NOT repeat comments & arguments offered repeatedly by others. It bores me to hell and wastes everybody’s time.]

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