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  1. It’s difficult to see the difference between the Israeli Lobby in America and the Israeli government.

    1. This is far less troubling than the ever-blurring perceived difference between the Israeli Lobby and organised Jewishdom.

  2. What will the anti-Iran propagandists do when Ahmadinejad is out of office next year? And I wonder how many of them know that Ahmadinejad isn’t Iran’s most powerful leader or that he has very limited power in Iran.

    1. The anti-Iran propagandists have already begun transitioning to their new Iranian boogeyman, Ali Khamenei.

        1. I believe Iran’s “mad mullahs” are up for re-election about the same time Israel’s “rabid rabbis” are up for re-election.

          SEE: West Bank rabbi: Jews can kill Gentiles who threaten Israel, By Haaretz Service, 11/09/09
          Book by Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro of Yitzhar permits even the murder of babies and children who pose threat.

          Just weeks after the arrest of alleged Jewish terrorist, Yaakov Teitel, a West Bank rabbi on Monday released a book giving Jews permission to kill Gentiles who threaten Israel.
          Rabbi Yitzhak Shapiro, who heads the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in the Yitzhar settlement, wrote in his book “The King’s Torah” that even babies and children can be killed if they pose a threat to the nation.
          Shapiro based the majority of his teachings on passages quoted from the Bible, to which he adds his opinions and beliefs.
          “It is permissable to kill the Righteous among Nations even if they are not responsible for the threatening situation,” he wrote, adding: “If we kill a Gentile who has sinned or has violated one of the seven commandments – because we care about the commandments – there is nothing wrong with the murder.”
          Several prominent rabbis, including Rabbi Yithak Ginzburg and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, have recommended the book to their students and followers.

          SOURCE – http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/2.209/west-bank-rabbi-jews-can-kill-gentiles-who-threaten-israel-1.4496

          1. RE: Israel’s “rabid rabbis” – me, above

            ALSO SEE – Rabbi Aviner: Women must not wear pants even when alone, by Neta Sela, 05/02/08
            One of Religious Zionism’s most prominent leaders defines trousers as a ‘self-prohibition,’ says women ‘must dress modestly also when alone and in the dark’

            [EXCERPT] Women must not wear pants even when they are home alone, Rabbi Shlomi Aviner has ruled.  Aviner, Beit El’s rabbi and one of Religious Zionism’s most prominent leaders, was asked in a cellular Q&A session published in the “Small World” bulletin, “When a girl goes to relieve herself at night, is she allowed to say the ‘Asher Yatzar’ (‘he who formed’) prayer while wearing a short-sleeved shirt and trousers?”  The rabbi replied that it is permitted to say the prayer in such a case, but added that “in general, a woman must always wear modest clothes even when she is alone and in the dark, because the Holy one blessed be he is everywhere. And yes, trousers are a self-prohibition even when a woman is alone.” . . .

            ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.ynet.co.il/english/articles/0,7340,L-3552461,00.html

          2. P.S. RE: Israel’s “rabid rabbis” – me, above

            FROM YOSSI GURVITZ, 6/13/12:

            . . .They [Foreign Ministry officials] report that for the first time ever, the American media used the term “race riots” in order to describe what happens in South Tel Aviv. Israel’s image, complain the diplomats, suffered a heavy blow in the black community and among American liberals.
            And if the diplomats are afraid of what will happen to the Hasbara campaign in the United States – to the glittering lie that claims that the only Jewish state in the Middle East is a democracy, not an ethnocracy with strong theo-fascist elements – this is nothing compared to what will happen to Israel’s image in Africa. Many Africans may remember how Israel connived to help two fading colonial powers in their last attack on Africa, that there never was a dictator that it didn’t like, that it sold weapons to all the darkest regimes, that it was about the only ally of the Apartheid regime, Zionism’s twin. The next time our diplomats bemoan a staunch African anti-Israel position in the UN, maybe they should remember Eli Yishai and his “land of the white man” comment. . .
            . . .Israeli hatred of Africans did not, of course, originate with Yishai. It is embedded in Jewish scriptures and in the concept that Africans are descendants of the Biblical Ham, and hence they suffer from his curse – “he should be a slave to his brothers.” Important rabbi and convicted felon Babba Baruch said a couple of years back that Obama is a “slave turned king, who came from a race of slaves.” . . .

            SOURCE – http://972mag.com/when-it-comes-to-racism-foreign-ministry-worried-about-image-not-reality/48231/

          3. MORE FROM YOSSI GURVITZ, 6/13/12:

            (excerpt) . . . We are hurtling towards a psychopathic position that says that it doesn’t matter whether I am committing crimes; the only thing that matters is not being caught in the act. The idea that reality should be changed, that the world ought to be fixed, is dismissed with scorn; the only thing that matters is the battle for our image.
            And, of course, Israel can’t have a campaign against racism. Any such campaign will be based on the assumption that all humans are inherently equal in their rights and ought to be treated equally. Israel’s official ideology, Zionism, is based on granting a group of people extra rights – those whose religion is Judaism. You cannot say “we’re all human beings” in Israel, because Israel’s official religion – pay attention, Ambassador Oren, there is one; it’s called Orthodox Judaism – never accepted that position, and because the education given to our children denies it. Orthodox Judaism divides the world into Jews and non-Jews, with the latter being significantly inferior. Ovadyah Yosef, perhaps the most important rabbi in the history of Israel, recently reminded us it is improper, from a Jewish point of view, to treat non-Jewish patients on the Sabbath. The Israeli Ministry of Education disqualified a book about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights two years ago, mostly because it informed pupils there is a universal right to convert from the religion of your parents. . .

            SOURCE – http://972mag.com/when-it-comes-to-racism-foreign-ministry-worried-about-image-not-reality/48231/

  3. If this is supposed garner gay support it is incredibly maladroit but worse than that it is sinister and two-faced. I take its real agenda to be to link homophobic slurs and stereotypes with Ahmadinajad in order to attack him in terms which resonate with the homophobic conservatives in Iran itself as well as with Republicans and Israeli conservatives. This kind of slander has no place in a gay pride parade because it is very far from affirmative, but I take it someone has been spreading money around and pretending to be sympathetic to gay causes.

  4. “… Jews dusting off old anti-Semitic tropes and packaging them in a new bottle for use against Iran.”

    Willy nilly, Jewishdom is perceived to be represented by Israel and it’s hard to outdo Israeli (Cabinet-) Minister of the Interior, Eli Yishai, who refers to African refugees as “cancer”.

  5. Iran executed three men for being gay right around the same time as this parade. There has got to be a way for people of good conscience (including Americans and Israelis) to draw attention to the despicable manner in which gays are treated (and sometimes killed) by the Iranian authorities without being accused of spreading propaganda. As far as I am concerned, any effort to condemn Iran for acts such as these ought to be supported by progressives around the world.

    1. Bob, gay condemnation occurs in many parts of the world. As to why you and other pro-Israeli supporters have such a focus on Iran, that’s clear as well.

      Iran’s domestic policies are for Iranians. MYOB.

      1. Bob always finds the gem in the pile of manure. The article is about a Jewish group using anti-semitic tropes to stigmatize Iran. It is not about homophobia in Iran or elsewhere. It is about pinkwashing, Israel’s attempt to be seen as an oasis of liberation for gays and about encouraging anti-Iran feeling in preparation for war. However, in this matter of gay rights, Israel compares itself with the rest of the ME not with the West and the presumed “shared values.” This comparison is convenient: In the latter comparison, Israel stinks in most of the relevant dimensions.

    2. Also, given how badly the truth about Sakineh (the woman who brutally murdered her husband and was given only a symbolic stoning sanction by some rural judge, later rejected by the automatic appeal to the highest court in all of Iran) was skewed for the same purposes.

      Enough, the games are transparent. You’re worried about human rights? Look at West Bank and Gaza. Right at home, there’s one of the gravest human rights problems in existence today.

      1. What an odd series of posts. On the one hand you write that Iran’s domestic policies are for Iranians. And that I should mind my own business. Then you write that if I am worried about human rights I should look at the West Bank and Gaza? Oddly you say that is “right at home” – but my home is in the United States. Why shouldn’t I mind my own business with respect to there as well?

        I would also point out that I have no focus whatsoever on Iran when it comes to fighting for gay rights. They are just one of many countries with a horrible record on that score (worthy, to be sure, of condemnation). My work on this issue, however, is primarily focused here in the US. I do, however, voice my support for those like-minded people who are fighting for this cause all around the world.

        1. Oh please, Bob. You bend the rules when it comes to Israeli talking points!

          You just went on a diatribe about how this pinkwashing was great.

          In the same line of keystrokes you decry the commoditization of gay rights and then post this, “As far as I am concerned, any effort to condemn Iran for acts such as these ought to be supported by progressives around the world”. This, in reference to a country that has been TRANSPARENTLY bombarded by propaganda and stigmatization efforts by pro-Israelists over a decade or more.

          You also ask Richard and others to often reshape their
          words or factual statements to minimize damage to Israel’s reputation. Finally, you’ve also complimented or tried to explain away criminality by Israel that hurts American interests. Would you like me to pull the relevant examples from this very blog?

          I’m not the Patriot Police over here demanding that you wave an American flag, but how many people do you think you’re fooling with the suave manipulation act?

          1. It is smooth stuff, always the little exception, a fine point aimed at reducing the main premise indirectly. This is classic Bob here, on this article. It is good but not good enough.

    3. All human-rights violations (homophobia included) should be effectively condemned by everyone whenever possible.

      Having said that, the circumstances and nature of this particular condemnation of Iran is somewhat reminiscent of the vehement anti-Turkish rage (over the Armenian genocide) being pathetically played in Israel’s Knesset right now.

      1. Agreed on both counts.

        I do think groups take advantage of the issue in order to score anti-Iran points. That being said, however, it is still an issue that I would hate to see get lost among all the politics.

        1. I couldn’t agree more.

          I hope none of us like seeing basic human-rights issues being reduced into political commodities.

          1. The problem with this kind of thinking is precisely that it does take political pressure to force such regimes to change their behavior. Regardless of whether or not the debate is high-minded enough for you, the problem isn’t with groups in the US using puppets at gay pride parades; it’s with an Iranian regime that persecutes gay people every day.

          2. You call the display in SF merely “not high-minded enough?” Really. Is that the best you can do? And contrary to your nonsense the problem is both with an intolerant Iranian regime AND its enemies who use lies & fraud to pursue their own agenda.

          3. The pathetically obvious ulterior motives behind such condemnation make it grossly counterproductive to the good cause it purports to forward.

    4. If Iran was run by a truly democratic government it wouldn’t have to use gays as whipping boys. If Israel, the U.S. and others stopped scheming against Iran, such a development would happen much sooner. As long as the continue demonizing Iran, change will not come. Trying to dramatize the horrors of Iran’s treatment gays divorced from the country’s overall predicament is puttingthencart before the horse.

    5. Can you give more detail Bob Mann? I had the inmpression that gays were ‘only’ executed in Iran in case of rape.

  6. Would these people care about gays in Iran if a Shah, and not the mullahs, were ruling Iran? One suspects not.

    1. Probably not and that says it all. The lip service is here for a reason and that reason is not fear that the homophobia in Iran will “get lost.” It is an attempt to undo the main issue — the Israel Lobby at work — by sanctimonious sniveling about another, separate matter. Homophobia, as such, is not the issue here.

    2. Well, as we never hear anything about gay rights in Saudi Arabia or the Golf States, or about human rights in general in these places, I think we have the answer.

      1. This is a great point. People really do need to bring more attention to the horrendous gay rights record in places like Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

        In fact, Saudi Arabia seems to get a pass on a number of human rights issues, merely due to the cozy relationship the monarchy there enjoys with the United States.

        1. How come we’ve never had such an enthusiastic comment from you about the need to bring more attention to the horrendous HUMAN rights record in occupied Palestine ?

          In fact, Israel seems to get a pass on a number of human rights issues due to the cosy relationship the ethnocracy there enjoys with the United States.

  7. RE: “Doherty in his EI post correctly notes the textbook depiction of Ahmadinejad with the same beard, flapping ears, and hook-nose featured in those classic Der Sturmer cartoons. The Iran180 float is Jews dusting off old anti-Semitic tropes and packaging them in a new bottle for use against Iran.” ~ R.S
    AND RE: “If you review the list of sponsoring groups, the two share the following ones: …Anti-Defamation League…” ~ R.S.

    MY QUESTION FOR ABE FOXMAN OF THE ADL: Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

    • “Have You No Sense of Decency”: The Army-McCarthy Hearings – http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/6444
    • Joseph N. Welch – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_N._Welch

    1. P.S. SEE: Fire Foxman, by Joey Kurtzman, Jewcy, 07/08/07

      (excerpt) . . . What’s surprising is how unabashedly forthright Abraham Foxman has become about what motivates him and his institution. In October of 2005, Foxman addressed a classroom of Jewish students at New York University. Young heads nodded and brows furrowed as Foxman riled them with his customary rhetoric: Isn’t it antisemitic for pro-Palestinian groups to seek divestment only from Israel, ignoring the far greater crimes of regimes like Sudan or North Korea? How do we describe this sort of selective flagellation of the world’s only Jewish state, if not as antisemitism?
      “What if the campus Free Tibet club campaigned for divestment from China? Would that be anti-Chinese bigotry?” asked Asaf Shtull-Trauring, a 20-year-old student and conscientious objector from the Israeli army.
      Of course not, answered Foxman
      , but it was preposterous to compare the two conflicts, what with the Jews’ experience of two millennia of murderous persecution. Shtull-Trauring responded with two questions: Did Foxman mean that selective treatment is okay so long as it’s not directed at Jews? And where did the Anti-Defamation League get off telling Jewish university students which opinions about Israel were acceptable and which verboten?
      The dialogue spiraled into a confrontation. Shtull-Trauring says Foxman, frustrated and under attack, placed his cards on the table, angrily retorting: “I don’t represent you nor the Jewish community! I represent the donors.”
      Foxman’s outburst was surprising not because of its content, but because of its candor. Foxman needn’t bother himself with the trifling concerns of American Jews who happen not to be multimillionaire philanthropists. If he makes the Jewish community less appealing to young Jews, if his theatrics turn us off and turn us away, that’s all beside the point. Foxman’s job is to keep the millionaire benefactors happy: the rest of us can go jump in the Kinneret.
      Without a meaningful mission to pursue, the ADL has resorted to scaremongering to fill its coffers and justify its existence. These efforts have grown increasingly bizarre and damaging. . .

      ENTIRE POST – http://www.jewcy.com/post/fire_foxman

      P.P.S. As to ADL/Iran180’s incredibly tasteless, Der Sturmer-like float (incorporating old anti-Semitic tropes) in San Francisco’s 2011 Gay Pride parade, I guess we should be thankful that the GOP-maligned Sister Boom Boom did not get in on “the act” (Ahmadinejad being sodomized by a presumably Israeli nuclear missile).

  8. “Iran executed three men for being gay right around the same time as this parade. ” If my post is not followed by a convincing link, please regard this info as false.

    Wiki gives the last such execution in 2007. Iran actually did make some quiet reforms in penal code. Quiet because the law is supposed to be immutable, being from God, but interpretation may be altered.

    Gay rights in ME are complicated. I think that what Ahmedinejad said in an interview, that there are no gays in Iran, may actually reflect the official policy, “don’t ask dont’ tell”.

    Personally, my main objection is the fascistic nature of the float. Glorification of force and mayhem. But useful as an extra documentation for Guenther Grass poem.

  9. RE: “this new group, Iran180, created under the auspices of the New York Jewish Community Relations Council, is using sexual humiliation and abuse as a political tool smearing Iran’s president.” ~ R.S.

    MEANWHILE, BACK IN ISRAEL – MK Michaeli: Gays need therapy, commit suicide at age 40, by Ami Kaufman, +972 Magazine,6/14/12

    MK Anastasia Michaeli (Yisrael Beiteinu) is at it again. Remember the last one, when she poured water on an Arab MK from Labor, Ghaleb Majadele? You can watch that video here.
    Today she was in a panel discussion in the Knesset, and somehow the topic of homosexuals came up. Michaeli had something to say, as Ynet reports:

    Unfortunately I see on Channel 10 programs that show how nice it is to be gay. And they interview his mother, on how miserable she is, suffering, she divorced her husband and her child is gay… I think that most gays are guys that suffered very difficult experiences of sexual harassment at a very young age and it just gets worse.
    Where does Channel 10 get the right to broadcast programs like this? Content that my kids watch, by chance. How fun it is to put on make up and wear skirts. So, there is a need to cooperate with those homosexuals, because they are miserable, those homosexuals. In the end they commit suicide when they reach the age of 40 and it’s those same guys that want to be women. I hope our awareness will rise too… this is a campaign that needs to be done with professionals, also with psychologists.

    I wonder what the professional pinkwashers Ambassador Michael Oren and IDF Spokesperson have to say about this one?

    SOURCE – http://972mag.com/mk-anastasia-michaeli-gays-need-therapy-they-all-die-at-age-40/48294/

    1. P.S. RE: “MEANWHILE, BACK IN ISRAEL” ~ me, above

      ALSO SEE: ‘Pro-Palestinian activists have sexual identity problems’, by Noam Sheizaf, +972 Magazine, 6/12/12

      Israel’s deputy ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari Modai, recently sent a letter to the Foreign Ministry, with some unusual suggestions for how Israel should fight its own citizens who dare show solidarity with Palestinians. The letter was revealed by Channel 10 news this evening.

      We can find names of [those] Israelis… we should hit their soft spot, publish their pictures, maybe it will embarrass their friends and relatives at home, and hopefully the local [Palestinian] activists will think that they work for the Mossad…
      The acts of these activists are, I think, not ideologically motivated, but rather have to do with psychological reasons (disappointment with their parents or problems with their sexual identity) or due to their need to receive a residence permit (refugee visa) in one of the European countries…

      The Foreign Ministry told Channel 10 that the letter doesn’t reflect the work of the office, which “doesn’t carry out witch-hunts.”

      SOURCE – http://972mag.com/deputy-ambassador-to-ireland-pro-palestinian-activists-have-sexual-identity-problems/48180/

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