2 thoughts on “Fear, Loathing and Terror in Israel-Palestine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In addition to all else, it appears that the horrible Israeli destruction in Gaza-2014 was (like previous horrible destruction in Gaza, West Bank, and south lebanon) done in order to test newly designed and manufactured Israeli weapons so that their corporate manufacturers can (as in fact they do) advertise4 these weapons in international arms shows as “battle tested” and “demonstrated capability”. they probably even have drone-made video to support these claims.

    In short, the horror of Israeli terroristic desctruction in Gaza is a direct result (as is the enormous military-industrial-complex in the USA) of the corporate profit imperative. And, of course, the American annual gift of $3B to Israel for arms (most of which must be spent on USA-made arms) is a gift from the USA government to the USA’s own arms manufacturers (the money going to them, the arms going to Israel).

    Thus fighting AIPAC (BIG-ZION) is not enough to turn around the horror; we must also fight at least the BIG-ARMS component of the USA’s oligarchy.

    When we (Americans or the world, your pick) also consider the American refusal to act decisively to slow climate change, a result of oligarchic interference in our politics, it may be seen that the enemy of just about every decent possibility for the future, whether slowing climate change or finding peace in Israel-Palestine, depends on first defeating the american oligarchic system of government.

    Good luck to us all.

  2. Thanks, Richard. I watched it all the way to the end of the Q&A. My only problem (and this is always a problem for me, even when I’m in the room) is that I can’t hear the questions. Of course your answers helped, and I appreciated your patience and thoroughness in responding.

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