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    1. So what? Nothing is shown, other than some Turkish soldiers speaking to two guys who might be ISIS, or might be FSA or Jabhat al-Nusra. The only point is they’re not shooting. We knew this years ago; Turkey is well known for having helped the rebels in Syria.

  1. You should emphasize that Glick and his people seeGaza war and building of the third temple a מלחמת קודש
    Meaning jihad but just a Jewish. Version.

  2. The world has been reminded over and over of the Jewish baby killed by a Palestinian Israeli driver, who claimed it was an accident. Meanwhile most people in the world have no idea that a few hours earlier a 4 year old Palestinian girl, Einas Dar Khalil, was run down and killed by an illegal settler as she and her friend, who was injured, alighted from a school bus. Eye witnesses said it was deliberate. Two little girls dead, two drivers claiming accident. The Jewish settler has not been charged; the Palestinian driver was executed on the spot. (Imagine how many innocent Palestinians would have paid with their lives if the settler driver had been executed by witnesses. Crazy Bibi might even have decided to bomb Gaza again in retaliation.)

    1. Thank you, Mary, for remindingg of the utter hypocrisy surrounding the two cases.
      Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, 5 years, was killed when a settler from Yitzhar drove though the village of Sinjil with high speed. She was walking home from the kindergarden with her friend, Tulin Omar Asfour, 4 years who was seriously wounded as well.
      There’s a photo of Inas circulating on the net, but I prefer this one, where she dressed in a Palestinian dress. In the orginal full-size photo she photographed with al-Aqsa in the background, but you don’t see her beautiful little face. Allah yarhamha.

      1. “drove though the village of Sinjil with high speed”

        As it happens, Sinjil is exactly where I was stationed during Protective Edge. That claim above is extremely misleading (Have you ever been there??). The settler drove on Route 60 which is a 2 lane highway in local terms. You made it sound as if he drove through the village itself looking to run over children – which a blunt lie! Route 60 parts Sinjil to two parts – on the west side, most of the village (and the schools) and on the east side, a small number of houses belonging to the municipality of Sinjil and just next to it the extremely rich village of Turmus-aya.
        In a channel 2 interview with the mother she said her child traverse that highway everyday – from extremely personal experience – it is one of the most dangerous roads in Israel. During PE me and my soldiers witnessed horrible accidents almost on a daily basis (unfortunately lethal) – mainly because how people (I most say – mostly Palestinian youth) drive there (CRAZY!!!) and because of road conditions.
        So, letting a 5 year old child traverse such a road everyday in an area where pedestrians aren’t supposed to cross – I’m sorry to say – is extremely irresponsible.
        If you find statistics about the death toll on that road from the outskirts of Nablus and to Jerusalem, and maybe you’ll understand how this was an accident waiting to happen.
        By the way, the exact spot where the accident happened is where usually rocks and molotov bombs are thrown at cars passing on Route 60 from Sinjil – again extremely up and personal experience – and is why the driver said he didn’t stop for help and just called the police.

        1. @ shay: So you come here with a smattering of knowledge of local conditions, a strong desire to whitewash the crime, and no knowledge whatsoever of the actual circumstance of the crime. You contradict eyewitnesses who point to the fact that the settler ran the children over. You whitewash him engaging in a hit & run accident in which he killed a child & severely injured another. You offer no explanation nor outrage for why the Occupation authorities have allowed this so-called dangerous road condition to exist. And further you blame bad Palestinian driving, as if this circumstance somehow explains or excuses the murder. Somehow negligent Israeli driving is excused by the fact that Palestinians supposedly drive even worse. You blame parents for not providing another means for their children to cross this lethal road. As if this were Tel Aviv or Haifa and there were multiple modes of moving through the area.

          Brush up your Shakeaspeare and hasbara!

        2. “it is one of the most dangerous roads in Israel ”
          I guess it says everything we need to know about your credibility. Sinjil is NOT in Israel but in occupied Palestine !
          I started counting your use of ‘extremely’ but quit after ‘extremely personal experiance’….
          “the extremely rich village of Turmus-aya”
          You forgot to mention the EXTREMELY numerous land confiscations to expand Jewish settlements and the EXTREMELY regular attack by Jewish supremacists ….. This new guy from Hasbara Central is trying to convince us that Palestinians are just ‘extremely’ happy “in Israel”.

          PS. I also saw an interview with the mother who was standing just on the other side of the road and other witnesses to the accident, it wasn’t on Channel Two but on Palestinian television.

          1. @ Richard,
            “You offer no explanation nor outrage for why the Occupation authorities have allowed this so-called dangerous road condition to exist”

            All over the WB the roads are being renewed and widened. Where this particular accident happened was in a narrow place surrounded with houses – to widened the road you’ll have to demolish them. I don’t think that will go well don’t you?

            “As if this were Tel Aviv or Haifa and there were multiple modes of moving through the area.”
            There are simpler solutions – car pulling for example, school buses exist there as well. So yes, there is a strong element of parental responsibility.

            “And further you blame bad Palestinian driving, as if this circumstance somehow explains or excuses the murder.”
            I didn’t say that – I said it’s one of the reason for the high mortality rate of this specific road and was meant to emphasize how dangerous this road is.
            And please, come to the WB and have a bit of a drive around – after you’ll be cut by 2 cars from both sides of the road at the same time for racing Need-for-Speed-style, you’ll change your mind very quickly – and probably won’t cross it yourself, let alone a child.

            @ Deir Yassin,
            What I meant by ‘Israel’ is that it’s one of the most dangerous roads in the whole area. Believe me, I would be extremely (used it again :)) happy for it not to be part of Israel in any form or shape.

            “You forgot to mention the EXTREMELY numerous land confiscations to expand Jewish settlements and the EXTREMELY regular attack by Jewish supremacists”
            What does that have to do with anything? If it were your child – will you let him cross the road like that because the “rightist occupation government” confiscated land??? I can’t see how that is related at all. Your child needs to go to school in the safest way possible – and traversing an highway isn’t – with settler on it or without them.

            Calling it a terrorist act and comparing it to what happened in Jerusalem is wrong! It’s an hit and run accident not some planned plot to kill a child on the road – as portrayed in Pal television.

          2. There are many ways of making roads safer than widening them. In fact, doing so often makes them more dangerous for pedestrians. Traffic engineers the world over know how to make roads safe. I imagine Israel even has one or two of these. The fact that the road is a known dangerous zone & Israel does nothing to protect vulnerable pedestrians speaks to negligence & lack of concern to protect the lives of Palestinian residents.

            Poor Palestinians may not have cars in which to “pool.” School buses don’t always take children where & when they want to go. Do you even know whether the school these children attended had school buses? In fact, it’s my understanding that Palestinian school children generally walk to school. I’ve never seen any pictures of Palestinian school children taking buses, though they may.

            Blaming Palestinian parents for the death of their own children, who were actually killed by settlers in a hit & run accident is heinous. If you ever make such a statement here again you will be moderated.

            As for visiting the West Bank, you pay my ticket & speak with those nice men from Shabak to ensure I won’t be detained, then I’ll be there in a heartbeat. But I won’t be investigating traffic conditions I assure you.

            Your child needs to go to school in the safest way possible

            Like typical settlers you make presumptions about what & how Palestinians live that have nothing to do with reality. Blithely declaring children need to go to school safely while having no idea about how they would travel & what means of travel are available to them is simply ignorant.

            A hit & run accident is considered very severely in western democracies. It is presumed murder until proven otherwise. Murder & an act of terror aren’t that far removed. I presume this was deliberate murder unless police prove otherwise. Witnesses said the driver deliberately hit the girls. You should be ashamed of yourself defending the killing of children.

            I’m about to moderate you if you try this jackassedness in future here. And you may not publish another comment in this thread.

          3. @ Shay
            ” “You forgot to mention the EXTREMELY numerous land confiscations to expand Jewish settlements and the EXTREMELY regular attack by Jewish supremacists”
            What does that have to do with anything?”
            Are you playing dumb or are you dumb for real ?
            You wrote “the extremely rich village of Turmus-aya”. I have no idea what the ‘extremely rich’ has to do with anything concerning the killing of Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil, and I pointed out that the ‘extremely rich’ village of Turmus’ayyeh has suffered from land confiscation and numerous settler attacks.
            The fact is: in occupied Palestine, whenever a Jewish settler hurts, wounds or kills a Palestinian, it’s always an “accident”, the other way around, it’s always a “terrorist attack”, I wonder how much a Palestinian is sentenced for killing a Jewish child (living illegally in the West Bank) in a hit-and-run accident …..
            Don’t waste your time to respond: after two comments you clearly stand out as a hasbarist.

        3. There is no point of arguing with people such as Richard. They are the judge, the jury and the executioner (The terrorist who ran his car into the light train station was fumed by blogs and ‘media outlets’ such as this one).

          It is an excellent road where both Israelis and Arab drive at high speed. I think around 2000 I got a speeding ticket there for going 120 km/h 🙁 As you said, in every normal country, social services would have checked how a 5 year old was let to walk near a village.

          As for moving the road further from the village, it will mean destroying the farmers land for which Richard would once again blame Israel. This does not happen with settlement since they are built at hilltops and roads go through wadis.

          1. @ Ariel:

            The terrorist who ran his car into the light train station was fumed by blogs and ‘media outlets’ such as this one

            Since I know the hasbara academy values communicating with the enemy in its own language, I will tell you you meant to write “fueled,” not “fumed.” “Fumes” from this blog don’t inspire anything let alone Palestinian terror. And the word you used doesn’t make sense in the context in which you used it. I write this in order to improve the effectiveness of your propaganda effort. Always happy to help!

            Yes, indeed Palestinian “terrorists” read my blog. They need to be inspired & indoctrinated by blogs like this to understand the suffering inflicted on them by Israel. Otherwise, they’d sit back & live peacefully and docilely under Israeli domination like good little Palestinians. You see there are secret codes embedded in this website that tell Palestinians what to do & think. Without this, resistance would cease to exist.

            As you implied Palestine is not a “normal country.” In fact not a country at all since Israel doesn’t recognize it & maintains it in poverty & impotence. Which is just the way Israel wants it. Do you think Israel wants Palestinian to have “social services,” a viable economy, security? Or would it prefer Palestine to remain a basket case incapable of mounting any serious resistance to its own oppression?

  3. Almost half a century ago now, in the direct aftermath of the Six Day War, the U.S. made an almost pathetic appeal to Israel to be very careful in its handling of Jerusalem and to make the precipitate annexation of the city undone. This was all the more urgent because King Hussein had intimated that he was prepared to come to an unilateral settlement with Israel, not involving Syria and Egypt (the Israelis ignored him and later lied about it)

    (The U.S. archival record no. 314 on the meeting between Dean Rusk, the American Secretary of State, Goldberg, U.S.ambassador to the U.N, and Abba Eban, the Israeli Foreign Minister, on 21st June 1967.)

    “Jerusalem. Secretary hoped that Israel would be very careful with regard to Jerusalem as it involved actual or latent passions of an enormous number of people. The matter was very delicate and could be a source of strong anti-Israel feeling in the United States. Eban replied that Israel was trying to put the Christian holy places under Christian control and the Moslem holy places under Moslem control. Eban admitted that Israel had a job to do in projecting publicly its intentions regarding access to holy places.”

    329. Memorandum From Acting Secretary of State Katzenbach to President Johnson/1/
Washington, June 27, 1967.
“The Israelis tell us they have not yet finally made up their minds on the position they will take with regard to the West Bank generally, and Jerusalem in particular. So far, we have advised them not to take unilateral actions, nor to present the world with a fait accompli.”

    360. Telegram From the Department of State to the Mission to the United Nations/1/
Washington, July 13, 1967, 11:06 p.m.
6581. Please deliver at once following message from Secretary of State to Foreign Minister Eban reported at Plaza Hotel.

    In this telegram from Secretary Rusk to Abba Eban he reports on a meeting the US Ambassador Burns to Jordan had with King Hussein. Hussein had intimated that he would be prepared to reach a unilateral settlement with Israel not involving Syria and Egypt (though Nasser had given him the green light for this). Rusk says about Jerusalem:

    .” With the knowledge of King Hussein’s willingness to risk a very great deal, certainly including his own security, it is imperative, we think, that your government take a step in connection with the consideration of the future of Jerusalem that would be in harmony with the courage shown by the King and which will facilitate negotiations in the days ahead of us. We urge that you attempt to make the broadest kind of gesture possible with respect to the future of Jerusalem. We urge especially that you make a generous offer with respect to the future of Jerusalem that would in effect explicitly interpret as interim the administrative arrangements recently placed in effect with respect to that city. We would also hope that your country could offer more explicitly to enter into international arrangements for a city which would assure that all religions and all faiths have access to the holy places. The offer might include a willingness to discuss with Jordan directly or otherwise the future of the old city based on the concept of universality, possibly pointing to Jordan as the spokesman for the Arab world in view of its location in relation both to Israel and to Jerusalem itself.Let me add that as you know our own position on Jerusalem has for some years supported its international character, a position to which we still adhere.”

    We know that this appeal was in vain.
    It will remain one of the mysteries of history why the US, with al its might, couldn’t get its way on this point and still can’t.

  4. Quote:
    “And why is our rage for vengeance against ISIS pure and noble while the Muslim counter-reaction is bestial and uncivilized?”

    This is a classic when one group of people commits crimes against another. One can see past policies like “the Manifest Destiny” which was just an excuse to kill and purge the native American population from attractive land areas. Resistance from the tribes were met with massive brutality. In the name of self defence, of course.

    The phrase attributed to General Sheridan “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” says it all.
    Replaced “Indian” with Palestinian and I have no doubt you could find quite a few settlers nodding with approval.

  5. “I and the public know, what all school children learn.
    Those to whom evil is done, do evil in return.”
    — W.H. Auden

  6. Well actually, the current rate for 3 Israelis isn’t 2,100 but 3,072, as dictated by Hamas in the Shalit exchange.

  7. @ Deir,
    Maybe I wasn’t clear enough – the reason I mentioned the wealthiness of Turmus-Aya was to show that lack of funds isn’t the excuse for not having a descent car pull or some other sort of transportation picking up kids to school (since the accident happened during the early hours of the morning and the school is in Sinjil, I’m assuming she’s from the Turmus side).
    The matter of illegality of the occupation isn’t the reason that girl died and the fact that you (or the Palestinian press) make it so will only mean that more children will die because of lack of safety awareness (and that, Richard, is what’s being whitewashed here). It was only a coincidence that this poor girl was hit by a settler – tomorrow it could be a Palestinian driver who will – just like I have witnessed during PE, and guess what, I didn’t see you raise a finger to write about that.

    1. @ shay: The child victims didn’t live in the purportedly “rich” village. They lived in a different village, not so “rich.” And even if rich, do you know the family of the victims has a car or other means of providing transport for their children?

      More children will die in Palestine because more Israelis will kill them: either in car accidents or at the hands of the IDF or Border Police or whomever. A hit & run accident is NOT a “coincidence.” Again, this is shameful pandering & I find it revolting.

    2. @ Shay
      You apparently don’t know anything about this incident: I have no idea what the economical situation of Turmus’ayyeh or school buses have to do here. Inas Shawkat Dar Khalil lived just next to the road she had to cross, her mother was standing close by when she was hit.
      The fact is: if a Jewish settler is hit “by coincidence” by a Palestinian, it’s never just an accident. And he would never be relased immediately after a hit-and-run. And of course the occupation is the reason she died, because that settler from Yitzhar shouldn’t be there in the first place.
      Why don’t you read Richard’s articles about Ziad Jilani who was executed by the Border Police after being involved in a minor car accident also in Occupied Palestine, that is East Jerusalem.
      Nobody buys your hasbara here.

  8. from this article – “…In fact, the Palestinian wrote a Facebook post a few days before the attack which featured a picture of Al Aqsa in flames with the caption “Al Aqsa in danger.” …”

    It would be nice if you could write a blog about the fictitious claims of Palestinians about ‘steelers’ ‘storming’ Al-Aqsa. You present it as a reason for a Palestinian to attacks Israelis but not that it is gasoline Palestinian leaders make up. I believe it is made up for two reason – A. No footage of such ‘storming’ have surfaced in the past 2 months. B. I personally spoke with policemen, some of whom arabs, at the gates of Temple Mount, and they said nothing happened.

    1. @ Ariel: If you’d paid any attention to Facebook you’d have seen video of the Israeli police storming Al Aqsa & exploding teargas cannisters inside it. It’s quite edifying. You ought to break out some popcorn & refreshments & watch it. It will probably give you a frisson of pleasure to see Palestinians scattering through the mosque like mosquitos in the face of the onslaught.

      This is video available in my Facebook timeline. This isn’t made up. Just as Feiglin assaults the Temple Mount with True Believing settlers, the police assault it with hate & violence. You think Palestinians have created a fiction in which they make up Israeli assaults? Are they making up the thefts of Silwan homes? Making up the settler pogroms? Making up the 2,100 Gazan dead? The burned mosques and vandalized cemeteries?

      You are moderated. It means that if you comment further, every claim you offer will be supported by credible evidence. Nothing you write will be believed without such evidence. Opinions & propaganda will not be published. I put you to a higher standard because you’ve violated the comment rules & are just generally a nasty SOB.

      1. Is SOB is within the limits of the comment rules??

        Indeed I saw the video of the police at the entrance to Al-Aqsa but I just call that great police work. What I didn’t see on your facebook timeline is a video of Moshe Feiglin storm Al-Aqsa. If you can post here a direct link, I will deeply appreciate that.

        1. @ Ariel: You call provoking religious holy war “good police work?” That’s all we need to know about you. I’d like to see what you think of tear gas cannisters exploding inside the courtyard of the Kotel. You’d break out your personal IDF issued weapons (or the nearest one at hand) & lock & load.

          “Storm” was meant ironically & with a bit of poetic license. If Feiglin could storm the Noble Sanctuary with arms & get away with it he would in a heartbeat. Why is it that hasbarists all have no sense of irony or satire? Universally dull & literal.

          1. Sorry for not being familiar with Umm Kulthum and other Arab artists and poets. ‘Storming’ has a very strict meaning that is far from reality.

            Once again, after digging through your facebook timeline, I couldn’t find any footage of settlers or any other civilians ‘storming’ the Temple Mount. Please post a direct link to the video.

          2. @ Ariel: Then you don’t know English, pal. English words must be understood in the context of which they’re used. There is no such thing as an English word having “a very strict meaning” that precludes their use in ironic or metaphorical terms. If you can’t apprehend irony or hyperbole when its used, that’s your problem, not mine. I explained how I used the term and every other reader but you understood. So to paraphrase Shakespeare, the problem my friend is not in the words or the stars, but in yourself.

            Please post a direct link to the video.

            If you don’t cut out this poseur fakery, you’ll be moderated. I don’t appreciate giving you English lessons. No more comments from you in this thread. Period.

  9. The growth of ISIS goes back to the days of WW1 and the Paris Peace Conference and the dissolution of the British Mandate of Palestine after WW2. That history is one unbroken period of betrayal of Arab nationalism by “The West”. ISIS is not going to make the mistakes which the Arab chieftains made when they promised to attack German units in return for an Arabic state at some time in the future in WW1 with totally antiquated arms. While the map of the ISIS caliphate is much larger and totally unrealistic (it is propaganda) the immediate goal is the establishment of that promised state (via Lawrence of Arabia who knew that he was lying to them: Sykes-Picot!) perhaps minus Israel which is too dangerous to attack directly. Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, and all of the Arabian peninsula are targeted.

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