15 thoughts on “Haaretz Censors Interview Reporter Conducted With Me – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I have your site pinned to my desktop to check in occasionally on what is/ is not happening in my “beloved Israel”. this essay of yours only serves to remind me of my past during the Vietnam War protest! I worked for a college paper in those days in Memphis Tenn. As far as your point goes, I guess people with less fear of ideas being heard or read, had just better hunker down in their bunkers, pull their colars up high enough to keep out a cold unjust wind. And remember, what “goese around, eventually, comes around”. Regards from Japan

  2. As somebody who simply gave up trying to post reasonable comments on your site, I find your treatment by Haaretz to be ironic. You, of all people, fail to understand the ever increasing need to be politically correct in the Israel of today.

  3. I stumbled upon your blog by accident a few weeks ago. I have never read such hateful anti-Israel propaganda anywhere not even on Al- Jazeera. You might have given some thought on Yom Kippur to repenting for all the damage you are doing.

      1. And I wonder whether the Rabbi knows that hundreds of thousands of people have reason to fear the Jewish sabbath and if he does what he thinks about it?

        Amira Hass on rampant settler violence:

        The day our grandparents feared was Sunday, the Christian Sabbath; the Semites, who are not of interest to the researchers monitoring anti-Semitism, fear Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Our grandparents knew that the order-enforcement authorities wouldn’t intervene to help a Jewish family under attack; we know that the Israel Defense Forces, the Israel Police, the Civil Administration, the Border Police and the courts all stand on the sidelines, closing their eyes, softballing investigations, ignoring evidence, downplaying the severity of the acts, protecting the attackers, and giving a boost to those progromtchiks.The hands behind these attacks belong to Israeli Jews who violate international law by living in the West Bank. But the aims and goals behind the attacks are the flesh and blood of the Israeli non-occupation. This systemic violence is part of the existing order. It complements and facilitates the violence of the regime, and what the representatives – the brigade commanders, the battalion commanders, the generals and the Civil Administration officers – are doing while “bearing the burden” of military service.

        They are grabbing as much land as possible, using pretexts and tricks made kosher by the High Court of Justice; they are confining the natives to densely populated reservations. That is the essence of the tremendous success known as Area C: a deliberate thinning of the Palestinian population in about 62 percent of the West Bank, as preparation for formal annexation.
        Day after day, tens of thousands of people live in the shadow of terror. Will there be an attack today on the homes at the edge of the village? Will we be able to get to the well, to the orchard, to the wheat field? Will our children get to school okay, or make it to their cousins’ house unharmed? How many olive trees were damaged overnight?


    1. Actually during Gaza3 there were more Israeli govt. spokes people on AL-Jazeera than on the BBC. There were also demonstrations outside the BBC against what a lot of people saw as pro Israeli govt. bias and a constant lack of context whenever reporting on Israel/Palestine

  4. I don’t know why you waste your time with these people, Mr. Silverstein….. you were nice enough to spend time in an interview with Debra Nussbaum-Cohen, the contents of which she probably knew would never run. Her peevish comments revealed her mindset.

    As far as I am concerned, the Israelis cannot be helped by positive inputs. What must be done is that the US drop them like a hot rock*, under the hope that they will snap out of their idiocy and start acting sensibly. If they don’t, well, it isn’t our problem anymore.

    * I’m talking a total cutoff of military aid and support.

  5. I am sorry to say that I think she was right…
    To quote a great goyish thinker, one Oliver Cromwell, especially relevant on Yon Kippur:
    Have you considered the possibility that you are wrong?

  6. Richard can’t you publish the interview here? One would like to know where the limits are of Haaretz’s “liberalism”.

  7. Amazing. Mr. Silverstein comments on NIF do not have anything offensive or outrageous. They are well argued, well meant, supported by experience. What a democratic Haaretz!

  8. Richard,

    Can you please write about what really happened with Yitzhak Rabin?
    The official story is that it was just a few lone crazies.
    But there must be a lot of information on this in Hebrew that goes far beyond what we have in English.

    If you could write an article about what the Hebrew stories say, it could help a lot showing the real forces running the show there.

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