27 thoughts on “Israel Harbors French JDL Extremist Who Stalks French, Palestinian Activists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Fellows like that never seem to realise that the net effect of their actions is exactly the opposite of what they, presumably, desire. They might annoy and harass a handful of people but they inspire contempt, for them and their cause, in thousands.

  2. Richard, you analogy between Chelli and Joan of Arc is totally unfounded and stunning. Maybe you are not familiar with Joan of Arc. Please find a more appropriate comparison. Thank you.

  3. ” ..there will be some of claim that people like Chelli are an aberration, not reflective of the rest of Israel. ”

    Uhh….shouldn’t that read, ‘not reflective of the rest of France’?
    France is where he acted out. He only recently fled to Israel and is probably not a even a citizen.

    How can you say that, “Israeli police have done nothing”?
    How do you know what they’ve done, or failed to do? Has France requested Chelli’s extradiction? Yes or no?

    1. @ Fred: Chelli isn’t attacking these people & websites because he’s French, but because he’s pro-Israel. His obsession is Israel & I’m afraid Israel gets to take credit for him whether it wishes to or not. He acts on behalf of Israel & in its name.

      The article itself (which you appear not to have read) made clear France had requested his apprehension & Israel had refused to take action. Please read all links in blog posts before commenting to save yourself embarrassment & me having to waste time writing sentences like this one.

  4. The online publication affiliated with Le Nouvel Observateur is Rue89 cofounded by Pascal Riché and Pierre Haski. The latter has himself been harrassed by Chelli, and both Rue89 and Haski have filed complaints with the police, and intend to follow up until he is brought to justice. I think that Chelli has some help from members to the Ligue de Défense Juive who themselves have engaged in various racist actions (some with police protection), and some within the police.

    Of course Chelli and his friends have not limited their attacks to Rue89, several other news sites and blogs have been similarly targeted. Major Jewish organizations like CRIF (Conseil Représentif des Institutions Juives), have brilliantly indicated their indifference regarding attacks on those who oppose the actions of the Israeli government.

    A big thanks to your French reader who informed you of this affair.

    1. @ James WHitney: Actually, an Israeli-American first alerted me to the BBC article about this. I then tried contacting French people I knew including that reader, who graciously filled me in on the story. I also tried to tweet to Haski & Le Corre, but they haven’t responded.

  5. After many many years of waiting for the law to right some wrongs and impose some sanity on the world I have come to conclusion that the best cure with the least collateral damage would be a Almighty Swat Team… You steal, you die, you cheat you die, you lie you die, you kiill you die, you war monger you die. Period.
    Yes, sometimes you do have to as your enemy does to defeat him.

  6. French news site Rue89 suffers cyberattacks, staffers harassed

    Rue89 on July 29 published a profile by Benoit Le Corre of a self-described “militant Zionist” hacker, identified as a French national named Gregory Chelli, who says he is based in the Israeli city of Ashdod. The article described how the hacker had attacked and disabled websites of associations and personalities he judged hostile to Israel. It said a French court had condemned Chelli and issued a suspended sentence for an attack against a pro-Palestinian Paris bookstore in 2009.

    Last week, Rue89 suffered waves of denial-of-service (DOS) attacks, its director, Pierre Haski, wrote in an editorial.

    [Source: Committee to Protect Journalists – CPJ]

  7. Thank for covering this, Richard.
    The JTA-article is really too nice to Chelli when it states: ” (…) he called up Benoît Le Corre to express his condolences”
    Here’s the conversation that Chelli posted online immediately after (this is not his posting):
    Instead of presenting his condolences (‘condoléances’ in French) he presents his ‘condescendances’ (condescension) twice before saying ‘I’m not so good in French, I’m stupid’, and then proposing they make money together on the story….

  8. @RS “Israel is Chelli, and Chelli is Israel.” you cite as a paraphrase of a Bibi slogan which I presume is “Israel is Netanyahu, Netanyahu is Israel.” or something like this. Is this latter phrase in print anywhere (English or Hebrew). I’ve never seen it.

        1. Hamas may well be like ISIS.

          “[Some] have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza. We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine.”–Mahmoud Al-Zahar [Al-Ayyam, Oct. 1, 2014]

          1. @ Fred: First, Hamas is a long way from running Palestine, let alone creating an Islamic state. Second, many Middle East nations are “Islamic states” including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, etc. The main question is what sort of Islamic state it would be? There is absolutely no indication that Hamas would create a state governed as ISIS or Al Qaeda would govern whatever state they ran. In fact, there is no indication that Hamas has anything in common with ISIS or Al Qaeda except that each calls itself Islamic.

            Where’d you pick up this piece of hasbara? I challenge you to show us where you found this dumbass quote. The quote itself isn’t dumbass, but your appropriation & interpretation of it is.

        2. @ Fred
          Even if Hamas wants to create an Islamic State in all of Palestine, it still has nothing to do with ISIS.
          Do you guys have no idea what the “Jihadists” of ISIS are fighting for: the restablishment of the Califat, Hamas is – whether you like them or not – a national movement.

          1. [comment deleted: if you wish to state something as fact and what you’re stating is false or contentious, and you don’t support your claim with credible evidence, this violates the comment rules.]

    1. Robert Faurisson is a French “négationniste,” a person who denies the importance of the Holocaust, for example he wrote that the gas chambers were used not to kill people but as anti-lice treatment. He also contested the ligitimacy of the Diary of Anne Frank. Of course this puts him in the “anti-Zionist” camp and thus makes him a target of criminals like Chelli. But there is an enormous gap between Faurisson and people like Pierre Haski, Benoit Le Corre, Richard Silverstein etc.

      By the way, the important Lebanese/French historian Gilbert Achcar, author of “The Arabs and the Holocaust” wrote in this book about how the French “loi Gayssot” of 1990, a law which outlaws denial of the existance of crimes against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg tribunal, backfired in the case of another “négationniste” Roger Garoudy prosecuted for violating this law in an antisemitic book (he probably plagiarized some of Faurisson’s writings). As a result of the big publicity of the trial, this book which otherwise would have aroused little interest, it became a big hit in Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar and Egypt. He descibes how Garaudy was given a triumphant tour of these countries where a lot of money was raised for him, much more that what was needed to pay the fine imposed by the French court. A sort of Aesop’s fable on the freedom of expression, no?

      1. No. It’s your reply that sounds rather like a sort of George Orwell fable on the walking brain-dead. Wake up. Look it up in detail. The facts are here, all over the internet, and there is no way they will go away.

  9. ― Sincere condolences to Benoit Le Corre and his family. – I am outraged by the despicable character of Gregory Chelli. This Israeli-Zionist Fanatic has no moral limits, no honor, no respect …. pathetic psychopath !

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