18 thoughts on “Bibi on ‘Face the Nation’: And the Lies Go On – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So much dishonesty packed into a 3 minute clip, it’s hard to even dissect it.
    A crackpot despot on display, while Bennett and Lieberman are offering
    even nuttier platforms!

    What will it take for the US government to cauterize the descent into
    Jewish fascism within Israel? It’s not their responsibility, as Israelis
    have chosen their direction, but the US gov’t needs to distance themselves
    from the Israel Project and YESHA. It’s turned from an potentially negotiable
    situation into a poisonous land grab and a quadrennial killing spree of Palestinians.

    I don’t see any silver lining in their future. And their aggression against their
    patron ally is only growing. What’s the endgame for them?

    1. Well, with the US Congress in his pocket, he can say and do almost anything. The US foreign policy apparatus is actually not in the hands of Americans serving American interests regardless of what Chomsky or any other confused liberal suggests.

      1. Congress is a whorehouse, fed by American Jewish capitol. Congress polls at around 15% for years now.
        Democracy and just rule have been supplanted by capitalism and special interests – Israel being the biggest
        pork pie that Congress worships.

        1. Really Richard? How,does the above post that could been extracted from the protocols forgery get past you?
          This is the type of slop that Phil attracts but you seem to have a better filter

          1. @ Sluggo: Comparing me to Phil Weiss whether good, bad, or indifferent doesn’t endear you to my heart or make your argument, such as it is, more persuasive. Not to mention that there’s not a single bit of substance to your comment.

            As for American Jewish capitol or “capital” both are true. I’d rather call donors like Sheldon Adelson “pro Israel” rather than “Jewish,” but if you think Adelson denies his wealth represents the interests of the Jewish people, you’re crazy. If he considers himself an avatar of American Jews who am I to deny it?

            The only way in which I’d focus this claim more narrowly is to note that pro-Israel money isn’t interested in most other subjects than Israel & U.S. policy toward it. There are a few exceptions like Adelson who’s bought into the GOP agenda lock stock & barrel.

            As for this coming from the “Protocols,” I’d suggest you don’t know what you’re talking about & should reread it.

          2. Some of us that are not inside the world of Zionism are very critical of the entire Israel project, so sorry to offend. But, do you disagree with what I said? What part got you upset, the congress whorehouse or the Jewish capitol? Both are true. Take for example Sheldon Adleson and the republican party. The examples of the left are too numerous to list. Put some substance to your critique, otherwise it comes off as trolling.

          3. Chu, I think it was your ‘Jewish money pulling the strings of govt’ line, invoking of one of history’s oldest antisemitic tropes.

  2. Hypocrisy is the tribute that vice pays to virtue, as the saying goes. There seems to be some rudimentary sense in the old liar that what is happening in Israel is not quite right hence his mendacity. Of course what he feels “to be not quite right” is to observers with a less warped understanding absolutely horrifying. Listen to this recent testimony at the Russell tribunal about genocidal rabbis and the housing situation. It was provided by a Haaretz editor, David Sheen.

  3. Another poke in the eye to Obama and the US. So incredibly dishonest, cynical, brazen, preying on ignorance.

    Jerusalem has not been the capital of the Jewish people for the last 3000 years since King David except maybe in fantasy, hopes and dreams.

  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but does not international law prohibit the moving of and occupying people, into occupied land or changing the demographics of an occupied land?
    Under international law, no sale or transfer of properties in occupied land to Israelis, can be deemed legitimate.

    1. When an army overruns a foreign territory then it becomes an army of occupation, and so under international law “authority” (not “sovereignty”) has just passed into the hands of the commander of that army.

      Note: “authority” doesn’t go to the leader of the foreign government that ordered that army to advance into that territory, it always remains with the army commander for as long as his army maintains that occupation.

      So in this case the state of Israel is acting illegally by claiming (as it is claiming) that “Israeli law” applies to East Jerusalem.

      It can’t, because this is a given: Israeli law doesn’t apply merely because the IDF seizes a territory, and the Knesset can’t legally *extend* its jurisdiction (i.e. *make* its law apply there) precisely because It Isn’t The Sovereign Power There.

      Israel only has “authority” over that territory, and that authority is granted to it by international humanitarian law (not by any legislation enacted by the Knesset, and certainly not by some administrative proclamation) and as you rightly point out IHL unconditionally prohibits the transfer of citizens of the occupying power into an occupied territory.

  5. Well, after a little sympathetic consideration for the Yahoo in the Knesset, he may have a few points in his favor.

    Building on Occupied territory IS very much so, against “American values”. Look around, do you see ANY construction in the US that is not on Occupied territories from which the natives have been depopulated?
    Likewise, we made torture to be NOT torutre by re-defining it as “robust interrogation” and we made all the innocents who are killed in our attempts to kill Muslim “suspects” into “insurgents by declaring they had no business being in the proximity of “suspects” unles they were actively supporting them and were thus, “suspects” themselves. Presto! zero collateral losses.

    So, Israel re-defines post-1967 territory as “IsraeL, it redefines post 1949 territory as “Israel” and it redefines the Mandate terrotires as “Israel”…all for the exclusive use for Jews….and what’s the problem with building housing where there are no Jews?

    YES, yes, I DO smell “American Values”!!

    1. The example you give is of US conquest of territory that occurred back when “conquest” was not only legal but, indeed, quite the fashion.

      Age Of Empire, and all that.

      Sooooo, is the USA a ummmm, error, “US occupied territory?

      Answer: No, it’s the USA, and the USA stopped acquiring territory by war when it became illegal to acquire territory by war.

      Compare And Contrast with Israel, whose entire existence as a colonial-expansionist power post-dates the ” inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”.

      You are pointing to “American values” that ceased to be “American values” more than a century ago.

      Past wrongs do not a current right .make…

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