4 thoughts on “Gideon Saar, Senior Likud Minister Quits, Haaretz Sexpose Looms – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “The Hebrew edition of Haaretz mentions that “some claim that the hand of the PMO was in the latest chapter in the Israel Broadcasting Authority surrounding [Sa’ar’s] spouse, the presenter Geula Even,” but the English version excises that claim.”

    I tend to believe personal and political reasons (machinations) are at the root of his resignation, not any gossip of sexual harassment or worse.

    Gideon Sa’ar announces ‘time-out’ from political life

  2. Lazy, lazy journalism. Both have children from previous marriages and they have a young child together. Yet, they are now going to start a family.

  3. ‘Moderate right’? Sa’ar is as hard right as they come. As education minister he banned Palestinian-Israeli schools from even mentioning the Nakba, gutted its pedagogic committees (responsible for creating curricula) of liberals and leftists, and instituted a very religious ethno-nationalistic top down reform through all grades. A good example was his insistence that during Bible Study, usually a secular affair that taught the Torah more as literature and fable, all the boys must wear kippot. Another was his decree that 8th graders must tend to the grave of fighter that was killed in the 1948 War for a few weeks and write a report about it. Oh, I almost forgot his state-funded and mandated Hebron school trips and trips to East Jerusalem. That was Sa’ar as education minister.

    Sa’ar as Interior Minister has been more of the same. Continued abuse of refugees and asylum seekers. The slave trade of Thai, Filipino, and Chinese laborers in Israel, and various other political repressions of NGOs.

    I like your reporting Richard, however, I think your description of Sa’ar as moderate deserves a correction because he’s just like Bibi. An Ashkenazi that looks good in a suit but is no different from the best the yeshivot of Kiryat Arba has to offer.

    1. @ Philos: I should clarify: of course I agree with you. There is a difference only in nuance between Saar and the most hard-right pro settler MK. But from the perspetive of the Likud itself, party followers would identify Saar as the soft middle (of the right). Keep in mind that the Likud faithfull essentially expelled three of the distinguished Old Guard for being insufficiently right wing. So it’s a question of gradations & nuance. But as far as we’re concerned his politics are just as racist and objectionable as any ultranationalist settler MK.

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