39 thoughts on “Israeli Education Minister, Gideon Sa’ar, Rumored in Sex Scandal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Too long.

    You’re shameless – suggesting that he may be involved in rape without any serious proof.

    This isn’t America – we don’t push our noses into people’s beds.

    While I may not personally appreciate Sa’ar’s active sex life, I also don’t really care. As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s his business.

  2. Orly Innes was not raped nor did she filed a complaint about rape. she said she was sexually harassed and the case was closed after Bar-Lev apologized for his sexual misconduct and that was good enough for Orly Innes. Bar-Lev was questioned for alleged rape but no charges were pressed because the women in question did not wish to complain and denied rape.

    Thumbs up for the rest of the post.

  3. There is one thing that I find very strange in all this – what is a teenage girl doing at Gilda?

    Serving alcohol to people under age is a serious crime and most pubs wouldn’t risk it. Also, it’s not a teenager’s place, nor even popular with early 20’s. It’s expensive and the crowd tends to be older.

    1. Anyone can get just about anything in Israel for the right price including teenage girls gaining admittance to T.A. nightclubs. The night life guides say Gilda caters to an over 27 yr old set, which does skew a bit older.

      1. They let the girls in regardless of age. Otherwise, what would attract 27-plus-males to the place?

        1. Meni and Richard, what you say can be true in theory, but in practice teenage girls are not the usual Gilda crowd. I’ve been there plenty of times and though not impossible, it is certainly unusual to find teenage girls there.

          I don’t what happened, and if anything happened at all, it just doesn’t sound right for the place.

          And Meni – you’ve got it all wrong. What attracts the girls to the place is the presence of good looking men.

          1. I don’t know for a fact that Gilda was the location of the incident. But that’s the club with which he appears to be most closely affiliated. If he hangs out there, he may also spend time in other clubs with rowdier reputations.

        2. Another review of the club I read said that the women were fabulous, the men boring. Don’t know if they were including Sa’ar in that description or not. But apparently he’s quite appealing to some women.

          1. Gilda isn’t even a club. It’s a small, un-hip mainstream neighborhood bar – the kind that fits the likes of Sa’ar.

            Looks like there’s too little info on the matter to make it more than juicy gossip at the moment and if gossip is the case, I’ve heard some voices coming from journalist friends claiming that one of his more recent affairs were with MP Shelly Yechimovitch, no less (and as far as rumors go, he’s going through a divorce). But that’s just gossip.
            To be honest, until it goes criminal (and with proofs), as much as I hate him and everything he does day in and day out, that just won’t do.

  4. Oh come on,

    And what does it say about the State of Israel, the government of Israel, and the Likud Party, that its education minister may have serial sexual liaisons with women?

    As long it’s not rape, i don’t see that it’s a problem. Consenting adults and all that.

  5. And what does it say about the united States ofamerica, the government of usa, and the democratic Party, that its president(clinton) may have serial sexual liaisons with intern(lewinsky) and there are oher woman claiming sexual miscondact from his side ?

    1. You want to talk about affairs & sexual liaisons? We can do that till the cows come home. But the pt of Sa’ar’s indiscretion is that he did it with a teenage girl. Clinton’s partners were above the age of consent & there was no criminal violations involved. Was he sleazy? Sure. Did he pay a political price for it? Sure. What about Sa’ar? What price has he paid? Will he even be investigated?

      1. you said “How, truly is Gideon Sa’ar advancing the status of Israeli women by sleeping with them serially (all the while being married”
        thats been judgmental about consentual sex between adults.
        however you are not that judjmental about clinton and ohers…
        there are sex offenders in israel like in any oher western country’ and in cecent years israel fight this more then most countries.

    2. Erp… Clinton’s luck was that he was a president, and it is damn complicated to get that one down. If he were a Govt. Secretary, a Congressman, a Senator or a Governor at the time of the affair, he would be thrown away quite quickly. One who cannot keep his putz in his pants should not be entrusted with a position of a top-tier public servant. And that’s before we get to the possibility of a criminal offense in this case.

  6. if u have no proof why do submit the article?

    u are doing wrong to family wife & kids, don’t u have concision? u should be ashamed of yourself

    1. I don’t think you mean “concision,” but rather “conscience.” And yes, I not only have a conscience, I know how to spell the word.

      Frankly, I think Gideon Sa’ar should be ashamed of himself and you should be ashamed of him as well.

  7. Although I made a mistake in spelling the
    word conscience, but at least I have a one, unlike u an
    Old little man and unscrupulous seek thrills at the expense of people
    Destroying homes and families
    .God will pay you in accordance

    1. How can you have a conscience if you can’t spell the word? And you have to add ageism & ad hominem attacks to boot. You’re a pretty low character I have to say & on the verge of banning. It’s no surprise that you’re Orthodox & likely a settlerist to boot. Tell us where you live in Israel why don’t you & that will tell us a great deal about yr politics.

    1. AFAIK, that hadith refers to “the end of the days.” Bad enough, but it’s not something that people are expected to do in their everyday life. Speaking of which, traditional Jewish sources also have some rather unpleasant prospects for non-Jews for the messianic era. Anyone care to conduct a poll among Jews, how many of them agree with Maimonides’ ruling that no gentiles (at least, none of those who don’t subscribe to the so-called Noahide laws) should be allowed to live in the Holy Land when the Jews are strong enough to enforce that ruling?

    2. Why don’t you make a little research – or read Richard’s latest article – on The Israel Project (TIP) who sponsored this ‘poll’. According to their own agenda, their goal is to sell the Israeli settlements to the American public all while talking about peace.
      Here’s a ‘soft’ article to begin with:
      Did you read the poll or do you only have JPost’s words for it ?
      And I wonder whether there’s a Hasbara Central feeding you with new topics every day. This poll has been posted thousands of times since yesterday. Or maybe you’re just all brainwashed …

  8. so’ noe proff what so ever is nedded to post such accusation? you admit you dont even know where it happened ?
    us that ok ?
    he can sue you for libel in the us’ you really have no defence’ its easy money to sue you…

  9. If you are this libelous and careless with the facts about a man, no wonder you are so off the mark about a whole country. Amit Segel from Channel 2 news investigated this and dismissed the whole thing (in court it’s called LIBEL). He called you “that known fantasist from abroad.” http://reshet.ynet.co.il/%D7%97%D7%93%D7%A9%D7%95%D7%AA/News/Opinion/Article,73488.aspx

    Amit Segel checked out these rumors and found them to be a crock of BS, while you gladly publish someone’s name and picture and charge them with being a sex offender with NO evidence whatsoever. But you won’t hesitate to call an innocent man a sex offender with no evidence, it’s all “for the cause” right Richard? Just so you can try to hit Israel with another stick. And you make fun of someone’s spelling to defend yourself, the tactics of an eleven year old.

    Go ahead and continue publishing wild unfounded claims based on your imagination, then make sweeping comments about them as if your claims are facts. Show everyone how terrible your judgement really is.

    1. Well, there are a few problems with Amit Segel. First, he himself is a bit of a fantasist having broadcast a story about Dr. Amiram Goldblum that was found to be libellous & Channel 2 ended up having to pay the good Dr. a handsome sum. So I guess it takes a fantasist to know one, eh? Further, Segel, being of the Orhodox religious nationalist camp does have his own axe to grind in this matter. And finally, Segel offered no proof whatsoever that my story is false. He merely stated that it was without offering anything of substance. Where I come from that’s called shoddy journalism. You may choose your own fantasist if you wish. I choose to believe the distinguished senior journalist who provided me this story. We’ll see who’s right.

      And how, pray do you know Sa’ar is an innocent man? And what, if any, personal or political interest might you have in declaring his innocence?

      My problem isn’t Israel, buddy so don’t go distorting my views. My problem is with the misdeeds of Israeli policymakers and intelligence agencies when they occur.

      I didn’t make fun of anyone’s spelling. Just as I would expect a Hebrew speaker to correct one of my Hebrew spelling errors, I correct English language errors if they’re serious enough. You call it 11 yr old tactics & I call it loving my language and asking others to respect it as much as I.

      My story isn’t based on MY imagination, but on the certainty of an Israeli senior journalist. So I’m afraid you’re striking out right & left today.

      While you’re at it why don’t you read this terrific piece of rapier wit by Hannah Beit Halachni in News1 which takes Segel apart piece by piece.

  10. First thing; They say Innocent till proven guilty and until that is done its best (IMHO) to leave this roumor alone for now.
    secondly I do enjoy reading your blog ( accept when you deal with roumors ) I would tuely love to read your take on the youth protest on the prices of rent (as writen on Ynet).

    I hope that this is the begining of a period when people have the guts to say no and put their foot down on subjects that they see as critical.

    BN before you redicule my spelling I have learning dissorder so..
    but I still hope u are able to read & and understand what i write despite the terrible spelling mistakes

    Shavua Tov

  11. i was waiting for this to be published!
    i couldnt understand how the hell hw got away with it. oh, Shelly Yechimovitz says Hi.. (;

  12. I have no idea, what Sa’ar did or if he did anything at all (and i do am not a supporter of him or the party he belongs to)
    But, in the US would you be able to get a conviction (or even an Investigation) based on the information you have ?
    You don’t know when, you don’t know the age of the girl (or even if it was a girl) you do not know the location.
    so what do you know ?
    That there are rumors in Israel, that Sa’ar did something.
    Based on that you post such article ? This may end being not any different then some of the rumors i read after googeling your name.

  13. A great piece at news channel 10 was shown tonight, It’s titled “The stain that stays”
    i recommend you’ll watch it.

  14. NewsFlash buddy.
    Shelly did’nt start ManPower proffesional.
    She does’nt work there anymore either, for almost 2 years now.
    You should re-check your sources.

    1. News flash yourself, buddy. Take it up with Mako which published this report about Shelly Saar in 2009:

      ולאחר שהשלימה תואר ראשון במדעי המדינה ותואר שני בלימודי עבודה מאוניברסיטת תל אביב, פנתה שלי להקים במו ידיה את חברת “מנפאואר פרופשיונל”

      Are you arguing that they lied? Or that they’re ignorant? Or that they made it up? It says she founded the company “with her own hands.” Sounds pretty definitive to me. The article as I said written 2 yrs ago says she works there. You say she left 2 yrs ago. Which is it?

      Nice to know you’re on a first-name basis with “Shelly.” I can’t say the same. It would be helpful if instead of only telling me about the alleged mistake, you actually provided accurate information about where she does work.

  15. out of which also sprang Tzachi Ha’Negbi, yet another Likud former minister who resigned his post amidst scandal.

    What you meant to write, was yet another KADIMA former minister who resigned his post amidst scandal.

    Tzachai had already fled the Likud to KADIMA, when he had to resign his post. Like all the other dreck in KADIMA…Hirschson (Minister of Finance, convicted of corruption), Chaim Ramon (Minister of Justice…sex molester)… Olmert (Prime Minister, charged with almost every corruption crime in the book) …etc.

  16. I love your blog, and believe it is one of the best blogs around. However, I would I appreciate if you stop ridiculing people’s spelling mistakes. Even those of the fascists.
    Given the fact that many people who read the blog (like myself) are Hebrew speakers, I find this tendency to be
    very offensive.
    About Sa’ar: he is a known clown. He has ruined the education system. The average score in mathematics, 8th grade is 48. yet, he blames the Arab students, forgetting that it is his responsibility to improve their scores, as well. He is also a racist, and
    sends our kids to (mandatory) tours in the Occupied territories. Frankly, I think it is a good thing if kids would see the occupation regime. Yet…
    Please tell us more when you know.

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