5 thoughts on “IDF Intelligence Officer Attends Brandeis, Markets “Brand Israel” as Pro-Israel Media Darling – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The more liars for Israel, the more people who feel the urge to speak the truth about it. So the net effect of Mr.Elhelo’s endeavours might be zero.

  2. I’ve read the Hasbara manual too (The Israel Project’s 2009 GLOBAL LANGUAGE DICTIONARY). This fellow has it down pat. I’d say that’s what he really studies.

  3. Chris Hedges gave in “Truthdig” a few examples of the habitual lies in Israeli- speak: the deliberate shooting of children (Hedges claims that he witnessed himself how Israeli soldiers got little boys to throw stones at them by swearing at these ten year olds in Arabic over loudspeakers and, after the stones, shooting them) – these murders are portrayed as cases of “children caught in crossfire”; hitting overcrowded hovels in Gaza with a 1000 pound fragmentation bomb becomes a “surgical strike on a bomb making factory”; the creation of a wide buffer zone between the Palestinians and the Israeli troops that ring Gaza becomes the “demolition of the homes of terrorists”; the shelling of UN schools, medical clinics and mosques becomes “the result of errant rockets or mortar fire from the Palestinians” or the IDF was aiming at “arms depots or launching sites”.

    Israel might not be the greatest violator of human rights (there are, alas, a fair few contenders for that title now) but it has undoubtedly sent more lies into the world about these crimes than any other party has done about theirs.

  4. Other than the gratuitous slaughter of innocents, I find this facile corporate PR strategy used to present the Israeli position revolting. Dumbing down difficult , complex issues is anathema to Jewish intellectual tradition and feels like a modern form of idol worship. Netanyahu’s recent reductive equation of ISIS = HAMAS seems to be in line with this agenda of public stupefaction.
    Another example from the PR flak I’m chief:

  5. I went on birthright with Ohad last year. He was intelligent, friendly, and slightly awkward. He tried to convince me he was leftist and told me about the Meretz party. I tried to turn him on to Noam Chomsky and he said he would check it out. When I saw him again in New York he said he had read some Chomsky and enjoyed it. I felt hopeful for the future, thinking that young leftist like Ohad would lead Israel out of the right-wing mire.

    What a fucking fraud.

    He is a fake through and through, trying his best to bring liberals back into the Zionist fold by spinning hasbara and outright lies. My hope for Israel’s left is crushed. I am embarrassed that I ever considered him a friend. He is a murderous propagandist, nothing more. I feel sick.

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