16 thoughts on “Israel-U.S. Intelligence Relationship a One-Way Street, U.S. Denies Visas to Top Israeli Security Officials – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. List of participants includes Julia Tymoshenko, Bret Stephens (WSJ), Joe Wood (asst. to VP Cheney in White House), Walid Phares (Found. for the Defense of Democracies), Richard Perle, Josef Joffe (Die Zeit), Václav Havel, von Guttenberg (CSU Bundestag), Garri Kasparov, Eli Khoury (CEO Quantum Lebanon), John K. Glenn (German Marshall Fund of US), Farid Ghadry (Reform Party of Syria – USA), Uzi Arad (IPS Israel), Anne Bayefsky (Hudson Institute) etc. [List of biographies – pdf]

      There is a proces in place for right-wingers to infiltrate human rights organizations and leftist/progressive groups. Judge a group on its content, not on its name. Best example is Freedom House founded by Peter Ackerman. There can be a rapid change of members in just a few years. The USAID funded NGOs are well known, so a new set of cleansed NGOs for “Peace and Democracy” have come to the forefront.

      Report on “Rescuing Human Rights” Conference at UC San Diego
      Moderated by Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal.

  1. In The Village Voice publication in 1999 “A Most Unusual Collection Agency,” the following intelligence sites for Israel were listed:
    Herzliyya (Unit 8200 Headquarters) -5
    Mitzpe Ramon -7
    Mount Hermon, Golan Heights -7
    Mount Meiron, Golan Heights -7

    In the last decade of the WOT (Bush speak) a lot has been invested and the NSA and Unit 8200 formed a union. In a Le Monde publication (Sept. 2010) the Urim Sigint base was revealed by Nicky Hager – Israel’s omniscient ears.

    Unit 8200 and its counterparts – the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the American National Security Agency (NSA) – are less famous than their foreign intelligence and special operations agencies (MI6, the CIA and Mossad). Yet the signals agencies are far bigger.

    The Urim base targets many nations, friend and foe. A former analyst at Unit 8200, a military service conscript, said she worked full time translating intercepted calls and emails from English and French into Hebrew. It was “interesting” work, studying routine communications to find the nuggets. Her section listened mostly to “diplomatic traffic and other off-shore [international] signals”.

    See also a link to a video of the Urim site:
    Big Ears: ‘Largest’ secret spy hub uncovered in Israel – YouTube Video [Includes denial by Ronen Bergman]

  2. There is an old Israeli joke about a smear campaign against a good man which alleged that the man’s sister was a whore.
    The problem for the victim of this smear campaign was how to prove that he did not have a sister.

  3. It breaks all sort of Holy unwritten and undeclared Commandment to say something like, “there is an undue media control and influence by ardent right-wing Zionists in the United States such that the institution of journalism has passed its primacy from the 6 monopolistic media companies with the same bias to bloggers and others.”

    Yet, when one examines the clear writing on the wall: (1) Richard Silverstein, despite great scoop after great scoop, is not a well-known name because of (a) thievery of his work without credit and (b) outright censorship because he stands up for Palestinians at all and therefore doesn’t kowtow a Likud like Zionist ideology; (2) Greenwald dispenses of an important document like this and it is never mentioned or highlighted as a great concern; and, (3) because there is no political capital created by informing the citizenry of Israel’s duplicity, Israel’s outright criminal activities (foreign espionage and treason by entrenched assets beyond Pollard) are not prosecuted appropriately. Richard, it is highly illegal what the NSA is doing, especially in their conduct in conveying it to a third party and foreign country. If the government had a compelling interest for national security so as to overcome Constitutional concerns (and it didn’t, but let’s pretend), then it certainly failed to pass that scrutiny once it gave the data to a foreign country.

    So, what of the Stein articles? How did those get by? A plausible deniability strategy whereby the built up pressure is steamed away in little toots. Sure, articles like Stein’s appear, but no media echo chamber results like it would for pro-Zionist propaganda. Any syndication of the article ends up on the Huffington Post late Friday edition, at the end of the news cycle. The visibility of information is tied to its existence — news doesn’t matter if it’s not seen. That’s the strategy they apply to notables like Richard Silverstein.

  4. The Snowden ‘document expose’ will make Israel even less likely to share intelligence with the United States.

    1. I think you’re under the impression that Israel’s provision of a yellow cake forgery document re: Iraq, a forged laptop in 2005 filled with fabricated nonsense, and promoted through the MEK Terror Organization’s other front, the NCRI, Netanyahu’s constant sabre rattling (“Iraq has centrifuges the size of washing machines” –> “Iran is hell-bent on nukes.”), or the Israeli infiltration, exploitation and monopolization of the government contractor system pre and post 9/11 are viewed as beneficial by the American Intelligence Community. …it’s a correct one and US INTCOM would like to return the favor. 🙂

      1. Wasn’t Ghorbanifar behind the yellow cake forgery? Where is the Israel connection? Proofs please.

          1. I don’t know, and I’ve asked for proofs, especially that Israel provided ‘yellow cake forgery document’. Considering all that’s been written about the Second Iraq War, proofs should abound.

            Am I asking too much?

  5. I did search google and could not find a link between yellow cake forgeries, the Mossad or Israel.

    So what happened to Tikkun Olam’s comment rule #3, “support claims using credible sources and links; do NOT make unsupported claims.”

    1. @ Jackdaw: I don’t know whether you’re a simpleton or willfully obtuse. But you’ve forced me to waste my own time doing what you should’ve or couldn’t do. My Google search turned up multiple sources including a post from this blog. Here’s a random quotation:

      Back in 1984, Michael Ledeen put forward the idea of using Manucher Ghorbanifar to make illegal arms sales to Iran. The CIA’s Deputy Director for Operations, Clair George, deemed Ghorbanifar totally unreliable. He felt that Ghorbanifar, a MOSSAD double agent, had Israel’s security as his only priority.

      1. Former CIA Director George’s thirty year old suspicion in no way connects Israel to the the ‘yellow cake forgeries’.

        1. @ Jackdaw: Whether Clare George’s suspicion was one day old or 30 yrs old makes no difference. Indeed, I’ll accept the view of a deputy CIA director over yours any day of the week!

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