14 thoughts on “State Department Refuses to Deny Israel Spies on U.S., Feinstein Dubious as Well – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You mean to tell us that in the USA there is a smaller number of ministries that deal with security of various sorts?

    let’s see:
    1. Department of transportation – TSA. 2. Homeland Security, 3. Defense,4. Department of Interior – Law enforcement division 5. Secretary of the navy. n What does that tell you about the biggest Democracy in the world ? A tad security-obsessed perhaps?

    1. @ Nonsense: You’ve only named four departments which include a security component. The Department of the Navy is not a cabinet level position, which is equivalent to an Israeli ministry. It reports to the Defense Department. So a country of 350 million has four security departments and a country of 7 million has FIVE security ministries. Interesting.

  2. Who would have ever believed that we went from overthrowing King George in the American Revolution to being owned by a minority foreign lobby and their foreign country.
    I’d like to live long enough to see how all this ends because the only thing I believe for certain is that it cant last.
    Faster please.

  3. Chuck Hagel stated today during a news conference in Tel-Aviv during the QA period: “I have head about the report (news week) but am not aware of any substantial information / facts in it) – source channel news 10 the 7 PM edition, i’m sure it will be covered extensively in the later edition.

  4. So neither Hagel nor Feinstein know anything about Israeli ‘spying’ on the United States.

    Hard to believe that a top ranking US Senator and a White House Secretary would lie just to protect Israel.

    1. @ Jackdaw: You didn’t read what Feinstein said very carefully. She said that she heard his argument. Clearly she heard it but didn’t believe it. As an honorable person, she told Steinitz that she will accept his explanation until she sees evidence to the contrary, and that she WILL affirmatively seek out that evidence. That’s not an endorsement by any means. As I wrote, this is Washington speak for: I don’t believe a word of it.

      As for Hagel, he said:

      “I have heard of that report. I’m not aware of any facts that would substantiate the report.”

      Saying he isn’t aware of “facts” is a far cry from denying the charge as you should know. It means he claims not to have seen incontrovertible evidence he’s satisfied can be called “facts.” In other words, he’s heard lots of reports & possibly even seen evidence supporting them. But somehow hasn’t determined yet that they’re “facts.” Again, Washington speak.

      These two are parsing their words extremely carefully, and for good reason. Everyone including the Israelis know they’re lying. So everyone who wants to give Israel the benefit of the doubt has to tiptoe carefully so as not to speak what can afterwards be construed as an outright lie. Unlike Israel, politicians who provably lie sometimes are held accountable for their lies.

      1. Mr. Silverstein
        in Washington terms they would designate your response to mr. Jackdaw as a response that stem from an extremely vivid imagination.

        The fact that you keep hashing a story proven to be wrong, and stated as such by the Senator Feinstein and Secretary Hagel is simply unbelievable. I guess such determination is required when dealing with the ultimate daemon created by one’s vivid imagination (such is the state of Israel to you.)

        1. @ Nonsense: I already soundly rebutted the false claim that either Hagel or Feinstein said Stein’s reporting was wrong. I’m not going to entertain any further discussion on this subject from you. Move on to another thread. You’re on very thin ice.

    2. @ Jackdaw: Neither Hagel nor Feinstein said they know “nothing” about Israeli spying here. Hagel said he didn’t know this as a “fact,” whatever that means. Feinstein said she would take Steinitz at his word till she knew differently & that she would energetically pursue any evidence that proved him wrong. That’s completely different than what you claim they said or believe.

  5. Chuck Hagel is “unaware”. He was grilled over his loyalty to Israel quite a bit when he was nominated, I understand.
    I looked at the Wikipedia articel on him and had some fun: Iraq was mentioned 32 times in it and Afghanistan 12 times (after all the US went to war in those countries). Israel on the other hand was mentioned no less than 30 times (while Russia was only mentioned 12 times and China once). US politics are truly unusual.

  6. One turd: Jonathan Pollard. The reactions here to the truth are priceless, the same old tricks and useless.

    The American intelligence community will openly revolt if Benedict Pollard is so much as given an extra serving of prison slop at meal time. These are just shots (tiny ones) across the bow. There is enough verifiable dirt on Israel’s actions from the last ten years alone to cause every American on Earth to demand an invasion and controlled siege of Dimona.

    It’s time to quit while ahead, but I don’t see that coming. The nutsos behind it all WANT the strong wave of anti-Semitism to fill their fantasied “Greater Israel” like a Havaara agreement. Too bad. They will get prosecuted for anything but something they can use those same old tricks to deflect.

    Question: what does everyone here think Donald “Sterling” Tokowitz was REALLY doing with his money? Does anyone think Grimm is the only restaurant owner to have illegals running his operations in NYC? And the rich Orthodox rabbi that recently got caught embezzling $12MM from a special needs preschool? What were they all really doing behind the scenes?

    Answer: Treason/Foreign Espionage. There is more than one way to skin a cat, there are no statute of limitations on treason, and the unaccountability was just temporary and illusionary. The jig is up.

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