8 thoughts on “Israeli Security Services Dominated by Orthodox Jews, Settler Sympathizers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Most senior politicians are/were and will be from the army ranks. the higher they are the higher they were in the army.
    In Egypt we see the army slowly populating the top echelons with army hacks – They don’t call Egypt “DEMOCRACY” by any way or form. So why in hell would any one call Israel a democracy when the to top government is composed of ex-army hacks that “govern” according to military rules. Let’s be clear about this Israel IS NO DEMOCRACY BY ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.
    As Kissinger said, Israel has no foreign policy, only a domestic policy – Domestic is equivalent to internal policy by it’s own name is a police state. That was in the 70’s. and PLUS C’A CHANGE PLUS C’EST LA MEME CHOSE. To call is Israel a Democracy is a misnomer if there was one. – when the army holds 80% of israel’s lands what is the difference with Egypt.

    1. I’ve come to view Israel as a one-party state operating between competing “factions.” This is not unreasonable as certain forms of political organizing are illegal, including any threat to the particular national identity of “Israel.” That’s at least my understanding.

      It seems inevitable that those with the least tolerant politics/religion would operate at the margins of the ideological state, aiming to control any threat to the ideology, i.e. Palestinians and “leftists.”

      Lastly, when did the IDF have a rep as a non-political, professional army? It must have been before my time. I agree with @Dayan that the military presides over Israel and any pretense of democracy is a sham.

  2. The fact that Israel defines itself as a jewish and democratic state is an oxymoron. It is as if the USA defines itself as a christian and democratic country, So that all who are not christian are discriminated. Now there is a new resolution taken by the government securing cheap appartments to those who had served in the army. Major and minor ministers go to consult with rabbis like Afargan (the x-ray rabbi), do you believe that?

    1. An overly simplistic view. There are many democracies who define themselves as having a state religion. UK currently defines its state religion as Anglican, France, Ireland as Catholic etc. It is not the definition itself that is problematic but the resulting definitions and conditions that occur from it. Israel could in fact in theory be a country whose state religion is Judaism and still ensure equal rights for all. Unfortunately we have a long way to go…

      1. @ Rain: It is always problematic when a nation has a state religion. Even in a relatively progressive country like Ireland, Roman Catholicism exerted a pernicious influence over political issues like abortion & birth control (not to mention the horrible sex abuse scandals). But Israel’s state religion is far more pernicious and exclusivist than those relatively benign countries, as you noted.

    1. @ Oui: Though this sort of story is unfortunately nothing new, every time I read a new account of such horror I’m shocked anew that it’s possible for a Jew to say and believe such things!

  3. I wish to know if the current relation between israel and the U.S. is in any way different from any U.S. relations had/have or will have with any military puppet regime. convenience for convenience sake until the puppet regime self implodes.
    at the direction israel goes a two state fantasy does not exist, any other solution WILL self implode, to pretend that doing the same analysis again and again and somehow to expect a different result exists only in the domain of fools or any current israeli politicians. I, oh so hope, I am not the only one heartbroken at the sight of the abyss and yet unable to be heard

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