4 thoughts on “Report on “Rescuing Human Rights” Conference at UC San Diego – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Anti-Semitic

    Thanks for this website – I like reading it very much.

    Just wanted to ask your opinion on something. I don’t understand the term anti-Semitic when it is used by Jews when describing Arab policies or actions. Arabs as you know are a semitic people. Isn’t it about time we started using terms such as anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist etc. I think that might be useful for readers.

    Anyway, just a thought,



    1. My own cynical take on this is that the attempt today to equate “Semite” and “Jew” is a right-wing ploy that seeks to
      (1) insinuate that the Palestinians are not Semites in order to
      (2) delegitimize the Palestinian right to live in the Levant.

      Think of it as ‘a Joan Peters thing’, if you get my drift.

    2. “Anti-Semitism” as a Western term evolves from a long history of anti-Jewish bigotry in Europe. Apart from few isolated colonialism-related exceptions (France/Algeria, UK/Pakistan), comparable anti-Arab/Muslim bigotry in the West is only a decade old, and still on the rise unfortunately. That’s why “anti-Semitism” has long been established to refer to Jews only, although technically you’re right, of course.

      I fully agree that “anti-Zionism” must not be conflated with “anti-Semitism” – the latter is a form of racism, the former merely a political ideology just like Zionism itself.

  2. Davey

    Thank you for covering this. Very informative.

    This kind of ‘human rights’ conference is an excercise in futility because it”s not based on morals. It’s about winning over one bigoted segment of the population with lies. Always fails even if there is a temporary victory in the short run.

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