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  1. I donate to many independent blogs, even those I disagree with the authors’ views, because I don’t trust main stream media. One of these blogs that I disagree with 70% of the author’s view and still donate to is called Eishton. I donated because a) I feel I can trust that what he or she has written is true b) I feel that he or she wants Israel to continue to exists and be better place to live in.
    I have been reading your blog for about 2 months and as you might guess I disagree with 70% of your views/commentaries. The problem, which was magnified with this post, is that I sense you wish that Israel will cease of exists as it has no right to defend and protect itself. “If you value exposing the secrets of Israel’s national security state. If you value breaking the gags and censorship of the Israeli military and intelligence apparatus”. Every nation has secrets that needs to remain secrets (or should the US disclose the password of getting into the Pentagon?).
    I wish you good luck with your donation campaign (I really do) but you will not see a dollar (3.625 NIS) from me.

    1. @Nir Katz: You’re woefully misinformed about my views. Not only that, you have the ultimate chutzpah to tell me proudly you’re going to be a free loader/schnorrer here. Don’t you know Israel was created to put an end to schnorring by Diaspora Jews?? You’re continuing that nasty habit. Mazel tov!

      I’m going to invoke a fee for every time you publish a comment it will cost you $1. That’s a reward for your chutzpah. Don’t pay, don’t get published. Seems fair to me.

      1. @Richard Silverstein

        It’s a deal.
        I will pay you $1 for each comment that I write on the condition that you publish each one of them as is whether you like them or not. Consider them the same way as the Google AdSense I see in your blog (that some are advertising products made in Settlements)
        So if you publish this comment, I will pay you $1.
        Gmar Hatima Tova!

        1. You’ll pay me a dollar when the Messiah comes! I dare you.

          Let me know when you see such a settlement ad & I’ll be sure to ensure it doesn’t appear again. BTW, my philosophy is I love seeing such ads here because it means the far right are wasting their money by advertising here, where they’ll find almost no support (except you of course).

    2. @Nir
      I do not believe that Richard truly wishes that Israel ceases to exist.
      His post appears to me to be an expression of his frustration with a part of the Israeli psyche
      that is trapped in a time warp while the world continues to evolve.
      Yes, Israel needs to defend herself but her best defense is a vibrant democracy based on a strong economy.

      P.S. I got 3.5609 NIS to the $ today.

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