11 thoughts on “4 Israeli Commandos Wounded in Lebanon Landmine Explosion Were Infiltrating Spy Gear – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The pictures in this article are old. from 2011.
    Egoz is not a reconnaissance unit, whoever wrote that simply copied it from wikipedia without understanding that this is simply a translation of the Hebrew term סייירת – Sayeret.

    From wiki -” Egoz specializes in guerrilla, anti-guerrilla warfare, and more complicated ground activity. Egoz is part of the Northern Command’s Golani Brigade and today, it is a “Portable” unit, that operates anywhere.:

    As for Egoz working together with Sayeret Matkal – no chance this will happen. Egoz is not a service provider such as other special forces units within the IDF.

    1. @Miki:

      The pictures in this article are old. from 2011.

      False. I never claimed the first picture is contemporaneous. It’s meant to demonstrate past Israeli operations which did what this current operation was trying to do. As for the 2nd photo, according to Daily Star it IS current. Here is the full caption. If you dispute this I’d like to see proof:

      Lebanese Army soldiers from the engineering unit inspect the area as one of them carries a minesweeper near the site of an explosion near the Lebanese-Israeli border in the village of Labbouneh, southern Lebanon, August 7, 2013.

      Read more: http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2013/Aug-08/226701-border-explosion-sparks-multiple-theories.ashx#ixzz2bYRQXK9p

      If you don’t have proof to support your claim above, we can similarly doubt some or all of the rest of your claims in yr comment.

  2. @ Richard
    ” I never claimed the first picture is contemporaneous”
    So why don’t you add in the caption picture is not from current border incident ?

    1. Because I never claimed it was and what you’re demanding isn’t generally the way pictures are captioned. From my post, it’s clear the IDF unit didn’t succeed in installing any equipment since it was waylaid before that happened. So based on the picture showing a lot of Israeli surveillance equipment on Lebanese soil, it should be clear that it wasn’t from this incident. As I wrote, my intent was to show the sort of equipment the IDF generally attempts to infiltrate into Lebanon. It was not to show the equipment it attempted to infiltrate on this particular mission.

      Why did you falsely claim the 2nd picture was bogus without offering proof? That shows either sloppiness or bad faith on your part. Which was it?

      1. @ Richard

        Strange, i wrote a response which evaporated into the web’s darkspace.
        Anyhow It was a typo i meant to say the 1st picture. But there is something very strange with the 2nd picture.
        if you will use google images you can see that the picture was first aired on Aug 7th on a site named toraradical and only on Aug 8th it was reported by the Lebanese Daily Star.

  3. Richard wrote: ” it does appear there may be more misses than hits.” This conclusion appears to demonstrate a bit of a bias no? I mean how would you know the ratio of hits to misses? You know some of the misses but none of the hits. You should check with your ubiquitously present Israeli source to try and determine a semi-authoritative ratio. THAT would be interesting. Is Israeli intelligence completely falling apart? Have operations expanded and so too the incidence of failure? Or what?

  4. UNIFIL on the reported incident near Labouneh during the night of 6-7 August

    The presence of Israeli soldiers in Lebanon in violation of the Blue Line constitutes a serious breach of the terms of UN Security Council resolution 1701. UNIFIL has strongly protested the violation to the IDF and called for its full cooperation with UNIFIL’s investigations into the incident.

    Hostage taking incident of two Turkish pilots near Beirut airport

    Turkish Government has decided to withdraw the Turkish Engineering Construction Company (TURKCOY) of UNIFIL by the first week of September 2013.

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