7 thoughts on “Shin Bet Chief Appoints Top Deputies Competing to Succeed Him – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If it comes to a tie breaker the deciding criteria should be who has the better nickname – and “the consigliere” is by far the winner 😉

  2. “But the main result is that there are now two top deputies who will compete for Cohen’s job when he retires after his six-year term expires”

    That’s always the case. For Mossad chief, Shabak chief, and IDF COS. I fail to see where’s the news in that.

    1. That’s always the case.

      Not true. The IDF had 3 chief of staff nominees before the current officer became the final man left standing. I have never heard that there were only 2 candidates for Shabak chief and that Cohen was number 2. If you can present any evidence that this was the case I’d be interested to see it.

      Further, Cohen wants to create a situation by which no prime minister will be able to arbitrarily dismiss a candidate merely because he’s offended his wife. In other words, that candidacies will be supported by performance evaluation and the best man (no woman would surely get this job for at least a few decades) would win on merit.

    2. @ Richards
      The IDF second in command always finish his term a mid the COS term, that is done in order to create a candidate pool where at least two of them has enough experience as second in commands. The pool is usually bigger and involves few of the regional command generals. The last time was a bit messy due to the intervention of the former COS ashkanazi, who’s now faces criminal investigation and will most likely will end up in jail.

      Same is going on with Mossad and Shabak, you are more then welcome to ask your source.

      1. @yoyo: I asked you to offer evidence Cohen was the #2 in the candidate pool for Shabak chief. You offered none. Cohen was never mentioned in any news report as a candidate. No one in the Israeli public knew anything about him. He came out of nowhere. Diskin intended for Ilan to be his successor. My own source said as much. As did the Israeli media. That’s why the Shabak appointment process was a shambles as well. Sara determined who became chief. Not Diskin. Not any professional process. And that is ridiculous.

        As for the chief of staff being “a bit messy,” that’s laughable. It was an unmitigated & unprecedented disaster which went a long way to exemplifying the absolute corruption (both personal & professional) at the heart of today’s IDF.

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        1. Richard

          According to Wikipedia http://alturl.com/suftv Yoram Cohen served as the Shabak second in command from 2005 to 2008 when he then departed to the US.

          If i recall correctly before Diskin term was extended in 2010 he was one of the two who’s name was mentioned as a possible candidate to replace Diskin. It seems to me that this all story about Sara’s involvement is nothing but an urban legend.

          According to Yossi Melman’s report in Haaretz. Cohen’s name was mentioned as one of the leading candidates to replace Diskin.

  3. I know little about Alshekh, his dubious career and his career’s philosophy but, if he chooses to rather be “the head of the foxes than the tail of the lions” (as you quote), he goes contrary to Talmud which recommends the exact opposite: “Be a tail of lions and be not a head of foxes”.

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