14 thoughts on “Ben Zygier Compromised Major Mossad Operation to Retrieve Remains of IDF MIAs from Lebanon War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The whole thing sounds like a parody of a spy novel, which means it’s closest to the actual reality.

  2. Ronen Bergman – who has better connection with the Israeli establishment – declared yesterday(or the day before) in one of the main news channels (1/2/10) that the mossad knows exactly where the bodies of the 3 soldiers were buried and the location is within Syria and not Lebanon, hence this story is the invention of the ABC reporter.
    Since you reported previously that prisoner X was actually an Iranian General, i’m sure you’ll consider the fact that reporters/bloggers are often wrong,

    1. I reported that Prisoner X was Ali Reza Asgari based on the deliberate duplicity of a former Mossad source who wished to divert attention from the truth, just as you are doing. Someone with possibly similar motives to those of the former Mossad source used in this ABC rpt.

      1. It doesn’t matter why you reported the story as such, what matters is that for whatever reasons you were mislead/came to the wrong conclusions, and that’s fine. What are the chances that Trevor Borman was mislead as well for whatever purpose ? One purpose i can think about is deflecting the attention from the real reason Ben Z was arrested.
        With respect to the story, When operating a source, other then the person who operates the source all others (most others) within the organization will know him only by his assigned name, they will not have any information about the subject and will be exposed only to the information he’s bringing. The chances a low level desk operator such as Ben Z would know the identity of Ziad al Homs are very, very slim.
        Bergman stated in the interview that gave Ziad al Homs away was electronic surveillance, sounds way more logical.

        1. Trevor Borman wasn’t misled by anyone. First, he used the credible reporting of Ronen Bergman & Jason Koutsoukis as a basis for his reporting. Second, someone who I’m familiar with as a intel source lacking credibility tried to pass information to Borman as well. But Borman’s report came out just fine even with such efforts. Borman, like me, can usually see through such feeble efforts. I was misled a number of times by the source who offered me the Ali Reza Asgari story. But he won’t be misleading me again.

          Bergman’s reporting explained why Zygier knew al Homsi’s identity. The MOssad, like many similar intelligence agencies is streamlining relations between units so that they share information more. There is a benefit to such cross fertilization, just as there is a liability in a case like Zygier. I’d say your familiarity with Mossad practices is a bit out of date.

          1. Only problem is that Bergman himself claims Trevor Borman is wrong. Is Bergman being fed information from the Mossad ? Does Bergman works for Mossad ?
            Could you provide a link to Bergma’s reporting in which he claims Ben Z knew the identity of Ziad al Homs ?
            never read it before and doubt that such is true, it doesn’t make sense for many reasons, security being only one.

          2. Of course Bergman is fed information from the Mossad & whoever else his sources are. All journalists are given or fed information. The question is what use they make of it & how they report it & what other research they do to certify the information. Bergman’s research in the past has been flawed, though I consider him one of the better intelligence journalists in Israel.

            As for the connection between al Homsi & Zygier read the Der Spiegel article which I’ve linked in my previous posts.

  3. Richard,

    You have a great blog, but unfortunately, you’re being fed with disinformation again. In itself this is good news – it means that you’ve become important enough that Israel’s intelligence is targeting your blog. Be more careful, because you’re losing readership.

    1. @Donald: I do so love concern trolls who profess to care about things like this, when they couldn’t care less. The Mossad tries to pass information indirectly to me on a fairly regular basis. I’m sure other intelligence entities do pretty much the same. It doesn’t matter as long as I register my own independent view of events & the information that is offered to me. Intelligence assets offer information to journalists all the time. Just because this happens doesn’t discredit the reporter as long as the latter doesn’t become a tool of the former. And I am no one’s tool.

  4. Sorry, with all due respect to Boreman and Bergman, I still can’t believe that Ziegier was suicided for three long dead bodies. Not adding up at all.

    To me the report sounds like another attempt at a cover-up – with israeli ‘sources’ providing some vaguely plausible reasons for keeping Zygier isolated in a hell hole for 10 months, then making sure he turns up quite dead.

    Zygier was about something else, something much bigger than a few agents and and some old bones. This report smells like a smoke screen to me, a bit of a hocus-pocus whitewash, as did the Bergman piece and Koutsoukis’.

    So, israel – you gonna come clean one of these days or would you rather be subjected to further speculation (including the near certainty that Zygier was, well, killed in one of the “innovative” ways Mossad et al are rightfully so proud about).

    that being said, I agree with Richard’s characterization of the slimy Igra and the peripathetic Melman. Typical henchman’s noose salesmen. That giant mutant slug now petrifying a Texas neighbourhood appears rather more attractive by comparison.

  5. Richard, did not you claimed on December 11, 2010 that the “Prisoner Mr. X” was in fact Iranian Brig. Gen. Ali-Reza Asgari, who was kidnapped by Mossad-CIA agents in Istanbul on December 9, 2006 and died under interrogations in soliitary confinement in Israel’s Ayalon Prison? The Eurasia Review website also claimed that a source within the “inner circle” of the Israeli Defense Ministry had identified the prisoner as Gen. Asgari and that his death could have been a murder and not suicide.


    1. Eurasia Review reprints my work. Yes, at the time I claimed those things. But I renounced those views as soon as Trevor Borman’s first report was aired. I now know the intelligence source who offered the information about Asgari deliberately misled me in order to divert attention from the actual story, whose exposure would’ve embarrassed the Mossad, as it has.

  6. This what Ronen Bergman said in a Yediot article yesterday (Scan document was sent to Richard)

    “One can point few inaccuracies in the Australian report. First the bodies of the 3 dead soldiers are in Syria and not in Lebanon. Ziad Al Homs (ZAH) did participate in the Sultan-Yakoob battle but had nothing to do with the path the bodies took which lasted many days. But there is a grain of truth to the story, ZAH did meet with G’ and A’ to mossad officers in Thiland as part of operation Mountain Top”

    The mossad had known from the MID 90 exactly what happened to the three dead soldiers and carried out 3 major operations in an attempt to bring them home. The recruit of the Indian ( The code name for ZAH) was part of the smallest of operations and the most insignificant one.”

    Based on Bergamn, Trevor Borman – like you before him – is wrong, and taking things out of context.

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