6 thoughts on “Israel Social TV Video on Secret Israeli Military Intelligence Unit Engaged in Foreign Assassinations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for sharing this info with me and any Israelis paying attention. I mentioned to a notable anti-Zionist American law professor that Zionism is the most radical, extremist and terrorist ideology and practice in the world today. Zionist practices make Islamist Fundamentalism look like child’s play. He heartily agreed. You find hope in the revelations about Israel’s covert murderers, suggesting you believe that such exposure will have consequences through the Israeli public and world attention. We will see if it unfolds this way. It just seems to me that we’ve been here before and nothing of consequence happens. Not that exposure isn’t a great service, but will it matter to Israelis?

    1. Zionist practices make Islamist Fundamentalism look like child’s play.

      This is a distinction without a difference. How you determine whether Israeli ideology is worse than Islamist fundamentalism is beyond me. Not that I want to enter into this swamp.

      1. Sure, it’s a swamp. The statement characterizing the Zionist (and I do know and understand in part your sensitivity on this word) State as extremist, radical and terrorist has the virtue of novelty for many. Americans characteristically think of Israel and its government as just another state muddling its way through, like France or Greece. This is simply not the case and it helps to examine the special activities Israel pursues aimed at legitimizing the usurpation of an entire land and, as in your segment, ridding itself of opponents. (The operation in question alluded to in my post was the post by Al-Wada from Francis Boyle about how he witnessed various rugs or something being made in Gaza, bought up by Israelis and being sold in Israel, relabeled as “Made in Israel.” I had trouble imagining another country building its bona fides in such an under-handed fashion. But, I may just be naive.)

        1. I did not mean to suggest that Islamic Fundamentalists would not stoop to such long range targeted assassinations or charades like I described. It is just that they do not, probably because they do not have the easy global mobility and funding of Israeli agents. Or so it seems. I stand by my summary description of what has become of Zionism. My own feeling is that the expropriation of the OTs voided any lingering legitimacy in the Zionist undertaking, working back on the history and rendering it altogether unequivocally wrong right back to Herzl.

          1. Iran intelligence Savak – CIA – Mossad. The new Islamic state was initially eager to purge SAVAK elements from the new organization (SAVAMA), but that pragmatism eventually prevailed, with many experienced SAVAK personnel being retained in their roles. All members and agents are university educated and undergo an extended training. The best intelligence organisations are found in Israel and Iran. The war with Iraq was considered a “gift from God” as it established the Islamic stronghold across all sections of Iranians.

  2. Allow me suggest(if you haven’t alrerady)that you read Karen Armstrong’s excellent overview in her ‘The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam’.
    It will assist in navigating the ramifying swamp.

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