11 thoughts on “Chinese Intelligence Aware Israel Used China to Lure Lebanese into Spying – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If China has ties with Israel — be they economic, military, espionage, anti-Islamic, or otherwise — then it suggests that the BRICS nations, as a totality, will not be putting pressure on Israel of a BDS nature (as some South African pro-Palestine activists hope and have been militating for). A shame, and shows how the entanglements in the world make nation-state BDS (sanctions) unlikely. We know that the USA is a prisoner of Zion; the inactivity of the world suggests that the prison is more encompassing still.

  2. “he was brought face to face with Israeli agents who offered him $100,000 to betray his country.”

    So joining forces with Israel in order to combat Hezbollah means Mr. al-Homsi betrayed his country? I
    don’t think so.
    Since Hezbollah is more of a threat to Lebanese freedom and democracy than Israel is, Mr. al-Homsi is a patriot and no traitor.

    1. You, my friend, don’t get to determine who’s a Lebanese patriot unless you want to assume Lebanese citizenship. Al-Homsi was sentenced to prison by the Lebanese state which deemed him a spy & traitor. He’s lucky he only spent three yrs in prison.

      Why don’t you stick to mouthing off about Israel and stop sticking your nose into matters concerning Arab nations of which you know little or nothing?

    1. How do you know whether Lebanon was willing or unwilling to enter war? I’d say Israel was at least as responsible for provoking this war as Hezbollah. Yet not a word from you about Israel’s virtual declaration of war after a few of its soldiers were killed. In return, Israel killed over 1,000 Lebanese, most of them civilians. Not a word from you about the disproportionality of this.

      As for “bloody putsch,” stop lying. The violence was provoked by the Hariri forces who attacked first. Not to mention that calm was restored and the coalition which rules now came to power in democratic elections and Hezbollah is a member of this coalition. It does not run Lebanon.

      I find your deliberate hasbara and ignorance offensive. If you can’t argue using facts, and substitute opinions & empty claims for facts, then you are in jeopardy here.

      Over 30% of Lebanese support Hezbollah. I find your claim that these people do not love Lebanon to be racist and offensive. You are on notice. You are already moderated. If you can’t comment without being offensive your next step is comment oblivion.

  3. ” The violence was provoked by the Hariri forces who attacked first”

    Incorrect. Hezbollah and her allies reacted violently to what had been, a political crisis, and Hezbollah attacked first.

    ‘In about 12 hours, between May 7th and May 8th, the Hizbullah-led
    militias armed mainly with assault rifles and RPGs defeated in a series of clashes the opposing
    pro-government, mainly Sunni militias, and seized the buildings hosting the political parties and
    the media loyal to the “March 14”…’

    ‘The second phase took place in Tripoli, in the North Lebanon Governatorate, as well as in the
    Druze strongholds of Aley and Chouf, in the Mount Lebanon Governatorate, from the 10th to
    14th of May. The clashes killed at least 44 people and wounded at least 150. The most serious
    clashes happened on May 10th-11th at Aley, Mount Baruk and Chouf, and pitted the Shia-led opposition militia (apparently including some pro-opposition Druze fighters) against the progovernment Druze militia loyal to Walid Jumblatt. The fighters allegedly used machine-gun, RPGs and, for the first time, heavy artillery. Even in this case, the pro-government forces suffered a crushing and quick defeat.’


    1. What you’ve written in no way disputes my contention that the fighting originated from Hariri’s side. Hezbollah merely had superior manpower & firepower and overwhelmed the resistance. But rather than pursue fighting and attempt to take over the government by coup d’etat, Hezbollah eventually retreated and accepted a status quo. It is certainly powerful in the current government, but by no means dominates Lebanon overall. It accepts that it is but one player among many.

      BTW, you neglected to offer any proof that Hezbollah runs Lebanon, another false claim of yours. Nor have you proven that Lebanon objected to Hezbollah’s attack against Israel that initiated the war. There’s so much you haven’t proven, isn’t there?

      We’re done on this topic. You’ve wasted far too many words. Move on to another comment thread. I insist.

  4. Cancelling the Phalcon AWACS order grossly offended the Chinese leadership and demanded compensation. Israel used this also in leverage with the US for political and military gains under Bush. The Chinese, as could be expected, intensified relations with Iran on intelligence and cyber warfare. Breaking the code of the newest US RQ-170 Sentinel drone was most likely with assistance of China. Israel cut a deal with arch-enemy India and a $1bn contract for the Phalcon AWACS in 2004.

  5. “Thailand even had an attempted terror attack against Israeli targets that was allegedly masterminded by Hezbollah” At the time, it was Iran that was the “culprit”, not Lebanese Hezbollah …

    But the “professionalism” of the alleged perpetrators was so poor the general opinion here was that they could not be state-operated but manipulated !

    NB: Insurgents in the South are Sunni extremists, if they only could lay hands on a Shia they would slit his throat instantly

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