9 thoughts on “Social TV Video: Backroom Deal Between Labor Party Chief and Israeli Channel 2 Reporter – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So you are saying that part of the deal Yachmovitz made was that she will announce the Uri Sagie is joining Avoda ?
    You have so many friends in the Israeli left, i wounder why none of them told you why Yechimovitz was the one to announce it. The chairman of Avoda can bypass the regular procedure of allowing someone to participate in the primaries (inner elections) and accept their candidacy for the inner avoda election despite the fact that they do not meet the party requirements. The same method and announcement was in play when Omer Bar-Lev decided to join in, when Stav Shafir decided to join in, when Itzik Shmuli decided to Join and when Merav Michaeli decided to join, when Nino Abesadze decided to join and in other cases as well, all were leaked by Yechimovitz who even had a camera crew in the room. You should get yourself acquainted with the rules and regulation of Avoda party before coming with such ridiculous conspiracy theories.

    1. But that’s not the way she announced Sagi’s joining the party. She didn’t have a camera crew in the room & a press conference. She gave the story first to Matzliach for whom it was a scoop. I’d suggest before you try to teach me lessons about Israeli politics you read more carefully what I wrote & what I claimed and didn’t claim. I said nothing about what procedure was used to qualify him for the primaries. I spoke only about the actual announcement of his participation, which was indeed exclusive to Channel 2.

          1. Grasping at straws ?
            Is it i a known practice to run your scoops at your rivals websites prior to running it on yours ? Have you ever done such a thing ? Mayeb Matzliach didn’t want to attract attention and she gave that story to Yoav Itzhak first. Someone for what ever reason is treating you like a mushroom – keeping you in the dark and loading you with BS. almost all the stories i read on your site appears to be dead wrong.
            check your sources man, you are most likely being played by mossad.

          2. OK, you’re toast. Now moderated. Read the comment rules. If gratuitous insult is your goal start doing standup comedy. That’s not what we do here. If you have a substantive comment that pertains to the post, comment away. If you have other motives you won’t get another comment published here.

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