10 thoughts on “Petraeus Mess: Clean House at FBI – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Uhhh…with all due respect, there looks to be much more than meets the eye here. Broadwell’s Dad is saying the media reports are crap and we ain’t seen nothing yet. Ham, Allen, Petraeus, and Gaouette have gone down lately. Am I missing anyone? 500 former generals and admirals apparently took out an ad before the election, saying that they were voting for Romney. There’s speculation that Broadwell is a MOSSAD agent–which I can’t believe you’re not commenting on. There’s speculation that Gaouette was about to pull a Cosgriff (start a war with Iran without an order from the Commander-in-Chief).

    If Broadwell is MOSSAD (see Justin Raimondo’s posts at antiwar.com; I think he’s the one who lists all her ties to Israel and Neocons), somebody needs to ask whether or not we are currently at war with Israel.

  2. I would love to comment on this post, but since Richard seems to have banned me the last several times I have tried, I’ll save my breath. I’ll be watching to see if anyone else comes close to my unexpressed thoughts.

  3. I agree that the FBI seems, here, to have gone where perhaps it should not. However, two points.

    First, the CIA director having an affair allows for (tho doesn’t prove) a case for illegal pillow-talk, what with all the government secrets and all.

    Second, whatever the reasons for the pseudo-prosecution (or real persecution) of Petraeus (who, when he was a soldier was subject to Military Law which forbids adultery — or so I’ve read), it also appears that he has (it is alleged) in neocon style but as head of CIA manufactured “facts” to justify war against Iran, just as CIA did before the war with Iraq.

    This should be unacceptable to all Americans and his removal may have been for that reason rather than for the reason alleged. (Lots of high government people may — for all I know — have affairs and these known to FBI, going back to J Edgar Hoover and his secret files (for blackmailing ?). This knowledge may only, usually, morph into effective action when politically triggered (but by whom? whose politics?). “Affairs” are a bit like pre-dated letters of resignation, aren’t they?

  4. not so sure i understand the motives here.
    i am reading quite a bit that the general was totally sympathetic to the republican right wing.

  5. Also, it’s reported that Broadwell and Kelly are getting seriously lawyered up, which would seem unnecessary unless there’s more to the case than has come out yet.

    [But yes, if there is no more to it, then you’re right.]

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