46 thoughts on “Iran Should Get the Bomb: a Contrarian’s Delight – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So what will stop Iran from giving one of its nukes to Hizzbula or the Islamic Jihad (both known to be very pragmatic) ? Nothing. Let there be an Atomic wsr, the idiots will blame Israel anyway

    1. Great argument, considering it involves a scenario where muslims would nuke one of Islam’s most holy sites, wipe out somewhere in the neighbourhood of 3 million Palestinians as ‘collateral damage’, and turn their own backyard into a wasteland.

      The logic behind your position is breathtakingly coherent!

      1. What stopped Hizbola from bombing all the arab (palastinian) villages in the north of Israel during the second Lebanon war? Nothing. Most of the Israeli casualties were infavt arabs.
        What stopped Hamas from executing Patah personnal in Gaza? Nothing.
        What stops Assad from killing thousands of arabs in Syria? Nothing. What stopped Hussain from killing dozens of thousands of Palastinians in black September ? Nothing. What stopws Al-Qaida and Taliban from killing hundred of thousands of muslims and arabs world wide? Nothing

        Arabs / Muslims have no problem killing other arabs / muslims. Nuking Israel and killing palastinians on the way can be easily explained to the arab world. The Palestinians would be named “Shahids” and arab leaders will announce they died for a Holy cause – getting rid of the zionist cancer.

        My logic is is nothing but the harsh truth. After living in the middle east for 30 years i’ve learned how my belived neighbors truely act, and violance and killing their own kind means absolutely NOTHING to them.

        1. That’s great, but you still have to reconcile all that with the inconvenient fact that Iranians aren’t Arabs.

          By your own admission, your entire argument is based on your understanding of your ‘Arab’ and ‘Arab Muslim’ neighbours, which has pretty much f-all to do with Iranians. If you still don’t understand this simple difference, one has to question the coherency of your entire ‘logic’.

          As a question for you: if Iran truly wanted to annihilate Israel, why did it not transfer chemical weapons with appropriate delivery systems (of which it has enormous stockpiles) to Hezbollah in 2006, or at any other time in the history of the organisation?

          Why will it only give them nukes?

          1. Well , i didnt say arab muslims, i said “arabs / muslims” . Like the iraq-iran war, or the turkish- armanian-curdish war, or salah-a-din, or Muhhamad himself. Arabs / muslims have no concerns with killing other arbas / muslims.

            Simple point that cannot be defused. Muslims and arabs and muslim arabs and arab muslim kill there kind quite easily.

        2. @ Nir
          “After living in the middle east for 30 years…”
          Where did you live before ? And why did you come to an area with such bloodthisty neighbours ?
          Maybe you should learn Arabic and the multiple meanings of ‘shâhid’ before writing about it on a blog.

          As far as your statement about Arabs/Muslims killing other Arab/Muslims easily: they have that in common with the Israelis ! And at least they are not selective in their killing, such as the IDF !

        3. Hasbara time, baby! Another hasbarist coming in for a landing. Listen habib, read the comment rules. If you’re here to score propaganda pts in the global Jewish jihad against Islam & Arabs, you’re in the wrong place. You’ll find yrself first moderated & then booted out on your ass unless you read, follow & respect comment rules. Consider yrself warned.

          BTW, your “logic” is nothing but garbage.

          1. Im an Israeli guy who lived a couple of years in Canada, a year in India and currently living in Japan. Dont belong to any Hasbara project and dont work for the israeli government or any israely / jewish organization.
            Just a guy, with an opinion (one that is much different than yours, i guess that’s why the “liberal” guy threatened to ban me from this site).

            Im here to express the opinion that waltz’s ideas are usually crap. After taking international relation for 3 years i’ve learned to spot ridicules ideas from constructive ones.

            UNDENIABE fact is most of the western-liberal-democratic world sees Iran as a terrorist nation that arms terrorists millatent group with the holy cause of killing civilians. Waltz’s idea of aloowing this kind of nation to have to ultimate mass distruction weapon is nothing other than plain stupidity. This goes also to people who agree with such an idea.

          2. I see. So someone who barely speaks or writes passable English and took “three years” of “international relations” (whatever that means) is capable of judging the ideas of someone who not only has a PhD in the field but appointments at two prestigious academic institutions.

            Undeniable is the fact that you’re little more than a jabbering hasbarist parrot, and now moderated here. Read the comment rules if you want your future comments to be published. If they don’t follow the rules they won’t be.

    2. “So what will stop Iran from giving one of its nukes to Hizzbula or the Islamic Jihad (both known to be very pragmatic) ? Nothing.”

      What stopped the USSR giving a nuke to North Korea in 1950?
      Answer: Nothing.

      What stopped the Chinese giving a nuke to North Vietnam in 1965?
      Answer: Nothing.

      What stopped the USSR giving a nuke to Egypt or Syria in 1967?
      Answer: Nothing.

      What stopped the USA giving a nuke to Israel in 1973?
      Answer: Nothing.

      What stopped the USA giving a nuke to the Northern Alliance in 1980?
      Answer: Nothing.

      Oh, wait, something must have stayed their hand….. what could it have been?

      Could it be…. Could it be…… that nukes are soooooo powerful that you simply never, ever, ever let them out of your most tight-fisted control? Even to someone that you consider to be your proxy, or even your puppet?

      No? That thought had never occured to you?

      “Let there be an Atomic wsr, the idiots will blame Israel anyway”

      Funny, you know, but “the idiots” aren’t saying that. You are.
      They keep demanding a nuclear-free Middle East. Your guys are the ones who refuse.

      How odd.

      1. Nd which one of the above wants to have a world wide regime dominated by Islamic rules stated by him , and is willing to arm any milatent group with any means neccasery to achieve that goal ?

        Thats right. None. Only Iran

        1. Your crap about Iran wanting to have a world wide rgime dominated by Islamic rules is no more different than if I stated the Jews want to rule the world. You’re a little sh…. racist. Sorry Richard !

          1. Please, ho read the moto of the Revaluation Guard in Iran and then reply. At least i bothered to.

          2. “ho read the moto of the Revaluation Guard…”
            I guess that’s Japanese….

        2. “Thats right. None. Only Iran”

          Well, you’re half-right….. so that’s better than your usual batting average.


          1. Since Iran wasn’t in the list of countries in the top comment, my comment is corrent – None of the countries in the list above Have this goals. Only Iran.

          2. Nir: “my comment is corrent ”

            You have correctly demonstrated the first part of your claim. You have made not the slightest attempt to demonstrate the second part of your claim.

            Sooooo: half correct

            Which is actually infinitely better than your usual efforts. Well done.

      2. Well, to be fair, some think Israel might have helped apartheid South Africa acquire the Bomb, so there might be one example of one government helping a like-minded racist ally obtain nukes. But I can’t think of any others.

        1. Well, some think the US is responsible for killing millions world wide in the past 60 years for absolutely no good reason (Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq). so there might be one example of one government with citizens who think they have the right to critize other countries for action much (MUCH) less horrible then what their own tax money finance. Its called Hypocrisy i think …

          1. Blah, blah, blah. This idiot nonsense has been tried here countless times by the hasbara brigade diverting attention from the issues. This comment is OFF-TOPIC. ANother comment rule violation. Now you are moderated. ANy future violations will lead to your banning.

          2. Nir: “Its called Hypocrisy i think …”

            No, it’s called “a straw man”.

          3. Funny thing, Nir, is that a great many Americans who criticize Israel agree with your criticism of America here. I’m one of them. That’s because we see our unwavering support for your apartheid state as yet another shameful example of our hypocrisy on human rights.

            I never fail to be amazed at this form of hasbara. I first started noticing it several years ago and the funny thing is it is basically the kind of thing Noam Chomsky would write, except that Noam would of course link America’s atrocious behavior elsewhere with its support for Israel’s atrocious behavior. Noam is logical–you are not.

    1. Gotta admire Pipes for one thing: he revels in striking a pose that makes him look like a villian out of a James Bond movie.

      I guess if you are a meglomaniac then there isn’t much point trying to hide it….

  2. >>>Barack Obama could learn considerably<<<

    Obama plays tough across the negotiation table, but pulls the Israelis up by their short hairs every time they threaten attacking Iran. Maybe he already has and is deliberately misleading everyone to his true intentions.

  3. Great post, Richard. In true, triangular fashion, Waltz shows how the argument against Iran is inept.

    But, we should still not fall into the semantic trap of thinking Iran even wants a nuclear bomb. Iran has vehemently denied this, called several times instead for Israel to at least cooperate to the level Iran has cooperated with the IAEA for nearly a decade now, and to show proof for the accusations, for which Israel has provided zilch.

      1. One of the more delightful smears of me involved me rolling in petrodollars offered to me by Saudi sheikhs. I guess I better know which side my bread is buttered on & start defending my “friends” in Riyadh! For the irony challenged among you, that was a joke.

  4. the islamic regime of iran has e very lousy track record fomenting war and killing hundreds of thousnd irainians, persecuting woman, raping prisnores, stoning and amputating convicts etc. . real ‘tikun olsm’ whill be bringing democracy to iran.

    1. I don’t mind people presenting opposing views to mine about any issue here. But when you spout nonsense, make up claims, facts or otherwise, you waste everyone’s time. Comments here must contain facts, not claims.

      1. i think you dont realy know to much about recent iranian history? did you read the writings of the holy sayed ayyatolla rullah komeini? the holy man is a great comunicater. he expresses himself very clearly about his plans for iran and for the western world.

        the islamic regim murderd hundreds of thounds of its own citizens. i am surprissed you dont know that.

        1. I think you don’t know much about Iranian history, or anything for that matter.

          Since you’re repeating a lie offered by another commenter yesterday which I pointed out was a lie. And since you, like him, haven’t offered a shred of evidence to support it, which I insisted that he do, you too are moderated. Again, read the comment rules. If you make a claim, you support it. YOu prove it’s a fact. Since your claim is a lie, don’t bother. But if God forbid you do come up with credible evidence, let us know. Till then, you’re moderated.

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