14 thoughts on “Jewish Federation Cancels Geller Speech – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Forgive us for a critical question, but how do you think Geller gets so much time on major media outlets? A foreword to one of her books was written by John Bolton, published by Simon & Schuster, a CBS Corporation. Hardly fringe. The ADL labels her a hate group, but joined in the Park 51 debate at the forefront along her side. Hardly enemies.

    Someone with so much “baseless hatred” – to borrow the term Shimon Peres relayed to Vladimir Putin during his visit to his now pretty much overt client state regarding Iran’s desire to kill every Jew for fun – simply defies logic. Does not pass the smell test.

      1. Why are Rush Limbaugh & Anne Coulter so popular? Because they’re bloated caricatures of crazy, foaming at the mouth right-wing fury. Makes for good TV & sound bytes if you’re FoxNews or Breitbart.

        1. That’s a good answer, Richard, but is it true? Do you think these people all only have a profit motive? Is that why a head of BainCapital, who owns all of ClearChannel, including Beck’s voice, Hannity’s voice, and Limbaugh’s voice, is now running for President with the most unsurprising of endorsements?

          We weren’t born yesterday and neither were you. This person, Geller, like some of the people who post here, are bad actors and somehow fooling you into thinking “baseless hatred” exists. It does not. It defies all logic.

        2. I agree with this assessment. However, the commenter I was responding to wrote something that I found confusing. About something not passing “the smell test” so I was hoping for clarification on what they meant.

      2. You didn’t answer the question, Bob, and I clearly did above. You need to stop projecting your own psychological insecurities about Zionism and its criminality on to others. Zionists are the racists, not vice versa.

        1. What the heck are you talking about? I didn’t say anything about Zionism or Zionists. I just asked why you thought Geller got the attention that she did. You seem to not be clearly stating your opinion on this matter. Are you willing to be more direct about it?

          1. Your insinuations are as sophisticated as your seemingly “incompetent” analytic skills, hasbara.

        1. That seems like kind of a loaded question. Not sure how I am “controlling” the conversation. I asked one question in response to a post that another commenter made that I found mysterious. They asked a possibly rhetorical question about why Geller gets time on major media outlets. I’m not sure why they won’t simply and directly state why they think Geller gets the time she does on major media outlets (which is all I asked), but I am perfectly happy to drop the matter. Though I would mention that I don’t understand why that commenter isn’t accused of trying to control the conversation in light of their initial remarks and their various personal attacks directed against someone who merely asked for clarification about their obtuse comments.

  2. Just for fun I posted over on Atlas Shrugged that I live in Israel and I will be happy to have a Palestinian state next door to me. That I do not HATE Palestinians. They let it stay up for less than 3 hours before taking it down.

    The right wing hates democracy, freedom, and the free interchange of ideas. Just like all other totalitarian regimes. They have NO BUSINESS running the Jewish state.

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