12 thoughts on “Los Angeles Jewish Federation Hosts, Endorses Pam Geller’s Islamophobia – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How low can they get?

    Through centuries, the Muslim lands have been consistent safeheaven for Jews. In the darkest hours of the crusades, the Iberian deportations and the Holocaust, Muslims — individuals and societies alike — treated persecuted Jews as fellow humans.

    How low can they get? – Evidently they live up to their shitty name.

  2. You know, this is openly pushing for war as a necessary extension of religious beliefs. Why is the Jewish community doing that? Who isn’t Amalek?

    1. Or the same as saying “She has no problem with jews. She criticizes JUDAISM. And rightly so.”???

    2. This “Kafir Harby”-piece of s… – who should ask someone who knows at least a minimum of Arabic to get his pen name and the translation on his blog correct – is a “transferist”, claiming that the Palestinians belong in Jordan.

  3. We didn’t know the race card was so versatile. Whenever a politic issue is intertwined with religion, the end result is garbage. “Scapegoat Judaism? Why not?” Everyone in the world must be a Jew-hater, especially those Muslims who’s Prophet Muhammad based the entire religion of Islam on Judaism, or the Iranians who have assimilated and lived with the oldest diaspora Jewish community of all time since the building of the Second Temple by Cyrus the Great’s administration (2500+ years).

    Regular Jew, Jason Cohen, DDS, from Connecticut is surely going to be spat upon 1 billion people WITHOUT QUESTION if he just shows up and says he is Jewish. Because in the Qu’uran, it was written,

    “What’s point of life if not for using Jews as pinatas??
    Love, your Moon God
    PS – this may sound weird right now but you will know what pinatas are soon enough.”

    Or maybe that’s the next Mel Brooks play if I hold my breath long enough. Personally, I think it’s how they are born… all brown skinned and Middle Eastern… that makes them hate the people with the jackboots on their necks for 63 years. After all, the Palestinian air force, army, navy, intelligence services and more are heavily funded by our taxpayer dollars. They just make better use of that money by not having any costs. 😉

    And why would Persians be concerned about Israelis if but not for their Jewishness that causes them to lie about Iran’s nuclear program and try to wreak not just trouble but NUCLEAR FALLOUT upon Iranians by getting big brother to do the dirty deed for them? If they were only Shinto or Christian…

    Why, with 10,000 rockets the Philistines almost killed as many in Israel as the Mt. Carmel fire!

    And Israel is surrounded. Remember Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier captured while on duty defending the homeland (since 300 AD if you count the chewing gum my friend David’s great great great great great great great great ancestor placed under the rocks around the Dead Sea with an inscription: “the older David wuz here”) and all the rough treatment he received… after he was freed and paraded in front of cameras/paparazzi/Israeli Press like a Beauty Queen at the Homecoming and then tormented when he couldn’t be mean enough about his captors???

    So you be careful, Richard Silverstein ! 😉 😉 I think you should re-term your blog in light of our sensitivities (maybe a few more frown faces after you write “Iran” please) and also moderate us immediately as we are suggesting there is a conspiracy at hand and it may be between people that hide under the Jewish banner! Two or more people agree to commit an ongoing crime. Settlement building and occupation are internationally recognized crimes. Oh my! Tinfoil hats everyone!

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