11 thoughts on “State of Israel Dispossesses Negev Bedouin – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. From what I gather there was an attempt to use Australian native title legislation and court rulings as they were seen to be providing a precedence under very similar circumstances. It seem as if the judge wouldn’t have a bar of it. This will be different in the High Court. Ironically the Australian case was not only led by a prominent pro-Israel member of the Jewish community in Ron Castan QC, many others including people closely associated with Zionist bodies provided a lot of assistance for Indigenous land rights here. This event will really test them.(Some of the experts they brought to the High Court of Australia will be appearing in front of Israel’s High Court of Justice.

  2. Things are not going much better for the Sinai Bedouins. Have you seen this:

    Sinai Bedouins kidnap 6 Egyptian soldiers

    EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma’an) — Six Egyptian soldiers were kidnapped by armed Bedouins in the Sinai peninsula on Saturday, before being released shortly afterward, Egyptian officials said.

    The soldiers were abducted at gun point while on guard 5km from the Egyptian-Israeli border after masked gunmen arrived in two jeeps with unmarked number plates.

    Egypt’s army deployed dozens of armored tanks in the area, forcing the Bedouin gunmen to release the soldiers.

    Sinai Bedouin complain of unfair treatment and government neglect and press their demands by blocking roads and occasionally taking tourists hostage, releasing them soon afterward following negotiations with the authorities.


    1. So what does that have to do with the subject of this blog entry? Unless it’s the old hasbara playbook trick of changing the subject when cornered.

      1. Many of the Sinai Bedouins were originally inhabitants of what is now Israel who were driven out and forced to relocate to Egypt.

        Also remember that Sinai was occupied by Israel from 1967 until it was turned over to Egypt in 1982.

        The hardships facing the Sinai Bedouins, like those facing the Negev Bedouins are inexorably linked to Israel, and their fates are linked to one another in many respects.

        Egypt has done a much better job of integrating them into the fabric of their society than Israel has, that’s for sure. Israel seems keen on “urbanizing” the population at all costs for some reason.

        1. Thanks for your comment & I agree fully. Though I’m not sure how well Egypt has done. It may’ve done better than Israel, but there is still great discontent among Sinai Bedouin.

  3. Just as it does here, uproar about this dispossession will simply invoke the original dispossession at the root of the illegitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state. As one remains forever unconscionable, so is the other and therefore I believe that the Israeli judiciary is unfit to even hear such a case. I am reluctant to put my bet on a sympathetic hearing in a system built on the much larger dispossession of land and rights. It may be hypocritical of me to support a petition to an Israel court on an issue that it has no standing to adjudicate. Not that I won’t support such an appeal: I just want to note that doing so means dealing with a devil who will likely not incriminate himself with a favorable finding.

  4. I would not recommend donating money to this legal struggle. Not because it is not a just struggle but because it is like trying to change the system of Apartheid from within. All of Israel’s crimes and excesses have always been rubber stamped by the Supreme Court and there is no reason to believe that it will be any different here. The entire system is corrupt to the bone, as is the Jewish State concept.

    Money is certainly needed but it should be directed at dismantling the Apartheid structure altogether which enables one group of people to oppress and benefit at the expense of others.

    1. You are welcome to your view, but I remind you & my readers that a member of an Israeli indigenous people has appealed to us for support. I’d rather be dictated by his own needs & priorities than by yours. His tribe and other Bedouin tribes stand to lose their ancestral lands if they lose this case. Of course it’s important to dismantle the system, but this is not an Either-Or proposition. One can & should do both. Doing only one while dismissing the other is a false premise.

  5. “Checks should be sent to:

    Yoav Haas
    POB 1335
    Kfar-Sava, Israel 44113”

    I sent them $20. But at the post office, when I was buying the $1.05 International stamp, the clerk looked at the address & insisted that I cross out the number code & put it before the country. He said that 44113 was the ZIP for Cleveland, Ohio, & the automated system might mistakenly send the letter there.

  6. Achad Haadam.
    Eddie Mabo is dead so he can’t respond to you but when he started his struggle Queensland treatment of Indigenous Australians wasn’t very different to Apartheid and he fought his fights right through the entire court system. But you go ahead and be pure.

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