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  1. The latest misdeeds of a Mista’arvim unit: killing a Palestinian civilian in the West Bank village of Kafr Ranum.
    While using a Palestinian village for an infiltration drill, the inhabitants mistook the disguised soldiers for burglars and attacked them.
    Ynetnews only mentioned that a soldier had been dismissed after kicking a handcuffed Palestinian in the face [you see, we’re the “only-Democracy-In-The-Middle-East”], but “forgot” that another Palestinian was killed.

      1. Erratum: Before Bob Mann starts nitpicking: “killings” without “s”. Only one was killed.

  2. You may be aware that Mr. Barakeh is currently on trial with respect to the charges that you mention in your piece.

    I believe that, in the trial, it has been confirmed that undercover members of the IDF threw stones in the direction of their own colleagues. Those witnesses were not identified.

    There is an article in Ha’aretz on the subject:

    ‘Undercover Israeli combatants threw stones at IDF soldiers in West Bank’


  3. The False Flag tactics of the IDF Masada unit writ large is the story of Israel itself

    The spectacular Israeli success of pretending to be the victim of Palestinians and then using that to ethnically cleanse Palestine is a world classic farce and the Israelis that have been most involved with it are proud, proud as punch that the have aided the cause of Israel with such tactics

    The whole war on terror that the Israelis finally got the US to engage itself in, hook line and sinker, was only the most recent manifestation of this False Flag Plot

    Get the Arabs to fight back against the US for Israeli Lobby-generated malefeseance in the Middle East and for the AIPAC-enfored American support in aiding and abetting Israel setting up and Apartheid state – and then USE THAT Pearl Harbour to virtually enslave the US to Israel, fighting in the ‘Israeli False Flag Cause’, forever

    Hoaxing the US into attacking Iran for them will be a 1000yrs worth of hoax – the US will be fighting Iran and Islam for the next 1000 yrs if Israel manages to stagemanage the US into this next war for Israel

    Another 1000 yrs of billions per year going to Israel as well, of course

    Just like Mossad pretending to be CIA when they hired Jundallah – it’s False Flag all the way with Israel, which is why Israel is so dangerous to the US

  4. A few years ago, just before the wall that now surrounds and isolates the village of Al Ram was built, I was part of a parade that include a local youth band, villagers, some international visitors and a few Israelis including Uri Avnery. IDF and border police attacked us with sound grenades, tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets. A sound grenade exploded near my head and I now have to wear hearing aids. I was shot in the leg with a rubber coated steel bullet. There were several serious injuries among Palestinians. No stones were thrown. There were two or three IDF (…sorry that went off too soon.)

    …there were two or three members of IDF among us, disguised as Palestinians. The locals caught on immediately that they were Israeli Jews.

    A year later when I returned to Al Ram, the wall had been erected, 28 feet high.

  5. Israel has become the home, the epicenter, of False. The State has the main task of creating lies on a massive scale and distributing them throughot the world. “False” is the most universal “Product of Israel.”

    It is so thick and it spreads to the US with ease. The ingenuity, rather the “disingenuity,” of US groups like AMCHA and Stand With US is breathtaking in this regard. That’s why we need and value this site…for its vigilance and defiance.

  6. Nowhere in the article from Ha’aretz you quoted does it say the Israeli undercover forces threw stones in order to enable Israeli army forces to react in a certain way. It’s more than likely they threw stones so as no to be identified as “mista’arvim” by the Arab demonstrators.

      1. What is wrong with what Simone wrote? This is the job of Mistarvim. It nice to sit in Seattle and criticze the Shabas unit. A criticizm that is all based on dubious Ha’aretz biased report.

        1. What’s wrong with what she wrote other than it’s a steaming heap of cow manure?? Haaretz’s report is based on a verbatim account of the testimony of the mistarvim. Are you saying they police didn’t say what they’re quoted as saying in court??

          1. I really wonder how people can live in such denial. It reminds me of a short documentary I saw years ago about an exposition on Austrian Nazis. A women clearly identified pictures of her own father, she had been told for years that he’d been a leading member of the Party, but she simply wouldn’t believe it. In front of the camera, in the middle of the exposition, among dozens of photos of him in the German uniform, she still stuck to the image of a loving Dad.

            On the Mista’arvim, another article by Haggai Matar:

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