9 thoughts on “Israeli Hasbara Minister Edelstein Patrols Park Slope’s Mean Streets on Lookout for BDS and Delegitimizers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Rather than address the root of the complaint, these censors seek to simply mute it.

    There will be more complaints germinated because the behavior causing it has not changed. Indeed, in covering up for it, it has only gotten worse.

    Is it that people like Edelstein do not understand the root of the matter – that there is a people LITERALLY being occupied, subjugated brutally, undignified, murdered and then treated as the murderer? Or are they lying to protect their selfish and fundamentalist religious interests? Is the mission not done yet since there are many Palestinians alive and multiplying on Eretz Y’Israel? That is the moral question.

    Dalet-Beit-Reish. Dalet-Beit-Reish. Dalet-Beit-Reish!! Let not the Tomes be smashed again for the Golden Calf of occupation and land theft!!

  2. Boycotting products made with slave labor makes sense, in cases where such abuses are confirmed, but trying to stop people from buying anything made in Israel, China, Burma, or anywhere else, does more harm than good.

    This sort of activism, like the Occupy movement’s misguided effort to shut down ports, hurts ordinary people and the economy more than it hurts governments or changes national policies.

  3. Why does Barak Ravid’s editor put up with this shoddy journalism, anyhow? Makes the paper look really dumb. Or maybe they wanna be like FAUX NEWS – where factoids are mostly made up?

    1. Deb Reich:

      You respopnse is emblematic of just another card carrying ‘Israel no matter the cost’ proponent.

      Why don’t you tell us why it’s shoddy journalism.

      If you choose not to inform us of the detail of your views, then we may safely assume that your disposition is that of a bigoted Zionist.

  4. suppose the campaign had been to boycott products made on the Eest Bank — in this case, the Sodastream — rather than all Israeli products? Good chance the Boycott would have won by pinpointing the Occupation, not all Israel. Richard, you say it doesn’t matter, BDS won by being publicly debated. But suppose it HAD won, and suppose pinpointing the Occupation were BDS policy? Can you imagine the ruckus if the Coop had voted FOR such a boycott? And the impact? THAT would have been really winning. Shalom, salaam, peace — Arthur

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