5 thoughts on “Adelson’s Yisrael HaYom Doing for Gingrich What It Does for Bibi – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Always follow the money. Campaign contributions poured into Newt starting two years back. The “king” can be made in several ways. I believe that Media owners have infinite control over their enterprises such that they can censor any articles or bring others to light from a top-down command.

    Who would dare cross Rupert Murdoch on Fox News? We saw the censorship first hand. And his ties to UK politics, where two PMs were heavily implicated (countless more through those PM’s influential networks) and the head of Scotland Yard had to resign. The whistle blower was even deaded without a peep from anyone but Jon Stewart (a man who is dying to say what he wants on air but, alas, has to play chess).

    It’s not that complicated or conspiratorial. Even a VP or Managing Director at any given company cannot cross the CEO. No matter what. So, when the “crossing” of the CEO occurs when truth is told over the media, then the truth becomes collateral damage.

    Kudos on the analysis, Richard. You have tackled it from another angle and I agree that Newt will win the candidacy. I would predict Mitt for the “handsome” vote (it exists, let’s not deny it!) as VP, but Newt has already picked someone extreme as a potential Sec. of State. So, it’s quite possible that he will go with Joe Lieberman, Eric Cantor, Jon Kyl, or someone else just as Neo-con as the rest. Is Bill Kristol available?

  2. The only point where I disagree with you is that Adelson is after ideological purity. I believe that while he is on the right wing and would certainly not support Obama or a hypothetical Hillary Clinton candidacy, he is first and foremost a businessman and therefore invests where he can see returns. Even for a billionaire like he is, $40 million a year are a vast amount on which he would need to see returns, even if it is in the longer term.

  3. That salute of Newt’s on the cover of Yisrael Hayom makes me a little uneasy. Where have I seen that salute before? In photos and/or films from Europe, maybe? Perhaps from the period between the two world wars? I know I’ve seen it somewhere, but I just can’t seem to remember where…
    …Oh yeah, the parade grounds at Nuremberg!

  4. Richard, I’m hoping you’ll tell us if this item or the information within it is picked up elsewhere in the American or Israeli press.

    Of course it should be, but I wonder if it will.

  5. So Bibi has a mouthpiece newspaper? Maybe it’s all the talk about noted historian Newton Gingrich that has me thinking of history but wasn’t there a some German guy back in the 20th century with his own mouthpiece newspaper? It had a name that just trips right off the tongue….oh now I remember…it was called völkischer beobachter.

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