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  1. Very sorry about Gede. I know how hard it is to put down a beloved pet (who mean so much more than the word “pet” can convey). Courage.

  2. Two lovely and sad stories — about Gede and about the two men. Courage in your sadness about Gede. It’s always very difficult.

  3. My feelings go out to you all. I know how hard that is, putting a well-loved pet to sleep. I had to do the same for my 18 year old cat a year back and still have twinges of grief. But it’s the right thing. God bless.

  4. I’m very new to your blog. I read it every morning now. I’ve long been fascinated by the mess in the mideast and I’m enjoying your insight & thoughtful writing.

    I’m sorry about Gede. I’ve had to put a couple of cats to sleep. You know it’s for the best but it still hurts.

  5. Condolences on your loss. I remember Baba called the vet who recommended putting down our cat, who was sick. It was a sorrowful time.

    Every soul will taste death.

  6. My sincere condolences, Richard. I had a cat named Milo for 16 years. He contracted cancer. My wife and I spent thousands on chemo. His condition never improved, and in the end, we had to put him down. I really loved that cat. That was one of the saddest days of my life.

  7. Heartfelt sympathy for your loss of this dear girl Gede.

    It takes a lot of courage to spare her further suffering -to do this most difficult duty.
    Previous experiences taught me not to hold on to a beloved dog too long, and over the years, I’ve had to do that deed 3 other times, with #4, my sweetest girl ever, Honey, a rescued Basenji/Corgie mix, now almost 15 with a small abdominal mass. I understand & commiserate & send my condolences to you and the family.

  8. I had a dear friend named Teensie, who when I met her nearly 40 years ago was an illiterate black teenager from West Virginia who didn’t even know her birthday so we just made one up for her. She seemed to love our dogs and cats more than she loved most people in her life, and she would always say when one of our pets died that he or she had gone to dog or cat heaven. I suppose it’s a silly notion, but it’s always comforted me when I’ve had to say goodbye to a beloved pet to imagine that maybe there just might be such a place where they are all running around young and strong and free.

  9. How blessed for Gede to have been such an beloved part of your family, and how blessed you all have been to have had such an extraordinary dog! Time heals all wounds, but we never forget those pets that have brought us so much love and companionship. Sending love and healing thoughts your way.

  10. re: the uncle’s comment, Dog’s, and maybe all animals, are “people” in the deepest, best sense of the word.

    How few people behave as well as dogs, are as forgiving and open hearted? Luckily, these two men had hearts and memories as open, smart and warm as Gede’s. That’s what saved them both times.

    How lucky we are to have such examples of pure, loving generosity and acceptance to live with and learn from.

  11. Richard, my heart felt condolences for the loss of your faithful and loving dog Gede. I had and sill have cats and went – and will again go – through the same wrenching end ritual. Sometimes, when the world is a total mess I pause for a while to watch my cats play or just chill out, and it can be immensely comforting to know that there’s another dimension. We know there’s spirit in the world from our children when they are young, and our pets, and the occasional nature story about the amazing secret lives of animals not many of us get to watch in their natural state. The moment before we rationalize the how’s and why’s of everything, we sense the presence of spirit – and since it cannot be articulated we brush the moment aside, often all too soon. A life fulfilled in the moment – as Gede got to experience – no doubt at every moment of her life – is not something that our ultra-complex lives in the emotionally busy world of humans allows us to experience very often.

    Through our pets, be they dogs, cats horses or even fishies, we are given the gift of, once in awhile, touching the infinite. That is probably part of the reason that we domesticated some animals (such as dogs and cats) early on in the dawn of humanity. A counter-point – and a necessary add-on to evolution. We bond because of mutual need, which to the humans is spiritual, and to them – well, far be it from me to speculate.

    It is not surprising that we should so bond with members of another species – whatever the relationship is. It is only natural to grow immensely attached to those who bring the best out in us. We, pet owners, and animal care takers of all kinds, would like nothing better than to be able to be that which they seem to see in us, to be the benevolent being deserving of such devotion.

    And part of what our pets give us, the final lesson – and gift to us – is the chance to understand and come to terms with mortality. I often felt that one of life’s great injustices is that our precious pets don’t get to live as long as we do. But lately I think perhaps the reverse is true. Look Richard, even your greatest critics will pause for a moment and offer shared sorrow. And that, in a crazy world in which we are doomed to go around in circles, craving justice but seeing not nearly enough, is not a small blessing.

    Gede’s peaceful passing, and accepting your painful role in it, is her final gift to you. may she rest in peace and her memory be an echo of bliss – bringing a touch of lightness to your – and your family’s – life as you all go onward with it.

  12. Richard, I am so very sorry for your loss. Despite our differences, believe me when I say that I know and understand the pain of losing a beloved pet. It is just like losing a child. Please accept my sincerest, heartfelt condolences.

  13. A few summers ago I had to make the same terrible decision. Even now I cry when I think of my dog and wonder if there wasn’t more that I should have done. Dogs are the gentlest of souls; they teach us what unconditional love is. I wish you sincere condolences and thank you for reminding us time and time again that there is hope for peace even in Palestine.

  14. I felt to get back to this thread, because last night we had to put one of our 12 yr old to sleep, it came so sudden…too sudden.
    So much pain so much anguish. Life doesnt feel the same anymore.

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