33 thoughts on “Israeli Consul General Demands to Speak at Ilan Pappe Seattle Talk – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Professor Pappe has come out very clearly in favor of the one-state solution, so I would imagine Tor will be very agitated at the very idea of having to accept all those pesky Palestinians as fellow citizens, and the inevitable end to the Jewish state.

  2. What I still don’t understand is where are the current Foreign Ministry officials who see the train wreck Lieberman is leading to and yet remain largely silent. Just last week there was a story in Haaretz about how Lieberman had warped the Ministry recommendations for reducing tensions with Turkey into recommendations for supporting the PKK and recognition of the Armenian genocide. His version, unfortunately, made it into the papers. Is there not even one person willing to sacrifice his job and resign in protest? The Israeli public, most of which do not read Haaretz, are largely unaware of the depravity of Lieberman’s political shenanigans.

  3. Richard says:

    “Now, can you imagine the U.S. ambassador to Israel going to an Israeli sponsor of a conference about American politics and demanding the right to be added to a panel which includes two Israelis discussing the issue? Why would he do this?”

    And I think that that is key to understanding the organised Israeli response to criticism of Israel.

    Israel is the only ‘democracy’ whose officials behave in this way. I would be appalled if British diplomatic staff engaged in this type of activity since it is the behaviour of a guilty party and would suggest to me that there is something deeply wrong with my country.

    Only in Israel though, is the octogenarian scholar Noam Chomsky denied entry as a security threat. Only there is Norman Finkelstein regarded as the same.

    There’s much talk in Israel about the failings of its Hasbara. I would suggest that the Hasbara effort is itself a problem.

  4. Oh, the dastardly behavior of a pro Israeli asking to be heard before a church group; heaven forbid the congregants be exposed to anything other than vile anti Semitic bilge of Pappe – why, they might learn there is another side to the Jew hatred of their Church. Can’t have that, can we, liberals!

      1. I emailed Akiva Tor if he’d be ok with Ilan Pappe speaking at the Stand with Us meeting on the 18th, you know, that fair is fair. The reply was that he’d be perfectly willing to have a serious discussion if I would only identify myself. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Is his office serious or do they just want a name to put on their list?

        1. I can’t advise you on whether to identify yrself. But the idea that he would have a serious discussion with you I find unlikely. Besides, I’m not sure why you should have to identify yrself to have a serious discussion.

          1. Perfect speaker, if this is, as it appears, an Episcopal cathedral: Rev. Naim Stifan Ateek, Canon at the Anglican St. George’s cathedral in Jerusalem, founder of SABEEL, author of “Justice and Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation”, Orbis, 1989, and of “A Palestinian Cry for Reconciliation”, Orbis, 2008.

            It is an insult — to our intelligence — to suggest that Ilan Pappe can speak for Palestinians. He can speak for humane, ethical, brave Israelis, certainly. So could, and should, a member of Breaking the Silence. Neither Pappe nor members of BTS claim to be Palestinians, as far as I know.

  5. Jerusalem Post has today an article Ayalon airs ‘hasbara’ YouTube video on peace process. I assume that the video presented by a serving vice minister is made with the state money. The only view presented in that video is Ayalon’s, a view which nobody can say being neutral historic truth.

    If Israeli diplomats force themselves in discussions happening in foreign countries using the need of a balanced view as the reason for that intrusion, it would be acceptable if Israeli government would give to “the other side” an opportunity to present their view in Israeli propaganda and discussion events. But that is not happening.

    1. A proper reply to Tor might have listed many instances in which Israel has sought to stifle dissent in public forums and through legislation. I am reminded that just yesterday the Jewish pro-Israel East Bay community managed to intimidate the Oakland Children’s Museum Board to cancel the exhibition of Gazan childrens impressions of Cast Lead. Where is the fair, other side, thinking in this?

  6. Richard
    Your headline is misleading, the quote you bring says clearly that the Consul “requests” to speak, yet you change in in your headline to “demands” – a major difference!

    May I respectfully suggest a correction or update?

  7. I have to agree with the above poster with respect to the use of the word “demand” in your headline.

    Nowhere in the article is any “demand” made. It is clear from the excerpts that you provided that it was a simply a request.

    A request that, as you point out, was turned down.

    I’m not seeing any kind of demand in anything you’ve posted here.

    Why the use of that word in your headline?

  8. Tor was at all times respectful – firm but deferential. Your headline and tone do not do justice to Tor’s behavior and demeanor.

  9. Tor states the following is his letter, feigning perplexity:

    “Firstly, the topic is an excellent one. It is indeed perplexing that 18 years after the Oslo Accords, an Israeli-Palestinian peace treaty had not been concluded even though it is in the strong self-interest of both peoples. This is a topic that needs to be unpacked and analyzed by any group of people that wants to help and achieve peace between the two peoples…”

    For two decades the so-called Peace Talks have been rendered fruitless on purpose by Israel., as Israel has used them as a stalling tactic while it has continued ethnically cleansing Israel and while it has continued moving hundreds of thousands of immigrant Jews onto what was to have been a Palestinian State. Continuing colonizing of the West Bank has made a Palestinian State a non-contiguous chopped up land resembling swiss cheese, that would be totally controlled by Israelis. Palestinian Islets set among and bifrucated by Jewish colony connecting roads:


    For an understanding of the so-called generous offers that Israel has mad in the past, and for the reason that these proposals were rightfully rejected by the PLO, please read this brief article:


  10. Considering that an American called Sheldon-Elison (if you know him), is distributing a free newspaper in Israel and has just been able to decapitate Israel channel 10, which is one of the only 2 free TV channels in Israel, The Israeli intevention in internal American poilitcs is trivial.

    1. Trivial> Ongoing US wars at the behest of Israel are trivial? 4 billion in US taxes sent to Israel this year and more than 3 billion every other year is trivial? The condemnation of the US by the rest of our world for US veto of the world’s UN Resolutions (more than 100 GA resolutions, and more than 40 SC Resolutions) agains Israel’s illegal and murderous policies, including massive war crimes is trivial? Congress overlooking numerous violations by Israel of US laws, including The arms Export Control Act and other US laws that forbid trading arms with nations that use those arms in an illegal manner (such as white phosphorous and cluster bombs used on civilian populations in Gaza ands Lebanon) is trivial?

      I think not.

        1. Contrary to the lies of US leaders who are kept in power by Israel’s Lobby: http://america-hijacked.com/2009/09/04/the-best-congress-aipac-can-buy-alan-hart/
          Israel is no friend of the United States. Israel attacked and attempted to sink the USS Liberty, killing 53 and wounding 171 US sailors and marines., but Congress failed to investigate. Israel’s security, as it continues to attack its neighbors (4 of 5 wars since 1948 were started by Israel. the 1973 war was begun by Israel’s neighbors in an attempt to re-acquire land stolen by Israel in the 1967 war) and illegally expand its undeclared borders, is dependent on US taxes (4 billion this year) and military hardware and support. It also relies on US-imposed regime changes that keep its neighboring countries at bay:

  11. Richard,

    You know the real reason that Tor is in town on the 19th? It’s because he’s speaking at the Stand With Us fundraiser the afternoon before. They’re having a big event to celebrate Israel at the McCaw Hall at Seattle Center. I received an invite and it starts at 3:00 on Sunday afternoon on the 18th.

    Don’t you think someone should make sure that the people who show up at this thing know how bad Stand With Us is? Someone should let the people who are coming know what is really happening in Palestine.

  12. It’s Sheldon Adelson. It makes sense that Bibi would find support in the gaming industry in America, the sleaziest legitimate business.

  13. Israel’s Consul General’s demand to speak at this event ostensibly to interject “balance” is ludicrous, as Israel’s distorted views and its propaganda and lies are forever parroted by US media. Seldom do Palestinians get their say.

    For a look at how this has effectively kept US citizens in the dark about what this conflict is really about, please see this video:

    Also, for a myriad of facts on this conflict presented by Americans who were appalled at their own ignorance due to biased media:



  14. At least the consul is only requesting participation. Thirty years ago I hosted a Palestinian Christian in a small gathering and was visited by persons claiming to be sent by the consul (whoever that was) with serious retaliation. Things are getting better.

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