9 thoughts on “Pres. Perry’s First Two Executive Orders: Convert Jews and Hang Fed Governors – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I swear there are more dingbats running for president on the Republican side than there are residents in some towns in Texas.

    Yes, and that is because they know deep down that they have not a snowballs chance in hell of winning, even as American’s turn more and more to the left, the more kookier elements of the Republican party come out of the woodwork. Even the traditional Evangelicals right wing is turning left. It’s only the older, mainly low income, Bible Belt Evangelical that is still staunchly right. The younger generation is not. That is why they’re stuck with these world class losers, spongers, bigots and trash candidates

    That is why Rick Perry is making these loud statements about converting freely, why Palin hasn’t announced her intent to run yet. Allen West replied “Nuts” to a CAIR request asking him to distance himself from Muslim haters. If West were a serious contender he would have known that would sound the death knell for his ambitions. Most the one million dollars he has had donated, came from the tea party crowd, so he probably knows that he is only cheered on by a certain segment of the population, one that rouses the wrath of the average American. All these Republicans candidates wouldn’t be freely venting

    As it stands, there really is only one party in the USA today. The Democrats. Other than star quality, and an attractive persona, Obama has little to offer by way of “change”. He has been a disappointment.

    It could be that he is saving his bag of tricks for his second run as President where the much touted “change” will come about.

    Cynical anti American’s might even be wishing that a “tea party” candidate would win the Presidency, for obvious reasons 🙂

    Of one thing you can be sure, given his record in the race so far–upon election, his first two presidential orders will direct Jews to convert and the Justice Department to arrest Ben Bernanke for treason.

    more on this here:

    JewsOnFirst Reports on The Response
    Our eyewitness report on Texas Governor Rick Perry’s fundamentalist Christian revival meeting

    Special to JewsOnFirst.org, August 11, 2011

  2. Is there a website you can sign up for this? i just want to take a look i’m not going to give up my Pastafarian’s beliefs just yet.

  3. Mind you, the opinion that the decisions made by the Federal Reserve over the last decade plus have created rather than solved US financial problems is a legitimate stance. The point is that he’s just huffing and puffing. It’s a pose. He’s pretending he actually wants to address this real problem because a segment of the electorate is serious about it. But … in the end, he will be kissing Ben Bernanke’s ass and celebrating every bad decision he makes before he takes him to task.

  4. Ummm … the Ron Paul angle too. Just reading on it. Perry’s basically trying to take a chunk out of Ron Paul by pretending he is anti-fed. Since Ron Paul actually has the interesting, real, credible ideas rather than the same old tired pablum, each candidate will likely try to weaken and marginalize him by pretending to share his views only to immediately abandon them were they to become president.


  5. RE: [Perry] added, “I don’t know what y’all would do to him in Iowa, but we would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas.”


    (excerpt) James Byrd, Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African-American who was murdered by three white men in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Brewer, and John King dragged Byrd behind a pick-up truck along an asphalt pavement after they wrapped a heavy logging chain around his ankles. Byrd was pulled along for about two miles as the truck swerved from side to side.[1]
    Byrd, who remained conscious throughout most of the ordeal, was killed when his body hit the edge of a culvert severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another mile before dumping his torso in front of an African-American cemetery in Jasper.[1] Byrd’s lynching-by-dragging gave impetus to…

    SOURCE – link to en.wikipedia.org

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