18 thoughts on “Court Dismisses Neuwirth Libel Claim – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Congratulations, Richard.

    What does this mean for Rachel Neuwirth? Just a financial loss (legal fees) or anything else?

    By the way, can anyone tell me, are American lawyers obliged to adhere to a minimum standard of conduct? Is there a governing body that they belong to that dictates their behaviour and beliefs?

  2. I note in one of the past links, that someone mentioned Rachel Neuwirth is an Israeli, or dual Israeli, and elsewhere on the internet (Jewish Forward, I beleive) mention was made of her far right Zionist beliefs.

    What i’d like to know is this:

    If dual citizens, US/Israeli hold beliefs or support causes that are to the detriment of the USA, where do they stand? Since Kahanism is illegal in the USA, what about dual nationals who lend support to, (either openly or by endorsing these views through writing or blogging).

    Does the law require dual nationals to be loyal to the USA first or not?

    1. What is “loyal”? Are Congressmen “loyal” when they vote support for Israel despite the occupation, violence, settlements, wall, siege; and much of this declared illegal by UNSC and ICJ? And, more to the point, much of this inflaming the world against the USA? Is it “loyal” to inflame and create enemies?

      BTW, the quasi-dual-citizenship and apparently real dual loyalty (but what is loyalty?) of many in Congress is a potent fact in the world.

    2. Kahanism was declared illegal in Israel, but as noxious as it is, I don’t see HOW it could be made illegal in the U.S. THUS: Ironicallyl, these dual citizenship folks can only continue there hateful activities in THIS country, as, I’m afraid they are legally entitled to by the Constitution of the United States. There is simply no legitimate law compelling American citizens to be loyal, and this is as it should be.

  3. Congratulations, Richard. The court’s vindication must be an enormous relief to you and your family.

  4. Congratulation Richard.
    The place for any political debate is out in the open.
    Though i would categorize your things as harsh and borderline rude, i do not support such an action against you.

      1. Well Richard, it seems that the gratitude should belong to the Court, for FINALLY doing it’s duty. Best Wishes.

        Dave Terry, Libertarian from Oregon.

  5. Add my congrats as well. In general, opinion is protected speech. And truth has been an absolute defense against charges of libel in this part of the world for over 300 years. But california takes a long time to decide any case, it seems. Best wishes for continued success.

  6. Your lawyer was right – litigation is a crapshoot. Righteous cases can be lost, injust causes can prevail.
    I am pleased for your success in smacking down just another crude attack on free speech.
    You say: “There are so many faced with such legal intimidation who must fold in the face of it.” Not only is this correct, it is also minimal. That is to say, for every outspoken person who is subjected to “legal intimidation” by Israel-adorers (and as a result had, like you, a disciplined forum in which to rebut), there are thousands of persons who Israel-adorers subject to “extra-legal intimidation” (in a thousand different contexts) who, as you say, “must fold in the face of it”. It’s an undeserved humiliation that is hard to forget or forgive.

  7. Mazal tov and keep the blogs coming. In Israel, Gideon Spiro was thrown in jail for much less. Be grateful that you live in a country that is still democratic. When Avi Dichter and Michelle Bachman come to power, we shall all be out of luck.

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