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  1. Haaretz frequently reports on IDF wrongdoings and other affairs. It is considered a very “anti-establishment” paper. In fact, you use Haaretz as a source whenever it suits you. However, when Haaeretz deviates from your strange line of reasoning, you dismiss it as a “propaganda paper”.

    I think your mind cannot accept the fact that some Palestinians are actively engaged in trying to kill Jews. It’s the same thing with Samir Kuntar. You refused to concede that he murdered that family. I wonder whether you treat the murderers from Awarta the same way, they’re also innocent, right?

    In your views, Arabs never kill Jews. The Zionists simply vanish in a puff smoke into thin air.
    The tens of thousands of rockets that landed in Israeli towns were not imaginary. Trust me.

    1. “I think your mind cannot accept the fact that some Palestinians are actively engaged in trying to kill Jews.”

      As there are some Jews who are ‘actively enganged in trying to kill’ Palestinians?

      1. While the phenomenon is far less widespread – absolutely. There have been Jewish settler murderers and terrorists, including Goldstein and others.

        Fortunately, the Shabak is quite active in keeping such Jewish militants hiding under their rocks. I credit the Palestinian Authority for doing the same with militants residing in the West Bank.

        1. Fortunately, the Shabak is quite active in keeping such Jewish militants hiding under their rocks.

          That’s debatable. Why did Jack Teitel get to continue his campaign of mayhem for so long? Why is Chaim Pearlman still roaming the streets free after killing Palestinian civilians? Why are Jewish terrorists almost never sent to jail, but rather to mental hospitals, while Palestinian terrorists who kill Jews always are? Why is no one ever charged with violent crimes against Palestinians fr among the settlers? Shabak is pathetic when it comes to dealing with Jewish terror. They pull their punches because they’re afraid of a settler backlash.

        2. @ Izik
          “While the phenomenon is far less widespread”
          Oh, so when Israelis are killed by Palestinians, they are JEWS, but when those same Jews drop bombs on Palestinians – what did I say, ARABS and MUSLIMS – they aren’t JEWS any longer. When they kill little girls on their way home from school, they aren’t Jews ? If I get you right, dressing up in a IDF-uniform “de-judaize” you ? I think lots of Jews around the world is glad for that distinction. Maybe you should follow it all the way through.

    2. @ Izik
      Once again: your “some Palestinians are actively engaged in trying to kill JEWS” is just plain Hasbara. We are talking about ISRAELIS.
      And you use that Hasbara-trick, thinking that repeating lies make them become the truth Nobody said Samir Kuntar didn’t kill ‘that family’ except the Israeli psychologist Zvi Sela, and you’re simply so brain-washed &-damaged that you’re incapable of seeing nuances, just as with the Juliano Mer-Khamis case. In fact, you’re a liar !

      1. Hamas and other violent Islamist groups might disagree with you. At least, going by their covenants and stated goals. And as an aside, I’m not sure how wanting to actively kill Israeli’s instead of Jews would endear them more, at least in my case. Indiscriminate violence is indiscriminate violence, whether practiced by Israeli’s, Arabs, Islamists, ect ect.

      2. Well, I guess if they only targeting Israelis civilians, rather than Jewish Israeli civilians, that makes it OK. 🙂
        Surely, the teens who murdered the Fogel family and who slit the throat of a 3 months old baby, were not specifically targeting Jews, but rather Israelis – we wouldn’t want to accuse them of religious bias, that would be racist 🙂

        Cynicism aside, what is your point? That Arabs don’t kill Jews? That all terror attacks against Jews in Israel are Shabak conspiracies? That Samir Kuntar is a choir-girl and has nothing to do with murdering that family?

        1. If the settlements were built in a Buddhist or Christian region and Israeli would behave as it now has behaved the outcome would have been at least as bloody for Israeli Jews. Most probably even much worse. Israelis are targeted simply because they are the violent and cruel occupier side, not because they are Jews.

          Arabs could with much better “evidence” claim in their propaganda that Jews like to kill Arabs and especially Muslim Arabs because they are Arabs and Muslims. The Arab side can to show much more bodies during the past 6 decades. It is annoying to read your frequent claims that Jews are now targets of pogroms. Jews are unfortunately nowadays those who organize pogroms.

          The Fogel family stopped to be the innocent victims when the parents decided to move to an illegal settlement. If the family had lived in Israel they all would be alive today. Surely the murders were wrong and a reprehensible act, but so are the hundreds of killings of innocent Palestinians.

          1. You wrote:

            “The Fogel family stopped to be the innocent victims when the parents decided to move to an illegal settlement.”

            I’m sorry, but I cannot let that stand.

            The eleven year old child who was murdered was an innocent victim.

            The four year old child who also was murdered was an innocent victim.

            The three month old child who also was murdered was an innocent victim.

            Are there really people reading this blog who believe otherwise?

          2. 1. I did not claim that Arab currently commit pogroms against Jews – simply because it is not feasible. However, one cannot ignore the fact that for decades, before and 1967, Palestinian chose to regard Israeli, whether non-combatant or otherwise – as a legitimate target.

            2. There is a major difference between the Palestinian and Israeli civilian casualties. Israel does not target civilians, but rather the terrorists, who are often embedded deep within civilian populations, often intentionally. Just as NATO and the US regrettably kill civilians unintentionally, so does Israel. Palestinian terrorists, however, often take a liking to strapping bombs to themselves and blowing up in discos, or cutting the throats of little babies. By the way, Palestinian terrorists kill settlers and non-settlers alike. Their brutality is not limited to the territories, not that such a restriction would in any way make their actions less sickening.

            3. The fact that you see the Fogel family as being partly responsible for their own brutal murder shows the dehumanization process that Jews are currently undergoing by some members of the radical left and right.

            4. I will end with a positive note:
            The Palestinians have suffered a great catastrophe as a result of their violence in the second intifadah. The PLO and Fatah have currently rejected the ways of terror and have chosen diplomacy to advance their cause. This gives me hope that Israelis and Palestinians can eventually resolve their differences – not through the barrel of a rifle, but rather through discourse and understanding. I personally harbor no hate for the Palestinians and that eventually pragmatism will win over hate.

        2. @ Izik
          “What’s your point ? That Arabs don’t kill Jews”
          Those Palestinians are not killing Jews because they are Jews but because they are Israelis. If the Zionists had been Cherokee or Russians, the resistance would have been exactly the same.
          And I think you know that very well. I think it’s a very conscious strategy from the Hasbara (state-sponsored and private) trying to mix up Jews and Israelis to make the world forget that we’re talking about colonizers and colonised, about oppressors and oppressed, to paint the conflict between some eternal victims, the Jews, and some blood-thirsty murderers, the Arabs.
          “Blaming the victims” as says the title of a book edited by Edward Said.
          And I wonder: when Israelis kill Palestinians – and in a far bigger number than the other way around – do you also say “Jews kill Arabs” like in “the JEWS killed 352 Arab children during Cast Lead” ? or maybe “the JEWS killed 352 Muslim children during Cast Lead”. I’m curious to know.

          1. I don’t agree with you, deir.

            For a period of almost 20 years the Palestinians were under occupation by the Jordanian hashemit regime yet I don’t recall any attack by Palestinian freedom fighters against the Hashemite occupation.

            Similarly for close to 20 years the gaza Palestinians were under military occupation by the Egyptian regime yet I do not recall any anti-Egyptian struggle in the Gaza strip.

            In fact nether can I recall the struggle by the south Lebanon Palestinians against their occupation by the Beirut régime, nor the struggle of the trans Jordanian Palestinians themselves against the hashemit regime forced on them by colonial powers (Britain usa).

            The only logical conclusion is that contrary to what you claim it is not only the occupation per se that Palestinian terrorism is struggling against but occupation by dhimi Jews in particular.

            There is a definite religious angle to the Arab Israeli conflict that you seem to be ignoring. Hostile attitude of Islam towards Jews predates the political issue by many centuries as can be easily confirmed by perusing the holy Koran and many of the hadith.

          2. yet I don’t recall any attack by Palestinian freedom fighters against the Hashemite occupation.

            Hmm, I guess you forgot about Black September, during which the PLO attempted to overthrow King Hussein. In 1970, so a bit after Jordanian Occupation ended, but still relevant.

            for close to 20 years the gaza Palestinians were under military occupation by the Egyptian regime yet I do not recall any anti-Egyptian struggle in the Gaza strip.

            South Lebanese? What on you on about? Israel occupied southern Lebanon for many yrs. The south didn’t have to rise up against the central gov’t because Israel was there. Besides, the south is Lebanese. What’s to rise up against? YOu’re really trying my patience & arguing in bad faith. Besides yr arguments are so obscure as to be nonsensical. I don’t like yr style or approach one bit.

            You have not read the comment rules & I insist that you do so. The term “dhimmi” is prejudicial & also nonsensical, retrieved fr. historical oblivion by anti-Muslims. I’m offended by its use & by you using it here.

            The only ones who argue there is a religious angle to the Israeli Arab conflict are extreme Islamists, anti jihadis like Breivik, & extremist settlers. WHich group are you in? There is a POLITICAL angle to the conflict. The religious angle is a total red herring.

            And after Deir Yassin noticed yr fake, insulting screenname I’m inclined to look upon you & yr participation in a much more severe light. Take another screen name that doesn’t assume a fake identity that doesn’t belong to you. If you continue posting under this name anything you say that violates the comment rules will be considered carefully in determining whether you retain yr privileges.

            Egypt never made an inalienable claim to Palestinian territory as its own in perpetuity as Israel has. If it had, there might’ve been the same reaction. Besides, this is all crying over history’s spilt milk. Stop arguing about didn’t happen 50 yrs ago & stick to the present moment. Things are desperate enough now w/o having to dredge up meaningless pts of pilpul.

            An IP whois lookup shows yr IP to be located in Seattle, which inclines me to believe that you’re affiliated with Stand With Us. If you are & I find out about it you’re toast.

            Consider yrself warned.

          3. @ Jubran
            Isn’t it funny to see someone using a typical Arabic pen name mentioning the ‘dhimmi’ and the Hachemite occupation. I thought about that already at your first comment around here…
            Did the Jordanians not grant Jordanian citizenship to the Palestinians in the West Bank ? Were Palestine, Jordan, and the rest of the area not part of the same Greater Syria prior to European colonialism and the Zionist implementation ? Were they colonizers coming from Europe to impose a alien society on Palestinian land ?
            Did the Jordanians expel Palestinians from their native land ? No, on the contrary, many Palestinians from within the ’48-borders settled down in Jordan, even many years after the Nakba. And least but not last, dont forget the collusion between the Zionists and the King Abdallah.
            Here’s some other Jubrans from Nazareth, proud Palestinians playing for Palestine in the European Parliament:

          4. Sorry. I forgot to mention: there an Arabic transcription, and an English translation of the poem by Mahmoud Darwish that you can hear recited by Darwich himself from min 2:55.

          5. this is a reply to richards comment:

            Hi Richard-

            As you correctly note the black September events broke out 3 years AFTER the hashemit occupation of Palestinian territory was over. The fact remains that during 20 years of Hashemite occupation the Palestinians never rose up despite being occupied by a foreign power. Similarly the Palestinians in Gaza never rose up against the brutal Egyptian regime forced on them.

            The people of south Lebanon (up until the Litani River), Golan Heights, and trans-Jordan are Palestinians, being all part of the original post WWI territory of the Palestine mandate. They where ceded to various other country’s as part of colonialist machinations between the British and French. When you state that “the south IS Lebanese”, you are merely accepting the arbitrary borders imposed by colonial powers without seeking the opinion or interest of the indigenous population.

            The fact that all these forms of foreign occupation didn’t lead to popular uprising is a clear indication of the religious dimension of the conflict. It seems that the Arab world is perhaps troubled by occupation but is especially troubled when occupation is committed by non-Moslems.

            In the Arab world religion is still very much part and parcel of the popular worldview and individual self perception. Thus, concepts such as dhimi, although rooted in ancient lore, still carry potency and influence the basic worldview of the population.

        3. @ Re-Izik
          Reading your remarks on Samir Kuntar I realize, once again, that you simply don’t understand plain English.
          You don’t seem to understand what “nobody said that Samir Kuntar didn’t …”means. Maybe you should ask someone to translate.

        4. The point is pretty clear: The use of the word “Jews” makes the statement both global and religious when the “killing” involved in regional and political. It is about Israel, not about Jews. One of the very worst tricks of the Zionists has been to link Judaism with Israel, making Jews unrespectable globally for the deeds of few racists running Israel and the IDF. This is not even a nuance. Get ir right.

      3. This is actually quite funny.
        No matter what I say, you will attack me and my argument just because I’m a Zionist and I don’t appreciate it when Palestinian terrorists try to kill me.
        If I say that the sky is blue, you will likely respond by saying that “That’s Hasbara rubbish! You have been brainwashed!”

        Are you an automaton?

        1. You seem to have no idea what it means to say “I’m a Zionist.” It is to admit to decade after decade of aggression and deceit, to the dispossession and erosion of an entire people. I certainly object to most everything you have to say.

          1. No, that is not what being a Zionist meant. In fact it is you who has no idea what it means. Being a Zionist means supporting a homeland for the Jewish people in Palestine/Israel. That’s all it means.

            As for what has happened with the Zionist movement, the inception of Israel, and subsequent events – that is only one manifestation of Israel and its actions, and not inherently Zionist in nature.

          2. I don’t agree w. the blanket denunciations of Zionism issued lately in this thread. But I think Shai’s definition is a bit too pat as well. Zionism is a problematic ideology, born in sin. But I believe that a Zionism can be formulated which repents of that sin & discovers a way to embrace the destiny of 2 peoples in this place.

          3. That is not what it means to say “I”m a Zionist”.

            Most American and Israeli Jews are Zionist.

            They may have differing definitions of what this means, but most feel comfortable under this rubric, as the owner of this blog, who is himself a progressive/critical Zionist, has pointed out.

          4. It’s off-topic a bit but Zionism, the homeland for the Jewish people, is aggressive because such a homeland implies dispossession of another people from a homeland. The “single manifestation” you suggest is, in fact, the logical outcome of basic Zionism. It follows from the innocent sounding “homeland for the Jewish people.” That’s the part I didn’t “get” until recently: All the aggression and lies were there from the start, from inception.

    3. Itzik,
      If this the best Abu-Sisi was able to come with,
      he was a much grater asset to the State of Israel working for Hamas, then he is now.
      This is so funny, that i seriously doubt the sanity of the Shabak folks who interrogated him.
      There are two options:
      1. He was recruited to Shabak, and he’s going via the motions now.
      2. He was setup by hamas.

    4. First, yr comment is off topic. Second, I said that the Samir Kuntar thread was done & you’ve reopened it. That’s very bad form around here.

      You’ve mischaracterized my view of Kuntar. I believe he is guilty of involvement in the murder. Whether he personally was the murderer or another of his comrades was is less clear. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t deserve punishment. And if you bring up the subject again you’ll be moderated.

      Third, you’ve mischaracterized my views about Haaretz, which I’ve explicitly stated numerous times here.

      Haaretz is not an anti f paper unless the establishment consists only of rabid right wing settlers. It is of course far to the left of YOU, which makes it flaming Bolshevik. Haaretz is a liberal Zionist paper w a decidedly liberal pro capital economic perspective.

      Some Haaretz reporters are very good & some very bad. Just like other papers. If u read this blog more frequently i’ll get a sense of which is which imo. Needless to say everything u wrote about my views is nonsense.

  2. Haaretz can HARDLY be considered “Anti-establishment”. that may have been true, a couple of years ago, but nowadays, under the new management, it’s another right-wing Shmatta, towing the Bibi line. And just because it has a handful of Liberals, it does not make it so.

    as for the “Palestinians trying to kill Jews” horse–it, there has been more Palestinians Killed, the the past year, than Israelis (Not “Jews”–“Israelis”).

    For Dirar Abu-Sisi, show me the money. A scribbling on a piece of paper does not constitute evidence. Any Shoteh in the shabak can concoct that. Nor a “confession” extracted by torture.

  3. The crude drawings ascribed to Abusisi are a sad and ugly reminder of the evidence used to execute Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in the US more than 50 years ago. Isn’t that Mr. Silverstein’s main point? Powerful states eagerly adopt immoral/amoral means to demonize those who fight for their human rights. Please address the extremes and abuses of Israel’s national security apparatus (and their partners in crime, the US’s “empire-at-any-cost” black-bag freaks).

  4. @Izik & fellow hasbaRats:
    …..it is mind boggling to read such paranoid diatribes.

    Consider that over the years since 2000, according to Reuters and Ynet news, there have been 22 Israelis and 1 Thai national killed in Israel as a direct result of crude homemade qassams fired over this eleven year period.

    Further it was not tens of thousands of rockets as you imagine…(but understandably so since each rocket fired is reported at least 10 times over) so it seems as if it might be tens of thousands.

    The number of rockets, 2,496, according to an Israeli Intel Heritage Ctr report (published in 2008 thus excluding 2009 10 & 11) the numbers went from 5 qassams fired in 2000, to 155 (03), 281 (04), 179 (05), 946 (06), and 896 (07). What can the Army do but ‘defend’ itself from those encaged people– they’ve led a number of incursions- at least 3 in 2004 & a few others, prior to the aerial blitz of Cast Lead 2008/9.

    Here’s another part you seem to ignore–Palestinian Fatalities.
    According to the most conservative reports I’ve read about the numbers of Palestinians killed, either by IDF or by Israeli civilians in oPt or inside Israel between Dec 2000 to May 2011 – 6501 Palestinians have been killed.
    Notice the ratio 22 : 6501.

    Of that figure, 1325 killed were minor children in West Bank, Gaza and Israel by Israeli ‘security’ forces & 248 Palestinian police officers inside police stations.

    Whenever I read such distorted bleatings about the vulnerability of Israelis the truth is that Palestinians
    (both occupied and non-occupied) are the victims of Israeli carnage often in their own beds, homes, fields, or schools when they are murdered by Israeli “defensive” forces.

    As I recall zionists hated & killed their British ‘occupiers’ despite favoritism shown repeatedly for zionists even to the point of training and arming 14,000 Jewish defenders in the 30s. One of the many reasons settler Jews were amply prepared to fight in ’48. If you were Palestinian how would you cope?

    1. @Miriam:
      Your numbers are all over the place. For example, for the Palestinians you count those killed in both the West Bank and Gaza, while for Israelis you count only those killed by rockets fired from Gaza and ignore the hundreds killed by suicide bombings over the years.
      Bottom line, there’s not much to discuss if you don’t have the basic facts right.

      1. Go ahead, Sam, put the victims of suicide bombings in. It won’t change the fact that Israeli fatalities pale in comparison to Palestinian fatalities. Numbers are important, aren’t they?

  5. You are wrong, Miriam

    The number of rocket and mortar attacks from gaza to Israel is something like 11,000.

    Number of injured is more then a thousand and there is enormous psychological and economical damage.


    Any normal country has an obligation to protect its citizens from such terrorism. Assuming that abisisi is what Israeli intelligence thinks he is he should be punished and locked away for a very long time.

    1. RE: “Number of injured is more then a thousand and there is enormous psychological and economical damage.” ~ jubran

      MY REPLY: And let’s not forget about Israeli pets. They were especially traumatized during Israel’s attack on Gaza in Dec. 2009 and Jan. 2010 (resulting in the deaths of 1,100-1,400 Palestinians, many of them civilians).

      SEE: State to help fund treatment of pets hurt by rockets, By Erez Erlichman, Ynet News, 01/06/09

      With cats and dogs facing rocket threat just like their human companions, Agriculture Ministry decides to help pay for medical care of pets injured by rocket fire.

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3651173,00.html

      1. So what are you arguing, dick? That Israel should simply ignore the Palestinian rocket offense? That grad missiles should be allowed to keep on dropping on Israeli civilians in beer sheva?

        1. “Dick” is not my name you stupid moron. It’s more like what you are. You’re now moderated & I’ll be only so happy to ban you if you cross the line again.

          The rest of yr comment is puerile nonsense which I’ve responded to specifically at least 20-30 times before. Do some research & find out how I’ve answered these questions earlier. I’m tired of repeating myself.

          1. @ Richard
            Jubran’s comment is a reply to Dickerson’s comment, and not to you. I guess that’s where the ‘dick’ comes from. It’s just underneath and addresses the content of Dickerson’s comment.

          2. For a person committed to peace you seem awfully hostile to people visiting your blog.

            I don’t engage in ad hominem and didn’t call you a dick. I was using shorthand in reference to dickersons previous comments. No need to attack me. You probably know the famous rabbinical dictum: הוי דן את כל האדם לכף זכות.

            Unfortunately Dickerson still didn’t explain to me how a responsible government should respond to constant missile attacks. Perhaps he has no answer.

      2. Unbelievable..about the pets. It is a measure of the sickness at the heart of Israeli society that pets should now number among the aggrieved parties in the midst of the on-going human disaster. It brings Blondi to my mind, that beautiful creature. Such hypocrisy.

    2. Ah, so if we accept yr stats (which we don’t, but just for argument’s sake…) 11,000 rockets fell on Israel of which perhaps 20 killed anyone & perhaps another 50-75 did any serious damage. Yet, the thousands of Palestinian civilians killed by the IDF during the same period are chopped liver?

      Assuming that abisisi is what Israeli intelligence thinks he is

      Again, why should we “assume” anything like this given that Shabak has presented nothing but shoddy laughable evidence. If you have any real evidence bring it forth & then perhaps we can “assume” Abusisi’s guilt. Till then, stop wasting yr breath & our time.

  6. WOW! That’s some very sophisticated engineering on the part of Abusisi. I imagine Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon etc. are insanely jealous!
    We can only hope that M.I.T., Rensselaer, Cal Tech etc. will one day be able to produce such accomplished engineers.

    1. Engineers who are able to Google ‘the Bernoulli formula’? or to ‘Altavista’ “how to build an atomic bomba”? I highly doubt that, it takes hundreds of millions of Iranian U.S Dollars to accomplish that!

    2. Can you imagine a rocket engineer using the internet to design some of the worst, most inept rocket systems existing on the planet which have done almost no damage inside Israel? This is the “Werner bon Braun” Shabak is foisting on the Israeli public as Hamas’ “rocket man.”

  7. Am I the only one who sees this drawing as a joke that it is?
    BTW, the date on the drawing is March 8, 2010, not 2011 🙂

  8. Sorry, I somehow jumped to the comments section before looking at the end of the post…
    But the date is 2010.

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