28 thoughts on “Abusisi to Shabak: I Left Gaza Because Hamas Threatened Me and My Children – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This reminds of the famous joke:
    A CIA agent, KGB agent and a gSS agent meet in some conference in Siberia , and make a bet, who is the first one to catch a polar bear, is the better spy. The CIA uses satellites and thermal cameras, and within 20 minutes have the polar bear in their hands. The KGB, knowing Siberia well, uses no equipment but shows up with the bear within 30 minutes. An hour passed, a day passed, a week passed and no one hears from the gSS guys. Eventually, they are found in the basement of an abandoned pub, beating an old dog tied to a chair; “confess you are a polar bear! confess or we will tear your tail off!”

    Also, here is some more ‘evidence’ of Dirar ‘Von Braun’ AbuSisi engineering skills;

  2. Concerning the Israeli reporting on this story, and to refute once again the claim that Israel is a “vibrant democracy”, in Reporters Without Borders’s annual ranking, Israel is listed no 86 in 2010 within the Israeli territories, and no. 132 extra-territorial (that is the OT).
    In 2009, Israel’s ranking was 93 / 150
    In 2008, 46 / 149
    In 2007, 44 / 103
    The freedom of the press within the state of Israel has thus heavily deteriorated over the last couple of years.
    Scroll down to the bottom.

        1. I was thinking that perhaps he’s a friend of Doron Zahavi or has some police experience given the imperiousness of that command. Unfortunately, we believe in democracy & free speech (within the comment rules) here & people can’t commandeer the discourse.

  3. Is there any evidence for this “Abusisi tried to leave Hamas and they threatened him” story besides leaks from the interrogation sessions? Because if that’s the only foundation, I would hesitate to build conjectures on it.

  4. This story makes me think of my great aunt, who, when captured by SS in Warsaw, taken to Pawiak Gestapo Headquarters in Avenue Szucha in Warsaw slaps an SS officer in full view of his troops and is killed instantly with a bullet to a head.

    ” God one knows what they would make her say in interrogations ” explained my family to me ” it was they only way she could have saved herself, her family, friends and colleagues”.

    It took me sometime to understand how suicide can be a form of saving oneself when faced with torture.

  5. Interestingly enough, the guy hasn’t (yet?) confessed to having killed Arlozorov.
    It seems the GSS is going to the dogs.

  6. It’s amusing how you go into describing this elaborate conspiracy theory – all while ignoring the most straight-forward conclusion:

    Israel kidnapped the right guy, a Hamas rocket engineer, and he has provided Israel with pertinent information regarding his activities.

    Or perhaps there are no Hamas weapon designers at all, and those rockets magically appear from thin air and land into Israeli towns and cities.

    Eva – the comparison of the Shabak to the SS is truly shocking and sick. Are not the Jews entitled to act in self defense and arrest those who are preparing weapons designed SPECIFICALLY at targeting civilians?

    Such hate.

    1. Give us a break & stop w the self pity. She didn’t compare Shabak to the Gestapo except in 1 regard: torture, which everyone concedes Shabak uses. Now if Shabak would renounce torture I would call any comparison to the Gestapo treif. But will it? You come back here & let us know when it does & I’ll be the first to rejoice.

      If Shabak’s version is right, can u provide any actual evidence that it is aside fr a forced confession? I’ve discredited virtually every concrete claim offered by Shabak so far over the past few months. I’m still waiting for one that actually is credible.

      As for Shabak having a right to defend Israeli security, if that’s what they did I’d have no problem with it. But Shabak is a cross bet Beria’s NKVD & the Basij. They see their role as protecting Israeli Jewish privilege & criminalizing Israeli Palestinian citizens. Besides, they never seem to be able to prevent Jewish terror or put away Jewish terrorists once they’ve killed innocent people.

  7. @ Izik
    “Are not the Jews entitled to act in self defense”
    This is not a matter of “Jews”, but of Israel. We know the refrain of that old song….

        1. You do what you like, but aren’t the israelis allowed to defend themseves? Not from anyone? Ever?

          Do they have to take it on the chin and just shut up? Or commit Hara Kiri?

          Out of interest what do you suggest then?

        2. Actually, what should Israel do in response to today 3 simultaneous attacks? And what would the US do in such a situation?

          1. The U.S. has peaceful relations with all its immediate neighbors. But in the past we’ve committed many of the same kinds of atrocities against our neighbors that Israel is doing now. It hasn’t endeared us to history just as Israel doesn’t endear itself to anyone w. its behavior.

  8. That’s exactly the trouble with torture.

    Beside the horrific suffering of the individual and the collective degradation of humanity, there’s no credibility whatsoever to conclusions drawn and presented by a torturing organisation.

    Torture anyone enough and they’ll provide you with “evidence” supporting anything. But they’ll never provide evidence, only “evidence”.

    1. I understand your reasoning, but why are you certain that the Shabak tortured Abu-Sisi for information?

      Is it so inconceivable that Israel actually managed to capture a Hamas weapons designer?

          1. To firmly conclude that after thousands of words written here and scores of hrs of research & contact with individuals connected with the case on 3 continents that my certainty about the case is “silly,” is far beyond silly. It’s preposterous.

      1. Why am I so certain of torture. Because I know his attorney, Tal Linoy & if he claims he was tortured, as have almost all Palestinian security prisoners, I believe the claim. But I’d phrase it differently: why do u believe the hollow claims of Shabak that they don’t torture? Even yr Supreme Court has admitted they torture. They were supposed to stop by order of the Court. But when it comes to security matters the military & intelligence apparatus often (as opposed to the U.S.) ignore them.

      2. As the GSS applies torture routinely against Arab prisoners, one tends to assume that this abductee would be no exception.

        Again, this is exactly the credibility problem of torturers – the confessions they invariably obtain are utterly worthless (outside Israeli courts and their famed 98% conviction rate, that is).

        1. If all the alleged torture managed to produce was a few drawings at the level of a 5-y-o and a false name or two of Ukrainian professors who don’t exist, then one might want to advise the shabak on “improving” the torture methods.

          And on the other hand, if their torture methods got a serious confession from Abu-sisi, then even if the evidence may not be admissable in court, being attained by duress, that does mean that what he confessed to is nescessarily false. Sometimes people confess to the truth under duress and don’t lie.

          Moreover, the main purpose of a shabak interegation is not to get a conviction (if there is grounds for an offence the file is passed over to the police who continue the investigation). The shabak is after intel which will lead to understanding who belongs to who and is what is behind what in order to prevent terrorism or other security related problems. A court case is far from their priority.

  9. Wow that drawing is interesting. I am also an engineer by education and so a potential rocket “designer”. I did draw more “convincing” rocket designs after the age of 5. Write to Google’s image search “rocket children drawing” and you get tens of thousands more sophisticated rocket “designs” than this “evidence”. If Israelis consider such pictures as a real evidence they must arrest most of the male child population in the world.

    If this rocket picture is by Israeli judges, media and public taken as critical revealing evidence there is something seriously broken in the Israeli ability to accept the reality. Because they publish this kind of a naive evidence reveals that the local Gestapo has basically no real evidence. But they can’t let Abusisi return to his family because to many international crimes were made to catch him, so they have produce more rocket pictures using all creative Israeli interrogation methods (= torture).

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