31 thoughts on “Iran Assassination: Melman Hints Israel Killed Wrong Man – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sure there’s another choice. I just hope it’s not the one taken. Actually, a third and better choice would be to just do nothing. Iran may not even be seeking to build a bomb.

  2. Richard you are fully right, only solution is negotiation, but and there is a big but because israel will never accept that. Looking back in israels history regarding negotiations (or lack of them) stems from the fact that they never compromise. Its either, “go with us or get killed”-type of mentality.
    Another vital impact would be if the world community started to apprach the nuclear issue on a more just and legal issue. Its just plain stupid to think that Iran will end its nuclear program taking in regard that Israel but also Pakistan, India etc have nukes and get no sanctions what so ever not to mention that Iran is a threatened country and the nukes might be the only thing shielding off an attack. I think van Creveld put it simply in this videoclip:

    Iran just acting like any other state would do.

    All these killings are of course a work by israeli intel. Just remember how they murdered iraqi scientists etc when they wanted to build missiles? Wasnt even Tzipi Livini one of the assasins back then?

  3. why do they hate us????

    [ps. the fact of the matter is, Iranians do not hate Jews; zionists, however, hate Iran. Why?]

    1. Bassam, it’s probably connected to the fact that Israel is invariably refered to as the “Zionist entity” instead of calling us Israel. That kinda says something about what they think of us.

      1. Considering the status quo in Israel, is it not the “Zionist entity”? If Zionism is such a good thing then why would you consider that description derogatory and take offense? After all it’s not like they’re referring to it as the Nazi entity; unless of course you feel Zionist has negative connotations. Are you not proud of Zionism?

        Palestinians have suffered a grave violation of their rights over the years. Why should ANYONE, let alone Iran, pander to and mollycoddle the Zionist state anyway when Israel is actually an Apartheid State. Iran should be using the term “apartheid state” to be really accurate.

        Why legitimize a pariah? Israel has a choice to abide by International Law, to return to 67 borders, to do right by refugees and allow for a Palestinian state or to give Palestinians FULL RIGHTS in one state. That is the only road to legitimacy. Until then “Zionist entity” is a slap on the wrist and Apartheid State is how we should all refer to Israel.

        The reason “Zionist entity” offends you is because Zionism has evolved into something ugly and you know it and we all see it.

    2. Zionists do not hate Iranians, nor does Israelis (which is a different thing from Zionists).
      Where did you come to this way of thinking ?
      In fact Zionists appreciate the Iranian people.
      It was Iran authorities who cut relations with Israel after the revolution and not vice versa.
      Before the revolution, there were close ties between the countries. In fact some of your friends may be living in buildings my father had build in Bandar-Abas and Bandar-Bushir.

      1. “nor does Israelis (which is a different thing from Zionists”

        “In fact Zionists appreciate the Iranian people.”

        First of all, if Israelis aren’t Zionists, I don’t know who is! Secondly, when you point hundreds of nuclear weapons in the direction of Iran, this is NOT “appreciation”; this is hostility. Israelis…err Zionists from time to time pander to the Iranian people for the sake of manipulation only.

        Secondly, if Iranians cut ties with Zionists or Israelis it’s partly because Israel was involved in installing the Shah and training SAVAK, the Shah’s brutal SS that killed and tortured many Iranians.

        Israelis, Zionists can’t be trusted to behave in good faith without meddling, spying and creating division. Proof of Zionist bad faith is carrying out extra-judicial assassinations inside a SOVEREIGN country and supporting terrorist insurgents in that SOVEREIGN country!

        1. The Savak was a terrible organization, but not so different than the current Iranian secrete police.
          Blaming Israel for every sick F**K organization in the ME is a stupid game that only leads to not being responsible for your own actions.
          As for your accuzation, this is something that not you nor I know anything about, but it keeps building your blind hate to people you never knew. Open your eyes, the real world is very different than the people who fill you with that blind hate want you to believe.

          1. Attributing “hatred” to anyone whose opinions you don’t agree with is a very typical Fox News/Bill O’Reilly tactic.

          2. Blaming Israel for every sick F**K organization in the ME

            Talk about Israel collaborating w. sick F(^k organizations, wait till you see the post I’m going to write tonight.

            As for blind hate: there is so much of it emanating from Israel that Kalea can’t really be blamed for mirroring it & shipping it right back to you.

      2. I came to this “way of thinking” after reading “Iranophobia, The Logic of an Israeli Obsession,” by Haggai Ram, a professor at BenGurion University, and from reading essays by Avigail Abarbanel, Israeli-born psychologist who writes that Israelis are “orgasmic” to wage war on Iran.

        According to Ronen Bergman, what troubled Israel about the Revolution is that Israel no longer had intelligence agents deep within Iran’s government, military, and finance structure. And Israel was so friendly that Israelis committed a great act of perfidy — an Israeli supplied and piloted the plane on which the shah escaped. Israelis commandeered other planes to load with Persian rugs and other treasure, including an attempt to remove from Iran rare animals. Some friends.

        I’m aware of the deep “friendship” that existed between Israelis and the shah’s regime — Ronen Bergman details how Israelis milked the Iranian cash cow throughout the era of the shah, and even after the Revolution, Israel sold (malfunctioning) weapons to Iran as Iraq waged war on Iran — “let them keep killing each other, as long as the revenue flows” was the attitude Bergman quoted one Israeli defense official as saying.

  4. “The only strategy, I repeat, is negotiation.”

    Negotiation with Israel, as the Palestinians have learned the hard way, leads nowhere.

    Israel is in default. Israel has covert illegal nuclear weapons and Israel has an obligation pending. To fulfill that obligation is to show good faith. When Israel stops running from that obligation and hiding behind the U.S. in order to escape that obligation and does right by the Palestinians; and comes clean on its own weapons and the motives for those weapons it will access the power to negotiate and make demands.

    Why should Iran negotiate with an entity that has nuclear weapons pointed at it and that violates International Law repeatedly with regards to the rights of millions of Palestinians?

  5. I just want to add something regarding the murder of Iranian scientists. These are human beings with families, parents, wives and children left without a father executed by Israel’s extra-judicial death penalty in violation of International Law and sovereignty. These murders represent an act of war.

    If Israel killed the wrong man this is indeed tragic for his family, but murdering Iranian civilians, thumbing it’s nose at Iranian sovereignty is BARBARIC.

    What would Israelis do if someone was murdering their scientists working on their covert nuclear weapons and chemical weapons?

    Iran has shown unbelievable restraint. This proves that Iran is ready to avoid aggression and war at all costs, unlike Israel that is repeatedly picking a fight and inciting a violent response to then cry “victim” and drag the rest of the world into war.

      1. Sorry but the evidence connecting Iran to the bombings in Argentina is nonexistent — which is why the British denied Argentina’s extradition request for the former Iranian ambassador to Argentina who was later found in the UK, completing a PhD in tourism studies. In fact the British judges noted that the extradition request provided no evidence linking the Iranians to the bombings.

          1. I dont and didn’t say I did. In fact I think this is the MEK, who are knocking off low-level nuclear students and the Western media portrays them as being “involved” in Iran’s nuclear program in order to claim that Iran’s nuclear program is a threat which is being ‘dealt with’ — when in fact it is neither. There has never been any evidence of any nuclear weapons program in Iran. Remember, in 2008, Iran and the IAEA created a list of outstanding issues that had to be resolved, and by Feb 2008, everything on that list was in fact resolved with zero evidence of a weapons program. But just a week before the IAEA report to that effect was issued, the US presented the “alleged studies” claims (obtained from the so-called “Laptop of death”) which are widely considered to be forgeries. Even though the IAEA has itself said repeatedly that it has no independent evidence about those alleged studies, and that there is no diversion of nuclear material for those studies, that is pretty much the sum and substance of the accusation against Iran…and yet Iran is not allowed to see this evidence that it is expected to refute since the US has prohibited the IAEA from sharing it with Iran. In effect not only is it demanded that Iran prove a negative, but it being asked to prove that it could not theoretically one day in the indefinite future potentially use a civilian nuclear program to make bombs. Nonsense and rubbish! The entire nuclear issue is pretextual, and a convenient cover for regime change poilices, which is why the US has repeatedly deliberately ignored and/or deflected Iranian compromise offers that would have addressed any real concern about weapons proliferation (as noted by ElBaradei himself – the most recent example is the Turk/Brazilian deal that the US killed.)

  6. Israel cannot stand for IRan to be successful, stable and secure. This would mean the end of Israel. In the post-cold war era, Israel is of little value to the US (if it was of any value at all, ever) and so any potential improvement of US-Iran ties are deemed to come at a cost to israel’s strategic value to the US. This is the real reason why Israel agitates for a US-Iran war. Read Trita Parsi’s book.

    Remember, when Nixon went to China, he had to kick Taiwan to the curb. If Obama goes to Iran, there is a risk that the US would kick Israel to the curb. The pro-Taiwanese lobby was not strong enough to limit Nixon, but AIPAC has thus far proven successful in preventing a US-Iran rapprochement.

    And that, my friends, is the real threat that Iran poses to Israel – not nukes, not terrorists etc. but that Iran could rise to be not only the dominant force in the Mideast but a US ally, in which case who needs Israel?

    1. I don’t think an Iran that smuggles weapons into Iraq to kill American soldiers and harbors Al-Qaeda operatives is exactly a candidate for rapprochement. And Tehran doesn’t want such rapprochement – it would remove one of the key propaganda tools the regime has over its population.

      1. Don’t believe everything you read about Iran especially when it comes in thinly sourced stories. One thing you can always rely on in the hasbarist community is credulousness when it comes to Iran. They’ll believe any & everything bad they can get their hands on.

    1. Iran has done nothing of the sort. Haaretz CLAIMS that the Iranians have confirmed this when they have not. Pls. don’t regurgitate the headlines w/o offering any proof that yr claims are correct.

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