5 thoughts on “Truthout Publishes My Latest Piece on Possible Israeli Attack on Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I forwarded your Truthout article to some friends. Here is one response from an Iranian friend who’s a bit sick and tired of reading about all this stuff.

    You are proving my point. It’s always the same sources and they get read by the same Rev Guards in Iran who make more threatening noises in response and the whole thing becomes more and more possible as all this lethal news spreads around. Why not write articles about the equally lethal destruction of Iran’s fragile environment by the greed of the inner members of the regime and from the drying of the Iraqi marshlands by Saddam and the leftover depleted uranium from Iraq that blows into Iran, or the lethal radiation risk to ALL countries in the region if an attack occurs, including to some wonderful monuments and other cultural heritage. I have had my bitter experience with these people since the defunct Journal de Geneve did not accept my articles of warning about Saddam’s bombing of Isfahan. They wanted facts and figures, i.e. an article after the destruction of some of the world’s top monuments. I learnt my lesson then that these writers are as bad as the politicians and generals in that they only write about the ugly things without giving LOUD warnings about their risk to NATURE and CULTURE. I think they themselves may be as sick as the Netanyahus, Petraeuses and other sick warring minds to concentrate only on the most pessimistic scenarios instead of working to improve what has already been damaged and warn against further damage. While I’m thinking about how to publicize the drying up of Lake Urmia in NW Iran due to the construction of big dams and the risk to all agriculture in the region from winds carrying salt etc. etc., these people waste their minds, their talents and writing space on giving more voice to even more destruction. Pretending to worry about destructions is as sick as those whom they accuse of planning destruction.
    And blogging is the new bane that spreads this kind of thing, especially to some very sick ignorant minds out there in the blogosphere who don’t give a damn if the whole of Asia survives or doesn’t and who think Jesus Christ is behind their intention to destroy evil on earth.

  2. Your predictions are going to fail.
    The easy part is getting a floc of followers. The hard part is to be a true messiah.

  3. lool

    I cannot believe “senior Israeli figures” are still warning of an attack on Iran.

    It realllllllllly doubt it’s going to happen, but carry on rattling the cage!

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