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  1. mote than once after a muslim suiced bomers hit a bus un tel aviv killing 20 children it turened oht he was an adolf hitler admiorer, beliving un the coalition of neo nazisiom and palestinians for mutual goal- to finish the job hitler stated and exteminatin all tje jews/ funny hat y never wtote about this.

    1. If you publish another such garbage comment here you’ll be moderated or worse. Are you using an iPhone or Smartphone? Please consider using spellcheck so we don’t have to figure out what you’re trying to say.

  2. Extremism whether from the right – as in the Israeli Likud party, or from the left, or from religious dogma, is a dangerous political ideology that must be rigorously controlled in all democratic societies. Without such control, democracy cannot flourish, freedom dies and we go back to the 1930s, to fascism, communism, totalitarianism and war.

    Over 50 million died as a result of WW2.

  3. So besides being an “admirer” of Avigdor L. was he also “inspired” by him?
    Lieberman doesn’t need a terrorist on his side to make him subject to harsh criticism- and i seriously doubt that he appreciates it. Why drag him (and the others) into this?

    1. Anders Behring Breivik sent the manifest and a 12 minute video, “Knight Templar 2083, to a right-wing Finnish politician, Terhi Kiemunki, one hour before the attack. The video was on youtube shortly after, but has apparently been taken down. Horrible crap, horrible music, and his obesession about “Cultural Marxists” seems even stronger than his anti-Muslim paranoia.
      The manifest shows that he has prepared the attack for about nine years, the bio-agricultural farm was only a cover, a place to prepare his bomb (it took him 80 days) and a way to buy the six tons of fertilizer.
      Worst of all: he describes how an eventual arrest is only the start of a new phase: the propaganda phase, and that the trial will be a platform for spreading his ideology.

    2. Read the manifesto. Breivik sees Israel as being integral to his political philosophy because it will expel Muslims from its shores & for numerous other reasons. As I wrote, there are 400 references to Israel there. Israel is not peripheral to his vision.

      1. Richard,

        And when the Muslims are gone, would the Jewish citizens of our countries be next?

        Just wondering.

  4. SO in 1500 pages the perp made one passing reference to supporting Israel. That proves the Zionists are to blame, in the opinion of Richie Silverstein!!

    1. There are actually 400 references to Israel in the manifesto, not one. There are 7 references to “Zionism.” 46 to Spencer, 11 to Pipes. Would you care to go on?

      And if you publish another comment attempting to mangle Deir Yassin nickname here you won’t publish another.

      1. @ Richard
        Dassin is in fact a well-known family name, at least in France. One of the most beloved singer in France is Joe Dassin, son of an American Jewish communist filmmaker who left the US during the McCarthy-era. He died at age 41 and is buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Hollywood:

  5. My biggest concern is that this isn’t the first time a young man was playing with his guns. Remember the two school shootings (Jokela, Kauhajoki) in Finland short while a go. If i remember correctly both of them posted youtube videos and gave warnings before their acts just like this fellow!! its like deja vu again. its like they want to get caught. Guns should be banned by now!

    I dont know what are gun laws in norway but in finland almost any nutcase can have almost limitless gun stock. both finland and norway are on the top 11 list per capita guns.

    1. Well Finland and Norway are rather low populated countries where hunting on countryside has long traditions and still is rather popular. Finland also because of its history had before WW2 a civil defence system which caused that many families had military “level” weapons at home. The country was prepared to a guerilla war in case Soviet Union would invade. Nowadays most guns are mostly shotguns for hunting. After the school shootings the gun laws are made more tight, but not enough.

      I would not put this Norwegian crusader terrorist to the same category as the Finnish boys in Jokela and Kauhajoki. The Finnish boys were “normal” frustrated youngsters, who had suffered from long time discrimination and bullying at school and had a very blurry political “motives”. Breivik is an adult man with a clear political view and agenda and he performed well planned, prepared and complex attacks. The school shooters only went to their school and begun to kill, which doesn’t demand much.

      If we want to find the models and parallels for the Finnish school shootings then the models can be found from the US school shootings (Columbine etc). The Breivik’s attack’s models and parallels are in serious political terrorism. The fact that many young people were murdered in each of these tragic events doesn’t make them “similar”.

      1. Yes there are lot of hunting rifles but these massacres were committed by anti-personnel weapons. There are many similarities. All of them had fetish for guns. Atleast two had military backrounds and wrote and planned their murders. All acts were political, read their manifests. All of them wanted to get caught.



        Whatever they were reading it wasn’t Gandhi nor Martin Luther King. All of them said that they felt isolated from their corresponding societies. They were angry, bitter. the fact that the school shooters were bullied was not the cause nor the excuse for their actions. Majority of people get bullied(school, job) once in their lives yet only microscopic minority, these psychos seem to seek answers from pistols and semiautomatic assault rifles. I myself were bullied yet i never resorted to such actions. that is the difference between sane and insane person.

        1. Well there is a big difference with boys around 20 years old and a full grown 32 year old adult man. The boys acted in a combination of rage/hate and were suffering from severe mental problems. In their act was no real complex planing. They simply bought a weapon and went to kill their age comrades.

          Breivik is a political terrorist and he should be compared to those, not to mentally sick kids and to their school shootings. Breivik is a member of a larger political movement and has clearly ideological “friends” who approve his ideological claims, but probably do not approve what he did. Auvinen and Saari were no members of a real political ideology/movement.

  6. (DY, having grown up in Denmark, you should find this familiar)

    Reading about this mass-murderer’s (and his ilk’s) obsession with multiculturalism and bearing in mind this ever-shrinking global village we’re all destined to share (some willy, others nilly), I couldn’t help recalling Piet Hein’s grook “coexistence or no existence” (“that is the question”).

    I first read it some 30 years back and used to quote it to Israeli friends who stayed there.

    Now it seems this obvious fact-of-life failed to have been etched into minds even in Scandinavia.

    1. @ Yankel
      You know Piet Hein ? A pure genius and multi-talented person. A poet, writer, designer, mathematician, inventor. I wonder how million people in the world have his “superellipse” table or lamps ? If he’d been American or French, his writings would have been so much more known but he chose to write mostly in Danish.
      Yes, I wonder what Piet Hein, who was in the resistance during the occupation would think of right-wing political extremism in present day Scandinavia. Just look at the scores at every new election.

      Here are some of my favorite gruk (grook).
      1) Living is a thing you do
      now or never – which do you ?
      2) Those who always know what is best
      is a universal pest
      3) Problems worthy of attack
      prove their worth by hitting back
      4) A Maxim for Vikings [and Palestinians]
      Here is a fact
      that should help you fight a bit longer
      Things that don’t actually kill you outright
      make you stronger


      1. Danish friends told me quite a bit about him, at the time (he was still alive and active).

        I couldn’t help noticing him being talked about with a degree of pride and reverence (open admiration is quite un-Scandinavian, isn’t it?) by good Christians as well as devout socialists.

        Thanks for the grooks, loved them all (especially #1). #4 is a variation on a famous Nietzsche quotation, I wonder if it doesn’t have an ancient origin.

        Thanks also for the link which I’m yet to explore.
        Har det godt!

        1. #4 is actually a variant of an ancient Greek quotation (don’t know the specific source): pathei mathos (“learning through suffering”). My mother always used to say whenever she felt put upon by us children: “whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.” A quotation I find amusingly, self-pityingly silly.

          1. Deïr Yassin,

            “The Jante Law (Danish and Norwegian: Janteloven; Swedish: Jantelagen; Finnish: Janten laki; Faroese: Jantulógin) is a pattern of group behaviour towards individuals within Scandinavian communities, which negatively portrays and criticizes individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jante_Law

            Amazing. The Scots do the same thing, and are extreme about it. Especially in Glasgow. ‘Ah kent yer faither’ is something one hears. I knew your father, meaning that the person isn’t so accomplished or grand, because people know the person’s father was a brickie or worked in a shipyard.

          2. @ Fiona
            I’m not surprised that the Scots have the same. The ‘kent’ that you wrote in your Scottish sentence is ‘kendte’ in Danish, pronounced ‘kent(e)’. 🙂
            In Danish there’s a saying when someone gets too boasting or people get too rich, or in general sticks out from the group.
            Translated it means: “We are all born at the same distance from the asshole”
            Well, that was before the Ceasarean …

            By the way, I’ve just learnt that the mass murderer’s father lives in France (dans l’Aude), that he’s a former diplomat, plenty of money, hasn’t seen his son for many years, found out on the net that it was HIS son, and at a moment like this I wish I knew more about psychiatry and the oedipus complex.

          3. @ Deïr Yassin

            This is why they resemble each other:

            A beautiful peace song in Scots, Freedom Come Aa Ye
            by Hamish Henderson:

            A translation and analysis:

            Now Scots Gaelic is another language entirely.

            What I find interesting is the strict avoidance of any self-promotion or praise by others in both countries. My late husband, a Glasgow Catholic/atheist, used to say that we Scots are afflicted by both Presbyterian and Catholic guilt.

            Breivik’s father is a real piece of work. Today he said on telly that he wishes his son had killed himself rather than all those people. He abandoned his son, and yet he doesn’t seem to see that there might be a connection between his behaviour as a father and his son’s murderous rampage.

            Strange, and sad.

  7. So Daniel Pipes and his friends are responsible for the acts of those who praise them on blogs. I guess that pretty much makes Richard Silverstein responsible for every Islamic and Neo-Nazi atrocity on the planet!

  8. “David Duke, American Racist, Admirer of Palestinians, Richard Silverstein”

    Loathsome former Klansman, David Duke regularly espouses the Palestinian cause and has cited articles you have written on at least one occasion.

    Do you see how unfair a headline like yours can be?

    1. Citing someone is different than praising them, which Duke has NEVER done regarding me because he knows I detest everything he stands for. I have protested vehemently & vigorously directly to David Duke about his practice. He’s a scumbag & knows my views. Do you think Pam Geller repudiated Breivik’s references to her? If so, could you show us proof?

  9. Honestly, these armchair analyses are getting to the point of diminishing returns.
    Do we really want to blame Lieberman, who is repulsive enough as is, for this guy’s terror? Breivik also professes admiration for al Qaeda as a “successful militant organisation”. What are we supposed to make of that?

    1. Since al Qaeda is a CIA front organisation, created and sustained “in order to create disorder,” I’d say it fits pretty well in this horrific scene.

      1. Honestly, when you have such loony conspiracy theorists on your blog, how is one to take anything here seriously?

        1. One might say the same about you. And if you think you’ve read loony conspiracy theorists here you should see the comments that don’t even see the light of day. These murders have really brought the crazies out of the closet.

      1. Just as Hamas is preserving Zionism by being the excuse for denying Palestinians their rights, AQ was the answer to Zionist prayers as well, because it brought on the “wars” on terror which have been gradually expanding to shock and neutralize all of the Jewish state’s enemies.

    2. “Breivik also professes admiration for al Qaeda as a “successful militant organisation”. What are we supposed to make of that?”

      Well, that’s easy. Extreme ideologues that demonize others and glorify violence are likely to have things in common. Islamophobia and Islamic extremism are two sides of the same coin.

      1. “Islamophobia and Islamic extremism are two sides of the same coin.”

        Which came first the chicken or the egg?

        My answer is: Get all those bases off Muslim soil and return what is rightfully belonging to Palestinians.

        1. … and return all of Falastin and al-Andalus to Islamic hands, and outlaw blasphemy of the Prophet (pbuh)….

    3. Of course he admires Al Qaeda. They’re part of his plan for a far right coup d’etat which will bring his kind to power in 2083 in Europe. W/o Islamist terror the far right wouldn’t have the necessary bogeyman to prevail.

  10. All of this propoganda which inspired Brievik is coming from one source, and the funders expect their whores to parrot


    Although Israel is not to blame directly, nevertheless the far right Zionists (not necessarily in Israel) are definately to blame for creating a climate of hate and incitement.

    All of the people lauded by Briekik (Bat Yeor, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, Fjordmann, Geert Wilders) by Brievik belong to the same club, are funded by the same people and have an identical agenda, Geert Wilders is funded by Daniel Pipes organisation.

    Even Jihad Watch is funded by the Horowitiz Foundation, (frontpagemag.com) which in turn gets most of it’s funds from Aubrey Chernick as well as other far right Zionists.

    Western civilisation does not support the far right Zionist agenda. The problems in Europe are due to multiculturalism failing, and not Islam, and the problems are not unique to the Muslim communities, others have them too.

    Much of what Breivik says in online comments comes straight out of Spencer’s thinking on these issues: e.g. that the leftists/multiculturalists are the greatest threat to Western civilisation, because they are facilitating the “Islamisation” of Europe:

    It’s apparent, the Crusaders against Jihad such as Spencer have created a climate of anti-Muslim/anti-liberal hatred, which is why the liberal Norwegians were targeted by Brievik. He calls them “marxists” and condemns their alliance with Islam as he sees it. This is exactly the nonsense that Geller propogates.

    All Islamophobes propogate the Islamist/liberal alliance as something evil. It doesn’t cross their own sick evil minds that it may be decent people with a moral cause, fighting their own evil ideology.

    In his comments Breivik cites the two hate sites, Spencer’s “Jihad Watch”, and Pamela Geller’s “Atlas Shrugs”, as sites that all Europeans should read.

    Brievik is also a fan of Fjordmann, (Gates of Vienna). Fjordmann’s book recommendations include:

    From Page 754 of 2083 -European Deceleration of Independence:
    I could also recommend some books that people should read. About Islam I recommend essentially everything written by Robert Spencer. Bat Ye’or’s
    books are groundbreaking and important, though admittedly not always easy to read. The Legacy of Jihad by Andrew Bostom should be considered required reading for all
    those interested in Islam. It is the best and most complete book available on the subject in English, and possibly in any language.

    His manifesto contains threats of violence his thoughts are mirror images of the type of comments you find at Atlas Shrugs and Jihad Watch.

  11. In my view any extremist Muslim or christian creating violence and imposing his views violently should be given public execution so nobody repeats that mistake. Punishment should only for one person but it should act to refrain whole society from punishable act

  12. what, no mentions of Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran or Ahmadinejad as the greatest threat to the world evah?

    try to keep up, Mr. Breivik.

  13. His attack on Norwegian rather than Muslim targets fits perfectly well with his worldview – he is clearly very anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant, but I have seen his video and it is his perception of Marxism as a dominant political force and, above all, as an international force at odds with his racist views of nationality as the defining characteristic of humans that seems to drive him. We may learn more in due course, but his take on the world is driven by the violent aggression that is inherent to nationalism of any hue. He is not mad; he is simply bad.

    1. “at odds with his racist views of nationality as the defining characteristic of humans that seems to drive him.”

      Do people really believe this anymore with the knowledge now available as to how interbred humans are? Are there enough people who might be motivated by this erroneous notion?


    Office of the Head of the Communication Department
    phone: 250 788685751, +250 788685753 – email : rufarifoundation@yahoo.fr

    On behalf of Rufari Foundation management and staff, I have the onus to express our profound grief at the awesomely frightening and disheartening Oslo horrors that struck the Norwegian nation yesterday July 23, 2011. We are so profoundly aggrieved beyond words at the horrendous and barbaric acts of unbridled terror that befell peace-loving Norway, yesterday Saturday July 23, 2011. It is so shocking and disheartening to see so many people, blooming young men and women in majority, so gratuitously done to death all of a sudden by a lawless and degenerate individual who is so distressingly contemptuous of the fundamental sacred value of human and national life.

    We humbly but earnestly entreat His Majesty King Harald V, Queen Sonja, the Government of Norway and the God blessed Norwegian people to please muster your moral courage through these wantonly excruciating moments and please try to bear up. Would the governments of the world concert of nations alongside global corporate and civil society stand by Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg whose life was gratifyingly spared and please ensure that all is done to fully comfort the bereaved families and jointly marshal all that is legally due to see beneath the surface of this odious criminal occurrence, putting a premium on precluding any possible future repeat of such or similar odious acts.

    Moments of national and global security disruption, discountenance and grief must as a per necessity and law be internationally contained and managed in such a way as to rekindle nationally and globally shared dedication to servicing the cherished and sacred ideals and values underpinning our shared albeit distorted humanity.

    Rufari Foundation seizes this opportunity to reiterate to His Royal Highness King Harald V alongside the esteemed Government and people of Norway the expression of our deep seated condolences.

    Ntarugera Deo Koya
    Senior Scholar at Mount Kenya University, Kigali, Rwanda
    Head of the Communication department
    Rufari Foundation, Kigali, Rwanda

  15. In a hasty act of double standards, you connected the act, of obviously a disturb individual, to the agenda of no other then Liberman.
    One of the major advantages of the Internet is that nothing gets lost, and thing’s you published on November 9, 2009 are still there.
    So let’s see what you concluded about a similar incident, the one involved the murder of American Soldiers in Ft. Hood Tx.
    Though you condemned the attack (and so do I in the case of this Norwegian nut-job) you were very merciful and showed a real interest in understanding the motives and the reasons that caused Major Nidal Hassan. You claimed that much was in the gray.
    This is what you said “The nation’s worst peacetime military massacre was perpetrated by a deeply troubled army psychiatrist and devout Muslim. The motives for the crime are a jumble of the personal, psychological, professional, religious and sectarian. As is rarely the case in these circumstances, much is grey, and little is black and white except the huge burden of suffering Maj. Nidal Hassan inflicted on the victims and their familie”
    Yet, in the case of this Norwegian nut-job you come to a very quick Conclusion. His support of Israel, the fact that he identified himself with the agenda of the Israeli’s right is the cause for his actions. Did you compare both agendas? Did you even discuss the problems each geographical place faces? No, why bothered, Liberman is at fault and that’s it.
    Once again show yourself of being driven by your dislike of the Israeli right, once again you demonstrate the double standards you use in your analysis.
    And since I was already exposed to some of the remarks those who doesn’t think like you get on this blog, I am not a supporter of Liberman or the Right-Wing agenda’s. I much like you believe in a two state solutions with agreed upon land swaps.

    1. Well Nudnik if some Muslim terrorist would praise in his political testament Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler would it be enough to reset to zero that Nazi influence by saying that Nazi Germany and Adolf had nothing to do with that terrorism attack?

      Nobody claims that Israel and/or Lieberman are directly responsible for the Norwegian events (as little as Nazi Germany and Hitler can have direct responsibility to present days anti-Semitist attacks). The fact is that Zionism, Israel and Lieberman are mentioned as good models in this Breivik’s political “program” should make every Israeli and Israel’s supporter think why is it a model for right wing racist lunatics. Decades of deliberate political propaganda to inflict religious wars and mistrust towards Islam and Arabs by Israel and some influential Jewish groups is now becoming visible in this form. The sad fact is that Israel has “earned” the place in Breivik’s distorted world view. Israel is the most visible center of anti-Islamic propaganda so it is no surprise that it is one of “centers” for people like Breivik.

      1. SimoHurtta, you missed the point by about 10 miles.
        Major Nidal contact with the Extreme Muslim Cleric Anwar al-Awlaki,were published by a congress committee(http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/people/h/nidal_malik_hasan/index.html) and the army missed his extreme statements. Yet the blog owner didn’t even mention them in his post. Those contacts and the Agenda of Anwar al-Awlaki is far more extreme then the Agenda of Mr. Liberman. One difference is that Mr. Anwar al-Awlaki is very concerned about places extending from his immediate geographical area, Liberman doesn’t care about Muslims in the USA or in Europe.
        This is double standards. i expect someone who tries to cover the I-P conflict to cover both sides and all events with the same type of professionalism, unfortunately that doesn’t seems to be the case.

    2. Actually, I did compare the agendas of both killers. Breivik left a 1,500 pg political manifesto of his ideology nine yrs in the writing. Hassan’s motives were a jumble of personal, religious & political. There is no jumble in the Breivik case. Calling him a nutjob doesn’t do this tragedy or this mass murderer justice. I won’t let you sweep this under the rug.

      As for disliking the Israeli right, I plead guilty. But if they & Anders Breivik didn’t give the world so many reasons to dislike them my opinions wouldn’t have half as much resonance as they do.

      1. First you get 2 points for being honest.
        You declared your biased and preference and that is fine.

        There was no jumble in the actions of the murderer in Ft. Hood, you are just choosing to ignore his ties to extreme Muslims elements such as Anwar al-Awlaki.

        ” But if they & Anders Breivik didn’t give the world so many reasons to dislike them my opinions wouldn’t have half as much resonance as they do.”

        Didn’t 9/11, 7/7 (london bombing), Madrid, Ft Hood, Times Square, the Christmas airplane bomber and others gave as many reasons to dislike extreme Muslims ?

        You are generalizing, and complaining towards those act exactly like you.

        1. you are just choosing to ignore his ties to extreme Muslims elements such as Anwar al-Awlaki.

          Ties? What “ties?” You mean that he sent him a single e mail? That’s a “tie?” I certainly concede that Hassan had incipient Islamist views. But he didn’t document them as prolifically as Beivik. Breivik was a true believer. Hassan at most was someone whose views were quasi-Islamist. But there were many other factors operating as well. He was about to be deployed to Afghanistan & didn’t want to go. He was a miserable failure in his profession. He was a failure as a man since he couldn’t find a wife, etc.

          Certainly Islamists have committted acts of terror in the west. Beyond that I’m not sure what yr pt is if you have one at all.

          1. When you don’t want to see something (just like the rest of us) you are looking the other way.
            “United States Army Major Nidal Hasan told a radical cleric considered by authorities to be an al-Qaeda recruiter, “I can’t wait to join you” in the afterlife, according to an American official with top secret access to 18 e-mails exchanged between Hasan and the cleric, Anwar al Awlaki, over a six month period between Dec. 2008 and June 2009.

            “It sounds like code words,” said Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a military analyst at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies. “That he’s actually either offering himself up or that he’s already crossed that line in his own mind.”

            This i think counts for more then one email. You are making excuses for the man to fit your agenda.

            And my point is…Anti Islamic atmosphere is generated by the actions of few. Those actions are superimposed onto the grater Muslim community.

            Same goes with the Israeli Right-Wing. You are doing exactly what you condemn you are generalizing.

          2. It really depends on what the e mails said. I’ve exchanged 18 e mails w. lots of people without becoming an adherent of their ideology. And the plain fact is that Hassan has not left as clear a road map to his ideology as Brevik has. I would not deny that he is an Islamist & that a good part of his motivation (though not all) lies in that direction. But Breivik’s motives & ideology are much clearer & documented.

  16. Simon Hurta

    The sad fact is that Israel has “earned” the place in Breivik’s distorted world view. Israel is the most visible center of anti-Islamic propaganda

    That’s not true. the USA is. The far right in the USA is the centre of anti Islamic propoganda. Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Debbie Schlussul, Bat yeor, don’t have are all Americans.

    I crossed paths with a certain Kalea here, who keeps blaming other countries for America’s sins. The far right Zionist movement is made in the USA, and needs to be capped in the USA. The liebermans of Israel are impotent wihtout USA far right Zionist help.

    1. “I crossed paths with a certain Kalea here…” blah-blah…

      Will you get off my case!

      Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Debbie Schlussul and Bat yeor are all Jewish Zionists as opposed to Christian Zionists (which is what we discussed previously) and I question their American allegiance anyway. I believe their allegiance is first and foremost to the illegal settler nation of Israel. I’ll bet they all have dual citizenship.

      I agree that Jewish American Neocon Zionists are the most virulent Islamophobes motivated by their blind allegiance to Israel and the Zionist project which Israel represents.

      Lieberman is exactly like them! NO DIFFERENCE. If Lieberman’s party achieved a majority you would see massive ethnic cleansing in the West Bank!

      And stop dogging me. I don’t harp forever on any specific point you made here although I don’t always agree with you and besides, you misinterpreted my point anyway which makes your obsession with what I wrote even worse.

    2. As far as I know Bat Ye’or is not American, maybe she lived there but I don’t really think so. She was born in Egypt, moved to England with her parents as an adult after the Suez crisis, studied in Switzerland, married an Englishman, is a UK citizen, and writes in English and French as many Egyptian Jews.

      1. You’re correct. My mistake. BREIVIK Also quotes a number of non-American anti-jihadis such as Melanie Phillips. Funny for someone paranoid about the international Islamic conspiracy Breivik is pretty tied to an international anti-jihadi conspiracy.

  17. Simon, read this, and follow all the links to get a clearer picture.

    this cockroach called Chernick…. He likes to hide in the dark preferring the likes of robert Spencer and Geller to do his dirty work. Whilst they are marginalised except in their circle of tea party islamophobes, this Chernick character, gets free rein in respectable society, and he is American, not Israeli.

    The Great Islamophobic Crusade

    This network is obsessively fixated on the supposed spread of Muslim influence in America. Its apparatus spans continents, extending from Tea Party activists here to the European far right. It brings together in common cause right-wing ultra-Zionists, Christian evangelicals, and racist British soccer hooligans. It reflects an aggressively pro-Israel sensibility, with its key figures venerating the Jewish state as a Middle Eastern Fort Apache on the front lines of the Global War on Terror and urging the U.S. and various European powers to emulate its heavy-handed methods.

    Little of recent American Islamophobia (with a strong emphasis on the “phobia”) is sheer happenstance. Years before Tea Party shock troops massed for angry protests outside the proposed site of an Islamic community center in lower Manhattan, representatives of the Israel lobby and the Jewish-American establishment launched a campaign against pro-Palestinian campus activism that would prove a seedbed for everything to come. That campaign quickly — and perhaps predictably — morphed into a series of crusades against mosques and Islamic schools which, in turn, attracted an assortment of shady but exceptionally energetic militants into the network’s ranks.

    Besides providing the initial energy for the Islamophobic crusade, conservative elements from within the pro-Israel lobby bankrolled the network’s apparatus, enabling it to influence the national debate. One philanthropist in particular has provided the beneficence to propel the campaign ahead. He is a little-known Los Angeles-area software security entrepreneur named Aubrey Chernick, who operates out of a security consulting firm blandly named the National Center for Crisis and Continuity Coordination. A former trustee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, which has served as a think tank for the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a frontline lobbying group for Israel, Chernick is said to be worth $750 million.

    Chernick’s fortune is puny compared to that of the billionaire Koch Brothers, extraction industry titans who fund Tea Party-related groups like Americans for Prosperity, and it is dwarfed by the financial empire of Haim Saban, the Israeli-American media baron who is one of the largest private donors to the Democratic party and recently matched $9 million raised for the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces in a single night. However, by injecting his money into a small but influential constellation of groups and individuals with a narrow agenda, Chernick has had a considerable impact.

  18. as a follow up to the above, Max’s latest piece, which all should read. Few can understand the far right better than Max, or shoot deadly arrows with such precision, unfortunately, too many take the easy route out and blame “mossad” or “israel”, ignoring where the real threat lies..

    Anders Behring Breivik, a perfect product of the Axis of Islamophobia
    On 07.23.11, By Max

    When I wrote my analysis last December on the “Axis of Islamophobia,” laying out a new international political network of right-wing ultra-Zionists, Christian evangelicals, Tea Party activists and racist British soccer hooligans, I did not foresee a terrorist like Anders Behring Breivik emerging from the movement’s ranks. At the same time, I am not surprised that he did. The rhetoric of the characters who inspired Breivik, from Pam Geller to Robert Spencer to Daniel Pipes, was so eliminationist in its nature that it was perhaps only a matter of time before someone put words into action.

    1. “…unfortunately, too many take the easy route out and blame “mossad” or “israel”, ignoring where the real threat lies.”

      Nice red herring.

      In your previous post you mentioned the power and influence of AIPAC, the Chernicks and Haim Saban. Who do you think all these are but Zionist AGENTS for Israel???

      Do you really believe that they’re motivated primarily by their allegiance to America? You yourself mention: “It reflects an aggressively pro-Israel sensibility, with its key figures venerating the Jewish state…”

      For God’s sakes they’re all JEWISH ZIONISTS FIRST AND FOREMOST. Who’re you trying to kid? Do you really expect us to believe they’re exerting all this influence and throwing their weight and millions around for America’s sake………come on now! The power they crave is for the Zionist entity, the Zionist global network and Israel is home base!

      So stop pretending that Israel is the weak link in all this! The Zionist Network and Israel are ONE. And the way I see it is; they behave like Mossad because they’re on a MISSION; a mission to shield the Jewish state from international law and condemnation in every possible way so that the goal of Zionism is fulfilled!

      “Fort Apache on the front lines of the Global War on Terror” is the crock front excuse for ISRAEL FIRST! That’s why Netanyahu dared to utter these words: “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,”

      I’ll bet you were the first to want to stuff a sock in his mouth for speaking too much.

      The “war on terror” made it easier for Zionists to camouflage their real intent and ambition!

      It’s true what Netanyahu stated: “‘America IS something that can be easily moved. Moved to the right direction.They won’t get in our way”. Which begs the question: get in the way of WHAT???

      I noticed how you dismissed Richard’s point that Netanyahu incited settlers against Rabin.

      That’s some clever double-edged game…that’s why you constantly hound me and try to undermine me, because I see how you effectively try to exonerate Israel of MANIPULATION by distinguishing between American Zionism and Israeli Zionism as having separate agendas and one being the master. There is NO DIFFERENCE. Only Christian Zionism distinguishes itself as different because of its ulterior agenda which is no secret to Zionists who ridicule CZ’s behind their backs but “MOVE THEM” to their side for their gain.

      Sorry, but it’s obvious that the spectacle we witnessed in Congress when Netanyahu gave his speech is AMERICA BEING MOVED IN THE DIRECTION ZIONISTS WANT…ISRAELI ZIONISTS, because aside from CZ’s there are no other Zionists, except ISRAEL FIRST Zionists.

  19. Zionism is right-wing extremism. US Zionists are identified by emotional adoration of Israel. The greatest danger, to all of us, are the Zionists in Congress, who have power over our every-day lives. Zionism should be, in the mind of sensible American voters, a singular disqualifier for Congressional office. DON’T VOTE ZIONIST IN 2012. If the Israelis like Zionism, they should keep it to themselves – stamp it out in America.

    1. Zionism is a supremacist ideology which goes beyond being strictly about a land for the Jewish people. It’s an ideology that was perfectly spelled out by its founders as a required submission and cleansing of indigenous people to make room for immigrants from other countries whose only claim to that land is that they were “chosen” for it.

      The notion of “chosen people” is a supremacist theory. Rabbi Ovadia made that perfectly clear. In other words, all humans are not equal as is their basic human right. Palestinians are the only people on the planet whose human and legal rights are violated and sacrificed with total impunity for the sake of the state of Israel. If that’s not supremacy in action then I don’t know what is.

      Zionists have demonstrated repeatedly that “control” is paramount to achieving their goal, and they use foreign lobbies to impose that control. We see it in the U.S.; we’ve witnessed it in Greece and other EU countries (Britain, Ukraine, and others) and as the incompatibility of Zionism with Democracy becomes more apparent, that system of “control” will also become more obvious, because control is the only way Zionists have of overriding Democracy. The will of people in these countries vis a vis Israel and the Palestinians and Mid East issues matters squat.

      Muslims threaten Zionist control because Democracy is based on the will of the majority. Zionists fear the growing numbers and influence of Muslims in EU countries because it weakens their influence and hence the many Islamophobe sites run and/or financially supported mostly by Zionists which urge everyone to rise up against Islam which in essence stands for Muslims since that is their faith, only they like to pretend this is a battle against Islam and NOT Muslims but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Their constant railing, incitement, fear-mongering and hate speech makes them front-line provocateurs.

    2. Yes, In your view, every nation in the world is entitled to a state but the Jews. Cause that is what Zionism is about. A state for the Jews.
      Talking about right wing extremism, look at the mirror.

      1. We Palestinians were murdered, robbed, imprisoned, dispossessed, and exiled, so that YOU Jews can have a “state of your own”??? What a skewed logic!!

        Why don’t you declare a state of your own on the moon, where there is no one to steal from, dispossess or oppress?

        SEVEN MILLION of us are still languishing in exile because of YOU and your pathetic lust for a “state for the Jews”

        A whole lot of your people came from ALL over the world, STOLE our homeland, dispossessed and expelled us, took over our homes and farms, destroyed our villages, culture and history, occupied our country, oppressed those who stayed behind, killed and maimed who dared to demand their rights or attempted to assert their humanity, demonized and subjugated us to a racist, bigoted and ruthless set of laws that don’t apply to yourselves; then you come with chilling cold-heartedness and assert that YOU want a state of your own, at our expense!!!

        Which planet are you living on?

        By what principles do you abide?

        What ethics do you follow?

        Have you ever questioned the morality of your actions as multinationals who gave themselves the liberty to come to our homeland -which I am denied the right to live in- take it over by violence and bloodshed, then settle there on the ruins of the villages you’ve annihilated, dwelling in the homes of dispossessed Palestinians, for no other justifications than the “merit” of your Jewishness and the fact that we are not Jews?

        Does that not smell of rotten racism, arrogance and supremacy to your clogged-up conscience?

        The only crime that our people committed is that they existed on the land of their ancestors which you proclaimed as a God given-right to Jews!

        Your people have destroyed our culture, denied our existence as human beings, treated us for four generation with sheer cruelty, ruthlessness and contempt, and subjugated us to inconceivable savagery and humiliation, and denied us even the right to defend ourselves on our stolen Palestine under the pretext of “terrorism”

        On top of all that your people have lied and lied, until they believed their own lies, you managed to brainwash yourselves with packs of cover-ups and masks of reality until truth became so blur and obscured, so much so that most of your people refuse even to acknowledge their own crimes of theft of a whole country and disposition of a whole nation

        You stole the land of our ancestors and forefathers under the claim that some few thousands years back in history, some people who followed your religion have lived there, and apparently secured a contract with God affirming the eternal ownership of this land to any one who belongs to their faith!!

        How dare you give yourselves these abhorrent privileges of taking over someone’s home and homeland just because you belong to a particular faith?

        What does an American Jew, a Russian Jew, an African Jew, a Japanese Jew, an Indian Jew or a German Jew has anything to do with the Land of Palestine?

        God had sent you many warnings; that you do not transgress or do mischief in the land, but your arrogance, self interest, greed and supremacy are blinding you from seeing the evil you are doing

        Instead of acknowledging your crimes and establishing justice, you are still in a state of total denial, carried away with more crimes, more lies, and suppression of truth

        Your Jewishness, your self interest, your love of material gains and you drunkenness by power is what you worship now not the God of goodness, peace and justice

        My warning to you now is the same warning given to your ancestors by many prophets and prophetic voices:

        You are descending deeper in the hole that you dug for yourselves by your evil deeds, your denial of truth, and by your inability to ask for forgiveness

        The crimes that you have committed against us are indeed painful and agonizing, but it’s only done against our physical bodies, our souls are out of your reach and forever intact; however, it’s your own souls that you are disfiguring and destroying, if only you knew

        You have lost your humanity and killed your own souls if only you could see

        Unless and until you acknowledge your crimes and correct the wrongs you have committed there will be a dark bleak and desolate future awaiting for you

        And this is not a threat; it is a promise



        1. I’m moved by your pain and hope you and your people find justice. Remember, the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine and there will be justice…insha’Allah.

          Salam. (Hold your head high despite the indignity of what has been done to your people.)

  20. It seems to me that we are wasting too much time on unrelated issues. Norway for one thing was the source of the mediation for the Oslo agreement … that went no where so far…But this character is nothing else than a nutcase and trying to find logic or ideology in a disturbed individual of this caliber is a waste of time… The real problem is that many people are half educated and under employed in this global economy that only functions for a few…these disoriented people and this fellow is one then attach themselves to a form of revolt that for some of them culminate in the mix of their personal failures being blamed on some obsessions: for some the Marxists, for others the Jews, for other the Muslims for others Western culture… all sort of scapegoats to justify their failure and give them an object ot hate… Hitler was also a misfit with a few obsessions… He got to power and created havoc…this guy is a loner… not enough discipline to gather… That is part of the new problem, each one of us has now the computing capacity of the best million dollar mainframe in the 80’s right in our hands.. overexposure to confused ideas and easy access to arms is the problem…As to this character, he has no other choices but to believe he has succeeded in something … But linking him to Lieberman or whomever is a waste of time and not relevant … This guy is not coherent, not consistent … He is mostly a loser… Not unlike some of the World Trade Center perpetrators… loosers , misfits, under loved under sexed men…

    1. Methinks you think we’re easily duped. Since this incident all I see is Zionists squirming to distance themselves from this guy when in fact secretly his crusade is the Zionist crusade. Zionists got lucky with “the war on terror” that evolved from 9/11.

      Wolfowitz’s 2001 speech to Westpoint was Zionist wishful thinking.

      The “wars” on terror have become the front for the Zionists’ crusades…Iran, Syria, Lebanon are within their sights.

      Ahh, but how do you “neutralize” the growing number of EU Muslims? Islamophobia.

  21. According to Justin Raimondo, writing on AntiWar.com this morning, over 1,000 of the 1,500 pages of Breivik’s “Manifesto” are lifted verbatim from the writings of Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage Foundation.

      1. Maybe Nahida could set up a common blog with John Yorke and Richard Witty who also post links to their own blogs everywhere 🙂

        1. Deir LOL, I think Freeman would be a better choice, after reading Nahida’s response to richard. she plays the victim almost as good as he does 🙂 You have to click, “newer comments” below to see Nahida do a Freeman.

          Richard, has Nahida left you speechless? lol

  22. Kalea

    I noticed how you dismissed Richard’s point that Netanyahu incited settlers against Rabin.

    Not sure what you mean here, but I don’t agree with everything Richard says, nevertheless he is always fair, unlike you with your myopic one sided agenda. Richard does at least criticise his own Zionist extremists, unlike you, you never mention the rejection of Israel within it’s 67 borders, or that she wouldn’t need a lobby in Congress if the neighobors were more accepting of her being there.

    Do not pretend that this is all one sided, like Lieberman, and other far right extremists do.

    That’s some clever double-edged game…that’s why you constantly hound me and try to undermine me, because I see how you effectively try to exonerate Israel of MANIPULATION by distinguishing between American Zionism and Israeli Zionism as having separate agendas and one being the master.

    There is not double edged game. I find anti Zionists like you just as abhorrent as far right extremists. You’re both two sides of the same coin.

    You have an agenda, just as they have.

  23. Richard Silverstein

    When a I write a comment, you ask me to “put a link” not to write a “verbatim quote”, and when I write a short comment with a link, you ask me to comment not put a link to my writing, which I have every right to share with others because it IS “directly related to the post” and indeed VERY RELEVANT.

    Why not have the spine and be truthful to yourself and your readers and say it publicly, that Palestinians are not welcome here instead of trying sneakingly, covertly and shamelessly to do so?

    1. Read the comment rules which apply to all. Comments should be as short as possible to convey yr idea. They should be original (not republished). They should not quote something published elsewhere except in brief (not verbatim) form. There is a url field into which u may insert yr blo url so u need not do this within the body of the comment.

      With 45,000 comments published you’ll have to trust there are reasons for doing things as I do.

      I have written the same to other commenters with views opposite yr own. It has nothing to do w politics or ethnicity.

      1. You are a Jew, ergo, you are a Zionist who wants Israel to dominate the world after using all the non-Jewish resources you can garner to facilitate such an end. The world is beginning to understand the evil that is embodied in you people, and if there is a God in heaven, you will all be extinct soon; hopefully even if there isn’t a God in heaven.

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