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  1. how is it that everyone’s initial thought was that it was a muslim terrorist when 99% of terror attacks around the world are done by muslims.

    stop acting naive. no one’s buying it.

    1. Yup, all terrorists are Muslims. ETA, IRA, RAF, LTTE, Aum Shinrikyo, Timothy McVeigh — all Muslims, of course…
      Take those blinders off, for God’s sake!

      1. you really want me to post the muslim terror groups and we will count? most terror groups are muslim groups and that’s a fact. there is nothing racist about it, it’s just what it is.

          1. Silverstein, it is an extraordinarily cheap and ugly thing to use the deaths of some 92 people as an excuse to blast your ideological enemies who have in no sense of the word endorsed or encouraged such a crime. It is in effect guilt by association but Robert Spencer would say it better than myself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llgmroO7bxA

            You are an abusive character to boot by calling another poster as a liar/racist/ignoramus, whilst threatening them with moderation for merely disagreeing. Well, well, another pro-Palestinian tries to silence debate, and indicative of an extremely noxious character. In any case its more likely to be xenophobia, not racism, to have a problem with Islam.

          2. Actually now 100 have died. Of course they’ve encouraged Breivik, though not directly so. Spencer, Geller, Bostom, Fjordman, etc. the hate spewed by all of them made Breivik what he was. He may’ve acted w/o them had they not existed, but with them they made his hate particularly virulent.

    2. 99% of terror attacks around the world are done by muslims.

      How is that 99% of what you write is pure bulls(&t?? And racist to boot. Read the comment rules & if you post crap like this again you’re outa here.

      1. What did you say ..94% of terrorists are Muslim ..I am Catholic, but by God you forgot to count how many terrorists George Bush landed in Iraq, and Afghanistan then there is Israel a Terorist state for the past63 years …Go away!! When Israel Bombs civilians trapped in an open air Prison with NOTHING to defend themselves, and use chemical White phosphor on them ..if that is not Terrorism ..I do not know what is!!!!!!

    3. stop telling lies as well, the only thing counting 99 is the number of your remaining functional brain cells, just enough to bark apparently …

      In the real world, it’s still quite the minority, and in Europe, it’s even close to non-existent : ONE terror attack out of 294 was done by islamists, official report made by governemental agency EUROPOL, read and learn :

      1. That’s a very good point. When people say things like ‘99% of terrorists are Muslim’, or the old soundbite ‘not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim’, my first thoughts go to the IRA and the Tamil Tigers – the IRA because they targeted a major shopping mall in my area when I was a child, the Tamil Tigers because they were the first terror group ever to use suicide bombings (killing Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and the Sri Lankan president in 1993). Those things made them stick in my mind.

        1. I used to visit my relatives in Britain (before moving here myself) and we were always alert for anything unusual. And Muslims didn’t worry anybody.

          I’m a Gaelic/Breton musician. Our friends from Eire, fellow Gaelic musicians and their families, HATE the IRA even more than we do. Normal people don’t back violence.

          1. I know the time you are thinking of –

            – In the 90’s in london there were IRA terror alerts once a fortnight, but they were called “bombscares” or they might be real bombs that the IRA themsleves had given warning of to the police. The transport network would come to a halt briefly or not-so-briefly, if it was a real bomb they had planted, not a hoax, or a false alarm.

            I grew up in a south london suburb taking the train to high school, once a week there was a good chance you could blame the IRA for being late to school, and there would be a good chance the public transport disruption was on the radio news to corroborate.

            The idea that any London commuter gives a shit about Islamic terrorism is laughable, the 7/7 bombers were home-grown idiots, just like this norwegian guy.

            We need less home-grown idiots in every country. The right-wing media actively promotes this dangerous idiocy, it’s treasonous

    4. In Europe in 2010 there were 279 terrorist attacks officially counted. 3 (!) were with an islamist backround…

    5. where do you get your figures? The USA and Israel, and their invasions and drones, kill far more than any Muslim does. NATO is the biggest terrorist group, and successfully mows down large numbers of people. Attacked countries like Iraq and Afghanistan had NO suicide attacks before the wonderful christians arrived.

    6. This very idea comes from the tacit assumption that “God blessed terrorism/genocide” does not qualify as such. In fact the prorated killing of the US troops and their allies in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan more than doubled the Nazis’ during WWII, with the very significant difference that Nazis were fighting comparable armies/countries right in Europe head on, that they openly articulated their cr@p, and no they didn’t use (how is it they call it?) “inserted” journalism to feed news to their “free” media and that when you go to their museums you can very clearly see they own their own history/respect themselves (in the states you can’t tell apart Museums from Disneyland). So I wonder who is being “naive” …

      A large part of the moral and factual disconnect with reality is due to those lies carefully injected into our belief systems by those conforming them through religious and media indoctrination. I am not sure which side of the disconnect is more dangerous

      Here in the states they say they can’t attack Russia or China, that they can’t stop the occupation/genocide in those countries, that they can’t stop supporting new-age Nazism by Israel which apparently considers Palestine to be part of their Lebensraum, that it took them more than 18 years to find Osama Bin Laden, …

      “Yes, we can”, “yes, we can”, …


  2. Richard, yishar koah!
    I looked at the talkbacks at major Israeli websites yesterday evening, and almost everyone blamed Muslims (many openly expressed their Schadenfreude in regard to the Norwegians). It was disgusting.
    A small correction: Rabin was assassinated in 1995, and although I very much dislike Netanyahu, his speech at that demonstration was not incitement, in any meaningful sense of the word.

    1. Meni,

      People all over the world are reading these comments in Ynetnews, JPost, and other Jewish and Israeli Websites. There are masses of them. I’m amazed that so many Jews and Americans can be so vile.

      The reaction will be a lessening of sympathy for Israel and the Jews.


      “Jpost-talkbackers celebrating the Oslo bombing?

      After having experienced the largest terror attack in my hometown since WWII, I am quite frankly shocked to read the talkbacks in Jpost. You people seem happy for the attacks. You dance on the graves of the innocent victims. If these talkbacks are symptomatic of the opinions of the majority of Israelis these days, I can only say this: May you all rot in Hell. You have just removed the last vestiges of sympathy for your failed and tragic state. You inhuman racists don’t deserve a state. Never in my life will I again defend Israel.”

      Karl , Oslo, Norway (07.23.11)

      1. You inhuman racists don’t deserve a state. Never in my life will I again defend Israel.”

        That’s disgusting.

        1. Kitsa,

          Let me respectfully suggest that you read the talkbacks on the link I posted to see why this man reacted as he did. Many of these people were celebrating the slaughter in Norway. Many others said the Norwegians got what they deserved. Others said that they didn’t care what happened to these innocent Norwegian civilians.

          I can’t recall ever reading anything that vile on any mainstream news site. If anyone had posted similar comments about the Jews, Jews worldwide would be screaming bloody murder (and I wouldn’t blame them). So what makes it acceptable for Jews to slander other people?

          Poeple can’t expect others to care about them if they make it clear that they don’t care about others.

          I’m not Norwegian, but had this happened in Britain or France, the comments would have been similar. I know this because I have seen other comments, similar comments, on mainstream Jewish and Israeli Websites making racist comments about everyone from the Scots to the people of Iceland.

          People are reading these talkbacks, and, like this man in Norway, they too are drawing their own conclusions.

      1. The “took responsibility” story was kind of interesting.

        There first appeared reports that one Will McCants, purportedly of an “analysis” firm called CNA, had the claimed responsibility. A (tiny) bit of background searching found that McCants was the founder of a blog called Jihadica.Com.

        Here is the blogpost where the responsibility is claimed. Update 1 retracts it, but somehow was given much less media attention and smaller headlines.

        There is no other claimed responsibility.

        The credibility of Jihadica, CNA, and anyone who listens to them is nil.

        1. In any case, a confession isn’t proof of anything. Just because someone says “I did X” doesn’t mean that s/he actually did X. The confessor could be taking the fall for someone else or simply bullsh*tting.

  3. Does anyone have concrete proof that Fjordman and Anders are the same person? An identical blog post is not proof as anyone can copy and paste.

    For example anyone can copy and paste this post here, and post it elsewhere under my name, but that doesn’t mean it’s me.

      1. Richard thank you.

        I’m still not entirely convinced. Words can be altered when you translate, and anything is possible online. There are bloggers who are denying that Fjordman and Anders are one and the same.

        It’s not that I want to doubt on you, I just fear that your enemies may use your mistake (if it is a mistake, though it may be true) to try to smear you as being a liar. On the plus side, Anders is now speaking to Norwegian police, so if he is Fjordman, he may come out and admit it.

        Hope you understand.

        1. I just read a thread where someone who says he knows Fjordman’s identity, which is not Anders Breivik. Fjordman has apparently continued to comment on similar-minded blogs since yesterday, such as http://gatesofvienna.blogspot.com/ which also has an explicit refutal of the claim that Fjordman should be Breivik. Maybe Breivik holds similar views, but it doesn’t mean it is the same person.

          1. PS still, it was interesting to see that Caroline Glick provided tips to that sort of blog. I assume that it is JPost-Caroline Glick?

          2. Anyone could be blogging in his name. But according the the Norwegian source translated for me it is Fjordman himself who says he is Breivik. I guess this will eventually come out.

          3. Anna,

            This is what I meant, when I said you have to be careful online.

            That’s not to say that Gates of Vienna blogger is telling the truth, for he could have an assistant or colleague posting for him, if he is Anders. It may be him or it may not.

            My point was that until there is concrete proof, perhaps Richard ought to err on the side of caution. Just for the sake of this blog. I’m a bit concerned about the heading:

            Breivik, Rightist Mass Murderer, ‘Atlas Shrugged’ Contributor

            I think the “contributor” part is pushing it a bit, until there is concrete evidence either way.

            What do you others think?

          4. I am Swedish and I read Norwegian, but I am not familiar with all these right-wing blogs…this Swedish “nationalist” (in my view, read “Neo-Nazi”) blog http://www.realisten.se/2011/07/23/anders-behring-breivik-och-fjordman/ claims Anders Breivik contacted one of the authors on that blog about a year and a half ago, and claimed he had written as Fjordman and also on Gates of Vienna. The contact between Breivik and the blog author on Realisten.se was not continued due to the fact that Breivik expressed pro-Zionist views and focused on Islam as the only problem (I am not sure about how realisten.se define “pro-Zionist” but it can range from “not expressing support for the idea of a Jewish world conspiracy” to support for Lieberman).

            Still, it can be that Breivik is Fjordman, but it can also be he claimed it to get attention. Who knows.

  4. I think generalising terrorism as being right or left wing is missing the point – most of world-wide terrorism is religiously or anti-religiously based.
    Terrorists do their nefarious deeds in “the name of god” or against supporters of other gods.

    Richard:You wrote: “If you examine what happened in 1994, when Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated, the Israeli political liberal-centrist mainstream basically imploded after a series of Palestinian bombings and the onset of the first Intifada”
    A bit mixed up here, Rabin was murdered in 1995, Israel’s political liberal-centrist mainstrem didn’t “implode” – it narrowly lost the election in 1996. The implosion came about 5 years later when Camp David failed and the second (armed) intifada began. Then the left was left to hide away from those who said “we offered all at Camp David and now the Palestinians are turning the arms we gave them against us”. It was tough answering that one.

    The first intifada was in 1987, Richard, nothing to do with Rabin’s assasination. Therewas actually no intifada between 1993 (Oslo) and 2000 (Camp David) – only Hamas suicide bombings, but no “popular” uprising.

    Bibi wasn’t so much inciting in his words in the famous balcony appearence, but rather by his presence there where there were chants of “death to Arabs” and a picture clearly portrayed of Rabin in SS uniform with a kaffiyah. He clearly heard and saw, but didn’t disassociate from them. That was why Rabin refused to shake Bibi’s hand in the Knesset days before he was murdered.

    1. Thanks for those corrections. My memory betrayed me. I still maintain that the beginning of the implosion was Rabin’s death because after that there was no DeGaulle to lead the center-left (as the right had Sharon playing a similar role). The 2nd intifada & failure of Camp David further reinforced the implosion.

      1. If one were to disect the historical reasons for the left’s decline in Israel it probably started after the Yom Kippur war and the major lack of confidence hence in historical Mapai. Until then their was a sort of innocent belief in the ruling elite which was shattered after that war.
        Then came the corruption (Rabin’s wife) and the 1977 Likud victory. The left has never really picked up again – there have been ups and downs (meretz even reached 12 seats once) but these were irrelevant peaks.

          1. He did. See the link to the Swedish blog (in Swedish) that Anna posted further up the file. In a conversation with these Swedish neonazis, Behring Breivik claimed to be Fjordman, but as they write, it doesn’t mean he actually was. Maybe he wanted to show some credit as he wanted to cooperate with them. The author said that due to Behring Breivik’s very strong Zionist sympathies and his view on Islam as the ONLY problem, their ways parted. I guess the Swedish neonazis wanted to blame the Muslims AND the Jews equally :-‘

  5. if every phone call you get is from your wife, eventually you will assume it’s her without looking at the number.

    if every terror attack you hear on the news is an act by muslims eventually, next time you will hear about a terror attack you automatically assume it’s muslims. in psychology it’s called availability heuristic:

    1. if every terror attack you hear on the news is an act by muslims

      My, my…just because every terror attack YOU hear about in yr little cocoon in Israel is by Muslims means that this is the objective truth for the entire rest of the world. How solipsistic of you. I’m not interested in yr psychology. It’s still full of nonsense & ignorance.

      1. Richard,
        With all due respect, most terror attacks done by Muslims is done far a way from Israel. Don’t assume all he hear about is terror in Israel.

    2. Funny, the thing about the Muslims and the terror attacks was also used elsewhere in the thirties. I think it was about Jewish bankers…..

  6. “How could Norwegian security allow such thing to happen ?”
    Because there is no security in Norway. I spent half of my childhood and teenage years in Denmark, and regurlarly, that is twice 😉 I think, met the Queen in downtown Copenhagen. If there was a bodyguard, I didn’t see him. The Crown Prince went to the same university as me, and I regularly met him on campus. Ministers come to Parliament on their bike, and the Prime Minister mostly continues living in his own house or appartment.
    Sweden changed a little since the Palme-murder in 1986, on his way to the cinema, and particularly the Anna Lindh-murder in a department store in 2003. Denmark too, but Norway has stayed away from most kind of security checks.
    I read a op-ed in ‘Aftenposten’ yesterday saying that the Norwegian response to this would/should be more democracy. Long live Norway.

    1. And hopefully we will manage to continue our way of life in Norway, it’s the best we can do to not let the crazies win.

  7. LOL, Every day or two some crazy guy in the world kill random inicent people for political gain.
    Ever since I started to follow this blog, I failed to see any report of such an action.
    I wonder what makes this one so special, the blogger bothered to talk about it ?

    1. The rest of us have understood what’s special about this action, the personality of the lunatic, and particularly the way the media handled this affair in the beginning. Maybe you have some adults around who could explain/translate it to you in a basic language.
      If you ‘failed to see any report of such an action’ on this blog, you didn’t even bother to click on the blue links. You do know that a blue link gets you to another article, don’t you ?
      ‘Agent provocateur’ maybe ?

      1. Deir, you mean to say you understood what “freeman” was saying? Even if you did, what makes you think he will understand the intricacies of clicking on links. You do realise he probably has hooves not fingers

        1. I cannot expect the protection of the blogger here.
          He bans anybody he thinks does not support his claims for nothing.
          Yet when someone like Chayma or DY her attacks me personally, nothing happens.
          They are doing this blogger dirty job and he rejoice.
          Hiding behind a phony facade of “liberalism”, which is in fact hiden one sided right wing.

          1. @ Free man
            Mostly, your comments are mere provocations, and when people respond, you play the victim card. You’re Israel in a nutshell.

          2. @ Free man

            Yet when someone like Chayma or DY her attacks me personally, nothing happens.
            They are doing this blogger dirty job and he rejoice.


            Don’t be absurd, Richard has taken me to task for my wayward tongue..a number of times:)

            When I said “hooves” it was supposed to be a comic reference to your typo’s. However, upon reflection it appears that English is not your first language, in which case I may retract and apologise if you refrain from playing the victiming every time someone dishes it out to you.

            Just curious, what is your first language then?

    2. Here in Finland when the first news of the explosion in Oslo arrived started an hyperactive period when all the right wing fanatics were blaming Muslims in their comments. They demanded Finland to join NATO and attacking the states they think to be “against us”. Naturally most of these right wing nuts wanted to literally throw the Muslims out of the country. Israel was mentioned in some comments as the model (/ teacher) state.

      When the news of the tens of killed youngsters and the news of the suspect’s nationality and religion arrived early in the morning, it took hours before right wing activists returned to forums. The make now angry comments how this was an isolated event and it is not right to condemn the whole nation. Funny that in their comments when a Muslim does something bad the responsibility belongs to all Muslims. When their ideological brother does
      the same or worse the responsibility vanishes from the comments. Now it is suddenly a isolated event. Well intellectual honesty has never been one of the strengths of the right wing.

      1. It was the same here. I had the telly on, and after 1pm Sky News were still trying to make an Islamic connection. Yes, the man is Norwegian. Yes, he’s right-wing. Yes, he’s Christian. BUT he has been influenced by Muslim extremists, and may even be connected to them. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

  8. You write: “I’ve rarely heard of articulate mass murderers”

    Really? Think again.

    Quite a few in the Bolshevik and Nazi mass-murderous higher echelons were highly articulate. The same goes for Mao.
    Yaiir Stern, Nazi-sympathising founder of the Leh”i was a moving poet.
    Some of Baader-Meinhof founders were highly articulate.
    Abimael Guzman of Peru was a philosophy professor.

    These are just few who easily come to mind. I doubt there’s correlation, positive or negative, between being articulate and ideologically-motivated murderous tendencies.

  9. “It’s absolutely imperative for the world to face the fact that for every Islamist willing to resort to violence there is a right-wing nationalist willing to do the same. We can see that in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ”

    over 1000 Israeli civilians were killed by the Palestinian terrorist during the secound intifada.
    How many were killed by right-wing nationalist?

    I fail to see the logic of your claim.

    1. He means to say Israeli terrorists killed roughly 5,000 Palestinians civilians (*you didnt differentiate between non/combatants in your toll and so neither will I) as well as thousands before and thereafter.

      You fail to see the logic of his claim because Israeli right wing nationalists and their supporters don’t think the dead of the other side are worthy of any mention or concern.

  10. terrorism is the stupidity of western people thinking that all Muslims are terrorists. stupid white man! since the times of the crusadors being arrogant and hypocritic is your main view on other cultures. stupid white man …

  11. Thanks, Richard,

    Our hearts go out for people of Norway and people.

    I liked this post by one those responding to your commentary on the NY Times article., etc.

    “We need less home-grown idiots in every country.” Make that in every religion or every cause.

    Fundamentally, we need wise people who seek concretely to build equitable and just societies. Calling people “idiots” may seem not so apropos, but clearly events show that those who do them are not only idiots. That is a kind word, idiots are stupid and probably not working on with their cortexes. Evil people who plot and do this sort of thing are principally simply evil and worthy of assertive, careful action. They are not likely to be rehabilitated.

    The nuts in the world, the lunatic fringe of the left and the right exist in every religion and have a long history of causing mayhem as several pointed out. To target Muslims is most unfortunate. The history of alleged Christian terrorist is as bloody. Just finished a book on the Spanish Inquisition by Henry Kamen. Recommend that it should be read by every Jew, Christian, and Muslim. We need to work together to be the Righteous children of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

    We need to focus on human rights and alleviating grievances by doing justly and right, working from the hard evidence of who did what in specific instances rather than simply with inflammatory words targetting groups before the facts are known.

  12. It’s pretty shameful that you would spread the lie that Fjordman IS this Breivik character (Fjordman has actually been blogging the entire time that the Norwegian criminal has been in prison) or that Geller somehow has some affiliation with him because he ONCE posted on her site.

    Are you aware of the terms lashon hara, rechilut, motsi shem ra, etc.?

    Perhaps, since you claim to be about tikkun, you might want to start by not spreading libelous tripe.

    1. It’s pretty shameful that you would spread the lie that Fjordman IS this Breivik character

      You’ll have to take it up w. Breivik who was the one who claimed he was Fjordman as reported by a Norwegian right wing internet forum.

      As for motzi shem ra, spare me. Pam Geller has violated this principle so many terms she has no right to claim any protection fr. it. And it’s not libelous since the claim was made. Whether it’s true or not may be a diff. story.

  13. I am a Canadian and dual citizen to one other country. 3rd gen Canada.

    Rather embarrassed about how Canada has behaved over the last many years. (my opinion)


I sincerely hope education slowly continues – not necessarily western education ….. just an education and being able to read & write in everyone’s home language. 

At least the world can then read and maybe understand (internet is everywhere & google translate is at a finger tip)

    This poor excuse of a person, Anders Behring Breivik aka Andrew Berwick, London as he has espoused, is a modern day brown shirt (my opinion).


Literacy and education is pivotal for all countries on the planet earth. It is the most important mandate. 

The extremes of all and of every society are usually a bit under the wire. Education, learning languages, understanding “the others” and acceptance of religion and customs is the most important thing that every man/woman must rise to in our wide world.

    However, as long as each other does not rise and by force try to make other’s follow their specific tribe. – full fail.


All people everywhere on the planet are in need of education, literacy et cetera … it is a very complicated plan, as all always wish to win. 

It will eventually happen, over time and the likes of Behring Breivik may or may not raise their ugly head again. 

    With best regards Gillian
Vancouver, Canada (from my country called, Canada, when we were once recognized as a nice group of people)


  14. and what about countries that have colonized the third world for centuries, practicing racial cleansing, systematically exploiting their resources and leaving despots in their place even when granting them their “independence”, are these not terrorists?

  15. I really think short term political memory is one of the diseases of the modern age. It’s hard to find anyone these days who has heard of the Baader Meinhof Gang, the Japanese Red Army Faction, the Provisional IRA and the PFLP.

    Yet in the world I grew up in these were household names. I came of age in the late seventies and early eighties. Some of my most vivid memories of terrorism are the slaying of Aldo Moro, who was shot multiple times as he lay crouched in a car trunk, by the Red Brigades, and the cowardly bombing of Harrod’s in London by the Provos a few years after that

    Even the Palestinian terror organisations did not have any Islamist trappings. For example the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was an extreme Marxist group whose head, George Habash, was a Christian.

    It’s mind boggling to see what utter tripe people hear from the mass media and mindlessly regurgitate and also to see what short memories they have. It reminds me of the comment made by George Washington’s aide Alexander Hamilton who wrote that the majority of his people have the “folly of the ass and the passivity of the sheep”.

    I think Mr Hamilton would have been surprised to see what an international phenomenon that has become.

  16. I have never been to this blog before, but I won’t return. Too bad: I had hoped your header was accurate.

    It claims this blog is about peace, but you headline with:


    Why use this story to implicate Pamela Geller? She had nothing to do with this guy! So he read her blog… millions of ppl do! Her blog is one of the very few sites that informs and gives a d*mn about honor killings, for example. Stuff the MSM refuses to even acknowledge occurring let alone report on!

    If you’re really interested in peace, don’t use this pathetic fool of a sniper to attack individuals who had NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE CRIMES! Your linking the two is unfair, unethical and mean-spirited.

    1. I won’t return

      I think you made a wrong turn somewhere south of Atlas Shrugged & got yrself in the wrong part of town. Better go back to where it’s safe, warm & nice & right-wing cozy.

  17. Richard,

    Thank you for editing the title. This is one is 100% factual. Nobody can now use the title to discredit an otherwise fine article.

    Which either means that they are two separate individuals, or else Breivik is playing a double game.

    Unconfirmed reports say that Gates of Vienna may be run by two brothers. Since Brievik is now talking, he will probably confirm in court if he did contribute to Atlas Shrugs or not or if he was connected to Gates of Vienna.

    Meanwhile…the death toll approaches 100 and it hasn’t been confirmed if he was working alone or with others who may have other plans in place already.

    There are many questions raised by the savagery of this attack. How could Norwegian security allow such a thing to happen in the heart of Oslo,

    Most of the focus on intelligence gathering was geared towards the al Qaeda threat. Since Brievik’s attack, the EU announced a new task force to monitor far right groups.

  18. At Gates of Vienna, the blogger called Fjordman, has stopped taking comments at his blog. He says it’s due to the unusual situation he finds himself in.

    His Wikipedia entry is anonymous, but his real life ID should be made public now, as he is now a figure of public interest. It also says he is a white supremacist, but Geller and Spencer both know him or so they claim, they could be lying to cover for Brievik

    Does anyone know Fjordman’s real life identity? What about the figure called Hugh Fitzgerald at Robert Spencer’s website? Some say Hugh is Robert himself?

    Does anyone know?

  19. Geller says he wasn’t a contributor. How typical – the rush to link bad people with people who don’t like, as soon as possible. What if it turned out how was a trusted contributor here, or was actually a leftist false-flagger playing a right-winger? Would you follow out your premises in that case?

  20. “terrorist – a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities”


    ” terrorist act – the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear”

    (The above just described SEPTEMBER 11TH 2001 via ISRAEL AND USA & GEORGE BUSH – CHENEY AND ILLUMINATE)


    Invading a country and forcing your “democracy” while murdering 60% of the population to accomplish it is TERRORISM AT ITS BEST!
    Do i need to post an example? Huh… i didnt think so.

  21. Anders Behring Breivik is a by-product of pro-Israeli zionist propaganda machine (Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Bat Ye’or, Fjordman, …)

    Zionist propaganda machine 1 – Norwegian democracy 0

  22. A psychopaths political beliefs are arbitrary. Their one and only singular belief is they and everybody else is wrong.
    Their most typical behaviour a lack of empathy for the people they harm, a complete absence of conscience and remorse.
    Although it is true, the modern US Republican party has become the political party of psychopaths and narcissists, those individuals care nothing for each other or the country, so any idea of political expression is simply a facade to cover self serving greed and a desire for personal power over others.
    Whilst most normal people find it hard to understand how such an individual can allow frustration to drive them to mass murder, one must understand that with a psychopath frustration is their only real emotion, all others emotions they express are fake, expressed to fool and manipulate others.
    There is no resolution for this problem in politics, as a genetic defect, the absence of conscience and empathy, the only solution is broad based testing and then either isolation or very tight controls on movement, keeping in mind they are born a ticking time bomb and no normal person should be subject to their depredations.

  23. I don’t think he is the same as the author of the book. There might be more than one person using the moniker. Also, his manifesto is heavily plagurized from Ted Kazinski and others. Jeff Sharlet is going over it and tweeting some interesting bits. He’s plagurized an American about how christian liberals got it wrong about Jesus or God treating the poor with compassion or something like that. You know that Glenn Greenwald linked this post?

    1. I read somewhere, I can’t remember where, maybe in “Aftenposten” that Behring Breivik clearly said that he didn’t write it all himself. That others, I can’t remember the exact words, but maybe ‘clear-seeing’ people [i.e. other lunatics] from around the world had contributed.

  24. at the eve of the bombings my Hijab-wearing wife was harrased – she cant walk the streets without fear. Thanks to zionists who marketed islamo-phobia well in the west.

    1. Ahmad, if you make comments like yours here, which are about as close to racist as can be, against Jews, you can’t expect others to be tolerent of you.

      “Zionists” don’t market Islamophobia any more than you just marketed anti-semitism.

      Your vague distinction by calling Jews here Zionists is like saying that Islamaphobia is only against radical Islam and not against all Muslims.

      1. Utter BS !
        I see nowhere in Ahmad’s comment the word ‘Jew’. He’s talking about Zionists. If you claim that all Jews are [political] Zionists, and that all Zionists are Jews, that’s YOUR problem.

        And if you deny the link between right-wing Zionists in the West and Islamophobia, you’ve spent too much time looking the other way.
        Practically all major Islamophobes in the West (except the neo-nazis who hate Jews and Arab/Muslims equally) are ardent Zionists and anti-multiculturalists three-in-one.
        The best-known French exponent of this, Alain Finkielkraut – obsessive with anti-zionism as equal to anti-semitism, who stated to Haaretz (I don’t know why these statements are mostly given to Israeli newspapers and not the national ones) that the Frecnh national football team was too ‘coloured’ – is even mentionned in “A Declaration of European Independence”:
        Page 616:
        “”French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut has warned that “the lofty idea of the war on racism” is gradually turning into a hideously fake ideology. And this antiracism will be for the 21st century what Communism was for the 20th century. A source of violence”.

        Jerry Haber also had an article on the right-wing Zionists and the Islamophobia. He writes directly: “It’s all about Israel”. Is Jerrry Haber an anti-Jewish bigot ??

        1. DY – you’ve adjusted oh so slightly what Ahmad says. He said “zionists” without clarifying, you change it to “right-wing zionists”.

          In fact what you really should have said is “right wing” without the word “zionist” at all.

          It’s the right wing, including many jews, zionist or not, christians and atheists who promote Islamaphobia. Zionism has nothing to do with it, but bigotry has all to do with it.
          Both Jerry Haber and Richard are self proclaimed zionists, so am I, and none of us promote or agree to Islamaphobia.

          Ahmed, and maybe you, by putting us all together as a generalisation – “zionists”- are close to unnescessarily insulting a whole wealth of ideologies and this is the reason why we Jews/Zionists often feel that there is a strong current of antisemitism behind statements such as Ahmad’s.

          Of course he didn’t mention “Jews” specifically. That wouldn’t be PC.

          1. shmuel,

            It’s the right wing, including many jews, zionist or not, christians and atheists who promote Islamaphobia.

            No that’s not entirely the case,

            A better word is far right Zionist. They include chiefly, Jews, Christian Zionists, and some others like Hindu’s, Atheists, and all those who have a grudge against islam including white supremacists like Fjordman, and Brieviek.

            The Far right Zionists actively court them, and vice versa. Geert Wilders is funded by Daniel Pipes foundation.

            Besides, those who are anti religon per se, can’t be classed as Islamophobes because they oppose all religions. Atheists like Chris Hedges, and Dawkins can come under that category.

            The fact remains, that islamophobia as a commercial industry is funded by far right Jewish who would rather a Robert Spencer do the dirty work for them. Aubrey Chernick is one of them.

            In fact, Aubrey Chernick is the chief funder of Islamophobia. I bet he is quaking in his shoes these days. He lives in LA, and did his level best to remain anonymous, till his cover was blown.

            So yes, it is far right Zionists who are behind Islamophobia industry.

            Richard, i’m sorry to link to Arutz Sheva, i know your rules don’t allow linking to extreme right wing sites, but I feel it’s necessary for Shmuel and others to read this so they understand why Islamophobes regard Israel as worthy of supporting, and why far right Zionists are their first port of call for funding. It’s because they feel they treat the Muslims as they should be treated, ie. rob them of them rights and deny them citizenship rights. This is why Brievik was praising Israel, and that’s why Geert Wilders supports Israel too. They only support the far right Likud version of Zionism. So I hope you understand?

            Report: Norwegian Murderer an Ardent Supporter of Israel

            A document published by Norway murderer Anders Behring Breivik revealed his support for Israel and his hatred of Islam.
            Brieviek said:
            According to the report, in an English document he published on the Internet before the massacre, Breivik called himself a strong supporter of Zionism, praised Theodor Herzl the founder of Zionism, and attacked the European political establishment because he saw it as being anti-Israel.

            Breivik commended Israel for not giving most of the Muslims who live under its control civil rights, as opposed to the various European countries. He also praised Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for including the Yisrael Beiteinu and Shas parties in his coalition.

            Breivik also quoted a series of Israeli professors such as Itamar Rabinovich and Eyal Zisser in the document. He also specifically mentioned Arutz Sheva and the leftist Haaretz newspaper.

            “It’s time to end the stupid support for the Palestinians and begin to support our cultural cousins – Israel,” Channel 2 quoted Breivik as having written in the document.

          2. Yeah, and when people write Communists, they really mean Russians ….
            Israel was created for many reasons. One of them was to “form a defense for Europe in Asia, an outpost of civilization against Barbarism” as your Uncle Theo wrote in ‘Der Judenstaat’.
            This has been largely used and misused ever since.
            If you could tell me why a guy like Geert Wilders gives such a prominent place to the defense of Israel in his speeches, the Nordic right-wing populist parties too. Why does that small country, not even in Europe, has such a large place in the right-wing political discourse ? Not to talk about Glenn Beck that just was received with the red carpet in Israel, comparing the Norwegian Labour Party Youth’s summer camp with a Hitler Jugend meeting ….

            How come the major ‘intellectuals’ theorizing on Islamophobia are ardent Zionists. Bat Ye’or who invented/reactualized the concept of ‘dhimmitude’, the father of the ‘clash of civilization’-theory, long before Samuel Huntington, Bernard Lewis etc ?
            You’re trying to say that there is no link between Islamophobia and the inconditional defense of the State of Israel. Well, I’m not going to repost the statement by Bibi just after 9/11 about “That’s good for Israel” …

            And 99% of political Zionists are always introducing Islam and Muslims in the debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so don’t tell me it’s not in their/your interest to depict Islam as bad as possible, trying to sell the “we’re fighting the same terrorism” as Bibi also stated more than once.
            So if you could give us the names of some notorious Islamophobes – except neo-nazis – who are also critical to Israel, that would be nice. And some notorious political Zionists who are not using Islamophobia in their rhetoric.

          3. some notorious Islamophobes – except neo-nazis – who are also critical to Israel

            Unfortunately there are a few, David Duke among them. Though I think he’s less worked up about Islam than he is about the non white races. And I suppose you could argue that he’s a neo-Nazi though that may be going too far.

  25. Fjordman has apparently stopped blogging now. (see below) I wonder if that is because Norwegian police have begun their investigation.

    Is Baron Bodissey, the same as Fjordman? He calls himself Norwegian but his blog says he is in the States.

    Richard, an article suggestion…could you write something about him do you think? Thank you.

    Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Fjordman: No More Interviews

    Fjordman just sent us the following message:

    Recent events have exhausted me, and I need time off for personal mourning of the tragedy that has befallen my country. I cannot take any more questions from journalists until further notice.

    1. Do you people know *anything at all* about the things you’re writing?

      No, Baron Bodissey isn’t Fjordman.

      No, he doesn’t call himself Norwegian.

      No, he isn’t in Norway.

      “I wonder if that is because Norwegian police have begun their investigation.”

      Or, you know, it’s because of what he *said* in the very post you *quoted*!

    2. I just read an article saying that Baron Bodessey, the ‘chief ideologue’ of “Gates of Vienna” is an American named Edward S. Gray, and the Scandinavian papers continue publishing statements from Anders Behring Breivik saying that he was behind the pen name “Fjordman”. Extracts from his diary shows that he was very implicated in the “Gates of Vienna”-website.

      According to Baron Bodessey, the main enemies are NOT the Muslims – they are only the symptoms. “Jihad is only a symptom, the enemy comes from within. The war is a civil war between the traditional Western Culture and the politically correct, multi-cultural Marxists.
      The Danish paper “Politiken” writes that the network of extremists that inspired Behring Breivik was founded in Copenhagen in 2007 in the ‘Arbejdermuseum’ (Worker’s Museum). Isn’t that ironic, the youngsters killed were members of Arbejderpartiet (The Working/Labour Party).
      They dress a list of international blogs close to the movement:
      – Gates of Vienna
      – Jihad Watch
      – Atlas Shrugs
      – English Defense League
      – And MEMRI, our dear old MEMRI.
      Scroll down, FAKTA written in red.

      Behring also reveils that the massacre was only his Plan B. He first tried to collect a huge amount of money by speculating on the stock market. He managed to collect 500.000 euros – out of the 25 millions that he had fixed as a goal – lost half during the economic recession, and decided to change plans. He originally wanted to finance a pan-Europaen anti-islamic network to propagate his ideas. Now he count on the trial to give him the same political platform.
      He also tells that his original idea was to come to the island earlier on Friday when Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former three-time Prime Minister, ‘mother of the Nation’, was still there, but he got delayed, and missed her by a couple of hours.

      I didn’t know where to post theses informations, not particularly to Chayma 🙂 except the first part.

      1. If what you say about his stock speculation is true, he defrauded the Norwegian tax service of a ton of money. I saw his recent tax returns & they show his taxable income as miniscule. They show his total assets as much larger because he owned a farm.

        It’s remarkable how closely the rhetoric of Gates of Vienna is to Breivik. Almost a mirror image. The only diff. is Bodissey isn’t willing to murder & Breivik is.

        You can send any further info like this directly to me. I’d like to publish some of it if I can get a bit fuller translation that isn’t just a summary.

        1. The tax returns we’ve seen were from the last two or three years. He explains in his diary that he earned his first million (130.000 euros) by the age of 24, and he also wrote that in some of the articles that he published with his own name on the Norwegian blog ‘document’. When business was at its best, Behring Breivik had 7 full-time employees in 5 different countries according to his own statements. He went into some e-business too.
          There’s an article today in “Politiken” analysing the differences between what Behring Breivik wrote about himself and the realit: there seems to be some distance 🙂 and some psychologist concludes that he’s has narcissistic personality.

  26. “for every Islamist willing to resort to violence there is a right-wing nationalist willing to do the same.”

    Not according to statistics or history or the general public who hear the news, jack.

    1. U mean not according to yr own biased perspective on the matter. There have been almost no Islamist terrorincidents in Europe in the past yr. Yet a Norwegian mass murderer just killed 80 people & u have the chutzpah to claim there is more Islamist terror than rightist terror.

  27. Has anyone noticed in the photo accompanying the article, Breivak the Terrorist is sporting a short haired version of Pam Geller’s hairdo?

    That’s what happens when you obey the voices of the talking heads in your TV set.

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