20 thoughts on “Site Outage, Access Restored (I Hope) – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No Problem, Richard.

    I’m happy the site is back. I thought it might have been was

    one of Bibi’s Goons who did this, after reading your “Jewish

    Peddler” article. lol

    Kudos for you for bringing Tikkun Olam back to life!.

    1. Mostly because I haven’t found one I like better (and that tells you a lot about the quality of my previous hosts). I’ve even considered buy a server and learning how to host my own site on it. But that may be beyond my technical abilities, at least for now.

      1. Yeah, may the Lord help you on that one. I sympathize. But then again, maybe there’s that 15 year old down the street with an extra 15 minutes or so…

  2. Why don’t you become your own host ?
    all you need is a computer, I connection (cable offer great speeds), and some technical knowledge.

      1. It’s not that complicated.
        I Would recommend a Linux based server. Windows systems are easier to operate, but Linux is free.
        Linux Apache and WP of course. Shouldn’t take you more then a week to build a server.

  3. For me, this was the first time that site content, even google cache, was rendered completely inaccessible due to “abusive” behavior linked to my IP address……”access forbidden” msgs.

    I would think that the msgs generated by a server overload would reflect that reality rather than baseless accusatory fingers pointed at the user.


    1. My screen said ‘due to DOS attack’ and ‘may be connected with abusive spam from your IP-address in the past’.
      I wondered whether DOS was a new codeword for the IDF 🙂

      1. It wasn’t a DOS attack as far as my host thinks. It was a spike in traffic caused by the Channel 10 news show exacerbated by one of my plugins which uses a lot of bandwidth when there’s high traffic. Because of the high server load they disabled my site. A pain in the tuches esp. since my web host handled the whole situation poorly & communicated miserably with me.

  4. Well I don’t understand, I mean how do the news sites which are always busy, manage to stay online even though they are getting higher traffic?

    I suspect it may be more than a traffic spike.

    It could be those 2 guys from the idf intelligence whom you banned:)

  5. “Well I don’t understand, I mean how do the news sites which are always busy, manage to stay online even though they are getting higher traffic?”

    Back up servers.

    Zahalnik spooks have far more “important” targets, like that schwarma-truck driver in Jerusalem they are convinced is head of Hamas….

    1. The big sites are on dedicated servers which can handle higher traffic volume. I don’t want to say too much about my server set up since this is information some may use for ill, but I don’t have the capacity or finances to have that sort of setup.

  6. Richard,

    How about using blogger or wordpress as a back up then.Isn’t there any way everything, articles and comments can be mirrored there? Or wordpress?

  7. No need for hysteria.
    Just like anything else, you get what you pay.
    You pay for certain bandwidth (traffic) and when you use more traffic, they stop it according to your contract.
    You want more traffic, pay more.
    Very simple.

  8. This is what happens when you use standard shared hosting. You are on a server with hundreds of other sites. When you get a spike in traffic everything slows down for everybody and so the host company automatically shuts you down. The next level up is a virtual private server (VPS) which functions like a dedicated server but has more resources allotted to it. Such a server will help you better handle spikes and most start at between $25-$50 a month. Dedicated servers start for as low as $99 a month and are even more robust.The best solution by far is a cloud whereby you use only what you pay for. Sudden spikes are dealt with easily but may prove to be expensive if they happen often. In all instances you should use a Linux/Apache/MySQL (LAMP) combo especially if you are using WordPress which is designed to use that out of the box. Also these set ups have graphical user interfaces which make day to day running of the servers super easy. Finally, getting a dedicated service plan helps with all more complex issues.

    A shared hosting account usually starts at about $5 a month. A more robust solution starts at $50-$100 more and can cost even more than that – it’s not difficult to do basic upgrades to your server and pay $500 a month! Luckily these sorts of crashes dont happen that often.

    1. Yr. generalizations may generally be accurate but don’t reflect the particulars of my experience w my host. I actually for a time did try a VPN server w. my host. It cost a huge amount (it may’ve been $99/mo.) & didn’t offer me nearly the amount of bandwidth I needed for my blog. So my site was shut down longer on the VPN server than it was on the shared server. The key thing with VPN is you not only need the VPN but you need to pay extra for bandwidth, which would’ve brought prices up even higher. I simply don’t have the assets to do that much as I’d like to.

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