13 thoughts on “Barak Clamors for War on Iran, Bibi’s His Poodle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It appears that the Dagan-ites are worried that Israel might attack Iran, rally worried. It is not a moral thing. Israeli governments and militaries have no morality at all. It is a practical worry. And N’yahu et al. are ticked off because like all politicians they enjoy using their power and do not like opposition. (And are not worried about the practicalities.)

    Is it all drama for the international audience? What for? Maybe to get the USA to attack Iran. Could happen, too, because the USA is (also) run by macho mad-men and imperialists who need not balance their checkbooks.

    1. It is very unlikely that Iran would be taken by surprise.
      There’s an element of theatre about some of the Iranian regime’s nuclear programme which suggests to me that they already have an effective deterrent:

      The uranium enrichment programme is very big and shiny, but they’ve had a heavy water reactor for decades that could have got them a bomb by a simpler and cheaper route. If the simpler and cheaper route exists, it will be the one actually taken.

      China has apparently sold Iran a significant tonnage of VX precursor, too. Although a nuclear bomb scores higher with politicians than VX, Israel’s military and intelligence chiefs should know better and they won’t want to take chances, as they might be dealing with hundreds of VX-carrying projectiles as opposed to a much smaller number of nuclear ones, which Israel’s defences might even manage to intercept.

      But quite apart from the risk of retaliation, if Iran already has any sort of WMD, what is the point of going to war, ostensibly to prevent them acquiring WMD?

      There is probably no element of conspiracy in Chinese firms selling VX precursor to Iran: Chinese chemical firms will cheerfully sell anything to anyone and the Communist government isn’t inclined to peer over their shoulders. As long as the export reveals nothing critical about China’s own defences, it isn’t a concern.

      But, realistically, Iran’s industrial base may be less sophisticated than Israel’s, but it’s a lot bigger and even in conventional war, their ability to sustain the production of munitions for a long time would give any general pause for thought. They are also very largely self-sufficient in raw materials to feed that industrial base, which definitely is not true of Israel.

      Modern politicians, though, in any Western country, just ain’t given to pausing for thought, and in this case they may lack even the basic comprehension of the economic and industrial mechanisms they need to be thinking about.

      And it’s not always “all about oil”. There’s an awful lot of other good things beneath the soil of Iran, some of which may prove to be far more important as the 21st century develops and the 22nd comes into sight.

      1. Yeah, they’ve got a deterrent. They could take out Dimona, no bombs needed, and they don’t need the extra fuel to carry it there.

  2. there is a factual mistake in the article
    Caspit wrote “the judge not the minister” and not as writen in this text. meaning Aharon barak will be the judge not Ehud barak

  3. The Israel-Iran imbroglio has been on a slow burn lately. Incidents like this fan the flames. The P5+1 Meeting in Istanbul was positive as was the NK visit to Tehran by certain representatives last month, However like two neighbours with a history of distrust as soon as it looks like some genuine friendly relations will break out both parties slink back to their corners and eye each other off with mutual enmity. The circuit breaker is for a high level trust building meeting between the Israelis and Iranians with others present to take place ASAP. An independent, divinely mandated counsellor and his team are required. How much is this solution worth to Middle East and World Peace ? Say 20 Trillion dollars over the next 38 years. How much would it cost to bring the A Team to Jerusalem ?

  4. Rather than wikipedia, one should read Tom Segev’s account of the Liberty “incident” in his magisterial book “1967.” In it he explains why the attack took place, and not American Jews’, but Lyndon Johnson’s, cover-up of it.

    It has been a lousy day, reading about the slaughter of Syrians by their own government, the slaughter of Palestinians in the Golan Heights, the slaughter of Libyans by NATO forces, etc., etc., etc.

  5. for some reason my reply above was misplaced (see time) and should have been a reply to Yorem’s comment above.

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